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Spotlight: Julian & Lia by Maria Monroe

Freshman Lia is sure moving into a coed dorm was a mistake. It's a few weeks into her first year of college, and she's miserable and homesick. That's about to change, though, as soon as she meets college senior Julian, the confident bad-boy she can't get out of her head. She's sure he's out of her league, but when he agrees to give her ""lessons"" outside of class, her college experience is about to get way more exciting.

What she's not prepared for, though, is to fall in love. Hard.

Excerpt from Chapter 2 of JULIAN & LIA

I push through the crowd dancing in the living room until I reach the front door. On the front porch, I take in a deep breath, and my nausea disappears almost instantly. I don't even mind being chilly; I'm just so glad to be outside and away from everything. All the people who were outside partying on the porch earlier are gone, probably to avoid the cold, except for one lone guy sitting on the bottom stair. 

My gaze fixes on him. “Julian,” I gasp, then wrap my arms around myself to stave off the cold that I'm starting to feel. 

He stands and turns, leaning against the hand rail, a wry and cocky look on his face.

“Hi,” I continue. “I'm, you know, at this party? I'm just getting some fresh air?” I hate that when I'm nervous so many of my sentences end up sounding like questions, the way Greer always talks. I think it makes me seem dumb, but I can't help the things that come out of my mouth when I feel panicked. Like I do right now.

Julian cocks his head and says nothing, but his eyes are this weird mixture of emotions, like he's laughing at me while being angry too.

“It's hot in there, and you know, I just needed a break.” I'm babbling. Again. 

“Good party?” he asks.

“Yep. It's great.”

“You really think so? Because I've been to my share of parties like that. They get old pretty fast.”

“Yeah, well, you had your chance to be a freshman. This is my chance. And obviously you couldn't handle it or you wouldn't have failed Film Studies.” I practically gasp as the words leave my mouth, realizing how antagonistic and rude they are, but Julian seems unfazed.

“I could handle myself,” he says. “You? You don't even look like yourself.”

He noticed how I look! I try to put my arms down at my sides so he can really see me, but I'm shivering now in the cold night air.

“I think I look pretty good,” I say. 

“I think you've been drinking.”

“So you don't think I look good?” I know I sound like a petulant child, but I can't help myself.

“Right now, I don’t really care how you look,” he says, and I only focus on the “right now” part. Does that mean that at other times he does care how I look? And what does that mean? 

“Here, put this on,” he continues, taking off his hoodie and handing it to me just as Joel comes out with Greer and her boyfriend.

“There you are, Lia,” says Joel, his gaze settling on Julian. Slowly, I insert my arms into Julian's sweatshirt and pull it around me, my fingers cold as I zipper it up. It's so warm, and I think about how the warmth lingering in the fabric is actually heat from his body. 

“Let's go back to the party,” says Joel, stepping down another stair closer to me.

“Lia was just leaving,” says Julian.

"She's here with me," says Joel, but his voice is slightly whiny, and I can tell he's intimidated by Julian. With the two of them standing near each other, it's obvious how much older Julian looks and seems than Joel and Danny.

"Yeah, well, she's leaving with me." Julian grabs my forearm somewhat possessively, and a jolt of excitement courses through me. 

"Whatever," says Joel, giving me a dirty look and heading back inside.

"Let me say bye to my roommate," I whisper to Julian, and he lets go of my arm.

"Greer," I say quietly to her as Joel and Danny head back inside. "I'm sorry. I'm just really tired and . . . "

"Oh. My. God," she whispers. "Who is that guy? He is so freaking hot." She stares at Julian for a few seconds, then her eyes settle on me with a new respect, like she's suddenly seen me in a completely new light. 

"He's just . . . from one of my classes," I reply. "He's just going to walk me back to the dorms."

"Maybe I better sleep at Danny's tonight," she says with a wink. It takes me a second to understand what she's getting at. Then she too disappears into the house before I can reiterate the fact that Julian and I are, in fact, only friends. If even that.

"What are you even doing here?" I ask Julian.

"Waiting for you."

Oh my god. "What are you talking about?" 

He shrugs. "I saw you walking by earlier with your roommate. I had a feeling you wouldn't stay long. Vanessa said I should take you home."

I sigh, deflated. Of course Vanessa was involved; Julian wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her. But despite feeling a little disappointed, it makes me happy too that she cares enough to be worried about me.

"Let's go," he says, and I meekly follow him down the stairs.

"Where are we going?" I ask. I’m walking as fast as I can to keep up with his long stride, and I can’t help entertaining the thought that maybe Julian will take me to his house. It would be the perfect place to warm up.

"I'm walking you back to your dorm," he says, the "duh" unspoken but definitely clear.

"Oh." Of course he's taking me back to my dorm. It was ridiculous to think he’d take me back to his place. I look good tonight, but I’m not tall or leggy or blond like the girl in his room the other day.

We walk in silence the few blocks back to the building where I live. I expect him to leave me at the front door, but instead he waits till I key in, then follows me up the stairs and down the hallway to my room. Outside my door I look at him, trying to gauge his expression, but I can't figure him out. The best I can tell is that he looks mad, like I've done something wrong. Whatever. Let him be weird and pouty.

"Oh," I say, remembering his sweatshirt. With regret, I unzip it and slide my arms out, handing it to him. "Here." When he takes it, I feel goosebumps on my arms and rub them, trying to warm myself up. "You can come in," I say as I open my door, and as soon as the words are out of my mouth, I wish I could take them back. Why would Julian want to come into my room?

"I shouldn’t," he says, but then I hear the door close, and when I turn to look he's in my room.

I left my desk lamp on, and it's the only light in here, casting a warm glow but leaving shadows in all the corners, and I stand next to my bed, nervous and excited. Why is Julian in my room? And: Holy crap! Julian's in my room!

"Look," he says in a harsh voice, "you need to be careful. Parties and drinking are fun, but there are a lot of assholes out there."

Yeah, like you, I think. "What, are you the president of the campus Safety Patrol or something? I can take care of myself," I reply in a bold outburst. Maybe it's the punch making me more outspoken than usual, but there's something else, something rising inside of me, a mix of anger and desire and confusion about what to do with it all.

"Really." It's not a question. "I'm willing to bet anything that this is the first time you've ever had anything to drink."


"So, that guy you were with? He would have taken advantage of you the first second he got an opportunity."

"I wouldn't have given him one," I reply indignantly.

"Just . . . don't be stupid."

"Whatever. Anyway, guys aren't interested in me like that. Ever. So check that off your list of worries for tonight." I'm coming off the alcohol, and I feel sad and tired, the excitement of my first real college experience contrasting with reality in a nasty way.

"Lia?" he says slowly, "you have no idea what you're talking about." His voice is so low, and his eyes, those green eyes, are staring right at me. If I didn't know better, I might think it's desire I see in them, but obviously that can't be right. Not Julian. Still, I feel something change in the room, an energy I've never felt before. He's only a few steps away from me, and something about his physical closeness makes me nervous, even though absolutely nothing is happening.

"You have no idea what you're talking about," I mutter.

"Didn't you see the way that guy was looking at you at the party? Everyone was. The way you look right now . . . "

"Oh please. Guys don't check me out. Trust me. I've never had a boyfriend. And you don't have to worry about me getting drunk and, like, sleeping around. As a matter of fact? I've never even . . . " I stop short. Great. I practically just told him I'm a virgin. Not like he couldn't figure it out on his own, but still.

"I don't need to hear this," he says, but he takes a step closer to where I stand next to my bed. "I just wanted to make sure you got back to your room safely."

"I'm not your little sister."

"I never said you were." He takes another step closer with his long legs so he's standing right in front of me, so near I can feel the heat from his body even though not a single part of him is touching me. I inhale his scent, like soap or deodorant or some other mysterious male smell I can’t identify. 

Neither of us moves for a few seconds; we just stare at each other, like we're in some sort of standoff. My heart's pounding. I lick my lips nervously, and I hear him breathe in sharply. Because I licked my lips? I open my mouth slightly, just the tiniest bit, to see what effect that has. This time he breathes out a low growl.

"I shouldn't be here right now." The words are gruff, but his fingers gently finding my wrist say otherwise, running up the inside of my arm, and I shiver from his touch, from the sudden spiral of desire spinning inside me. Then he leans down, his body still a few inches from me, and lowers his lips to mine softly. For a second, our lips touch, nothing more.

He pulls away slightly and licks his lips, starts to turn, as if to leave the room. But then he stops and stands completely still, indecision written in the hard set of his jaw as he hesitates. 

He's going to go, I think, disappointment crushing me.

Then, suddenly, he moves quickly back toward me.

"Fuck it," he growls and his hands are on my lower back, his mouth on mine again but harder now, forceful. Tentatively I step forward so our bodies are touching and feel, to my shock and new desire, how hard he is as he presses into my stomach. He takes my face in his hands as he kisses me, his lips hungry. My mouth opens to his searching tongue. He tastes like dark chocolate and mint.
I’m weightless, dizzy with desire and disbelief. This is happening. This is really happening!

Without warning, he lets go and steps backward. When he looks at me, his face is tight and angry again.

"Julian," I whisper. "That . . . "

He interrupts. "Is never going to happen again."

And he leaves, slamming the door behind him.

Why New Adult? Thoughts from Maria Monroe

People have asked me why I like to write erotic romance in the genre (or sub-genre, I suppose) of New Adult, and there are several reasons. First, I think people that age (18-24), real people as well as characters, are extremely driven by sexuality and sexual awakening. It's compelling. There's nothing quite like feeling of unavoidable addictive attraction between two young people. That's what I strive to capture when I write new adult (or any, really) romance books and stories.

I also like the wide range of experience that people in that age group can have, which can make for interesting match-ups when I'm creating characters and writing. In Julian & Lia, it was fun to have Lila be the virginal freshman and Julian and experienced bad-boy who was going to teach her all sorts of fun things! The concept might not be new, but the way I tell the story hopefully is unique as seen through my characters, each of whom has a unique outlook on sex.

Additionally, I'm interested in the idea of a sexual awakening for a character, either a virgin or someone who is being exposed to something new and exciting that she may have fantasized about previously but was never sure she would actually try. Granted, this can happen at any age, but is perhaps more likely for a younger person.

I'd say the biggest difficulty writing New Adult is understanding and keeping up to date on current culture!

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Guest Post: Student-Teacher Romance

Student-teacher romance: the lure of forbidden fruit
Guest Post by Noël Cades

Relationships between students and teachers, whether at high school or with university professors, is a hugely popular genre. There are perhaps three main reasons why:

1. It’s forbidden. There’s the secrecy, the sneaking around, the illicit liaisons, the rule-breaking. That makes for an exiting, drama-filled plot and a thrilling read.

2. There’s an age/power gap. This is theme reflected throughout romance and erotica, from the "billionnaire" theme to BDSM. A more experienced, more powerful person is more attractive.

3. We can relate to it. Many of us have gone through teacher crushes ourselves in our own school days, so we understand the protagonist’s emotions. There’s also an element of nostalgia.

The "classroom crush" in literature

Student-teacher romance is a genre with a long tradition in literature. Consider "The Woman in White" by Wilkie Collins, where Laura falls in love with her art master, Walter. Or "Anne of Green Gables" by L M Montgomery, where the local schoolmaster Mr Philips and his pupil Prissy share a tendresse.

Today there is an ever growing number of novels featuring relationships between students and teachers, with a very wide range of endings. In a recent analysis of around thirty novels, around two thirds of them had happy endings, in which the teacher and the student ended up as a couple. Others involved heartbreak, separation, jail and even death.

Illicit affairs on the silver screen

We also see this theme covered in film, though changing social attitudes are reflected in how it is portrayed. In our grandmothers’ era it was normal for young women to marry and even start families as teenagers. Today it’s frowned upon even though it may still be legal.

For example, in the 1930 melodrama Girls’ Dormitory, Marie Claudel (Simone Simon) falls in love with her finishing school principal, Dr Stephen Dominick (Herbert Marshall) and they end up together despite their considerable age gap. Likewise Margie (Jeanne Crain) ends up marrying her high school French teacher, Professor Ralph Fontayne (Glenn Langan) in the lighthearted 1946 musical Margie.

But in the past few decades, student-teacher affairs have been a much more negative theme. They are shown to be destructive, exploitative, abusive and even fatal. Examples include Noce Blanche (1989), Indecent Seduction (1996), Blue Car (2002) and Palo Alto (2013).

Exploring forbidden romance

Writing about student-teacher romances is interesting. It’s about exploring the kinds of emotions that drive two people to take that level of risk. It’s about revisiting one’s own former fantasies and secret heartache, and wondering what if?

Is it possible for a student and a teacher to genuinely fall in love and manage to sustain a healthy, fulfilling relationship? And if so, is that a good thing?

It’s hard to come to any single conclusion, either as an author or writer. But it’s certainly an exciting literary ride trying to find out!

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Guest Post: The Beast in Me by Billierosie

The Beast in Me
Guest Post by Billierosie
I'm thrilled to announce that my latest book, The Beast in Me, is now available at Amazon! As usual I delve into the world of Fetish; going ever deep into our psyche, and what it is that turns us on. As I write my tales, I am telling myself the story as it unfolds in my mind; my shock at this tale had me reeling.

I began with a scenario; a man and a woman; their first real life meeting. They met online; there was an allure for both, a recognition of a kindred spirit. Now they are deep into a tricky conversation. The setting is in the English countryside; it is late spring. The theme, the thread running through the story, is the sacred and profane…followed by a huge, sticky sweet spoonful of ‘what if?’

“I don’t understand…”
“No, I don’t understand either…”

His eyes wander from her hazel gaze, over the green fields dappled with spring sunlight to the blue green vale of woodland in the distance. A murder of crows caw at each other; squabbling noisily.

Over the hills and far away…he hears the monotonous, low moan of a chain saw. He should leave; he knows it, but what will he go back to?

Slowly, the darkness will stir him; the fantasy that has haunted his dreams, waking and sleeping since childhood, will creep up on him and he will weep that he hadn’t embraced the sweet vision of it when he’d had the chance.

These things he knows; fact…”


Here is a blog post about The Beast in Me, from Eric Keys.

“This is not a book for everyone. Before I start, let me tell you that these two stories are hot. The sex is twisted but hot. Now, let me get philosophical.

I loved this book – especially the first half – the story of Noah and Daisy. Noah and Daisy both have a rather unusual fetish and they need each other to help fulfill it. Along the way they learn a thing or two about the sacred and the profane, about nature and the unnatural, about the laws of god and man. I dont want to make this sound like it is a book about theology, but in some sense, it is. In this sense, billierosie is a sort of kindred soul to me. We see things very differently, but both of us see the sexual – and, especially, the erotic – as an angle from which to approach deeper topics.

Noah and Daisy meet in order to violate the laws of god and man. And they do it. And in the process they uncover new yearnings. It ends up being a sweet and conflicted story. And its wonderful.

The second story dips into ancient mythology. In a sense the theological themes are more overt but given the setting and our general attitudes toward Greek mythology, it is much easier to dismiss them and focus on the hot sex. The characters arent as well-developed as in the first one, but the pace is much closer to what one would normally expect from an erotic story.
So, if the first one isnt to your taste, push on through and read the second. I enjoyed both of them immensely but I think the first one is the one that will linger in my mind.”


Heres my book description at Amazon.

Our sexual proclivities are an enigma. We have them, we know that they are there; we hide them, we keep them secret – sometimes we act on them. We cannot talk about them – no one would understand. We feel heated shame. We block feeling, turn away from feeling; we do anything not to feel. We crush the horror of the terrible deed that the little voice inside our head bids us do. Freud tells us that repressing feeling will amount to neurosis – Jung says pretty much the same – the repressed will bubble to the surface in one way or another – it will find a way out.
It will find its voice and it will demand to be heard.
The two stories presented here delve into the idea of ‘what happens next?’ What do you do – where do you go, after crashing and smashing your way through the final taboo?
A Queen, her depravity told through the millennia. Homer tells her story –Pasiphae the unnatural; the King, her husband, made a cuckold. Men snigger about the royal couple – even now, centuries later. What she did, her shame exposed to all, when she gave birth to a monster.
If you know Homer’s story about the Minotaur, you will know that the Monster is proof that Queen Pasiphae was indeed guilty of a terrible perversion.
And my own tale “The Beast in Me;” the taboo ever present in Daisy and Noah. They are lovers, besotted with each other; besotted with a terrible secret. They break man’s law and God’s law too.
Sensitive readers should be cautious, especially if easily offended.

Some comments from readers.

What have you done to me??? I just finished the Daisy and Noah story. I am almost scared to keep reading.”

“First off... Fucking hot. What's wrong with me?”

“Secondly... Damn, that was a touching story. The weird relationship between the two, the sense they have of the profundity of the events, the way it scares them and changes them and makes them seem so fragile and real.”

“Fuck you, billierosie! And I mean that in the best possible way. You're fucking awesome!”

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Guest Post: Why audiobooks can appeal to ALL your senses

Why audiobooks can appeal to ALL your senses
Guest Post by Paris Rivera

“Radio is a very visual medium”, a wag once said, and I think there’s a lot of truth in the statement. When you can’t see, it does stimulate the imagination. Audiobooks have that visual quality that radio has. And since I’ve been publishing lesbian erotica audiobooks quite intensively in the past year (all available in ebook form too), I’ve had a great chance to explore and discover the huge erotic potential of the audio format.

In erotica, pictures always come flooding in, and audio is certainly no bar to that. Colors, for example, are super-important, as in this brief passage about the journey home of one woman, 34, and her electrifying encounter with a beautiful and assertive 20-year-old Japanese woman (from my audiobook Strangers on a Train):

Sally let her eyes drift down to the girl’s dark blue skirt, somewhere between a mini and a midi, and she could not help but notice the long and shapely legs that were crossed rather elegantly within the skirt, with milky thighs and smooth white calves that tapered down to delicate ankles and dark blue heels. Her nails were painted dark blue also. Wow, this girl was really something!

Whether in a book or an audiobook, the absence of an image invites not only the visual imagination but all other senses too. You get a hint of this in the old movie ‘9 ½ weeks’, in which Kim Basinger wears a blindfold and is driven wild by Mickey Rourke and some ice-cubes!

Audiobooks invite you to play with sound a little more than you would in a text that’s designed only to be read. Some well-placed ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaahs’ can contribute hugely to the mounting excitement, and the narrators I’ve worked with have been sinfully good at this!

I also try to use sound more subtly. In the audiobook The Morning After, which is wonderfully and excitingly narrated by Charm, a young woman wakes to find her new girlfriend Sandra has left the bed they just shared. But the visit of Sandra’s bright-eyed Spanish maid, Maria, brings surprising consolation, and, after a teasing conversation, the diminutive Maria is soon lifting the narrator, clad only in black undies, and placing her on her belly on the same giant bed that the narrator had only just shared with Sandra:

If the stimulation of Maria’s hands and words was not bad - or good - enough, I suddenly felt something else – and I gasped. It was the touch of Maria’s nose and mouth behind me, the feel of them pushing gently but insistently between the mounds of my behind. With all the strength I could muster, I raised my butt slightly, to encourage and help Maria, fighting the shuddering weakness in my own muscles as the pleasure intensified.

Once more, I wasn’t sure if I could stand it, or hold my position. I wanted to call out and wake the entire neighborhood. ‘Enjoy the flight’, I told myself once more, gripping the sheets like I was trying to rip them.

“So sexy girl, Diana,” Maria said softly. Her voice was slightly muffled now, but I think I could still make out what she was saying.

“So sexy for your Maria. So sexy Sandra’s girlfriend.”

When the narrator speaks these lines in a voice that is distinctly muffled, it really is very sexy to hear!

Another sense that audiobooks have encouraged me to explore is the sense of smell. In my story Study Break 2, Savita and Becky are two students who take a train with the intention of studying en route but end up getting drawn into the mysterious and sensuous world of an intensely beautiful black woman who is sitting opposite. Mrs Smith has a smooth, gentle, velvet voice and the slow, confident manner of an aristocrat. As the seduction unfolds, scent plays an important role. Savita recalls one moment in particular:

I lay across the seats with my head next to Mrs Smith’s thigh and stretched out my long legs towards the far window.

“Be gentle with me,” I said softly, pushing my head against that thigh as if to emphasize the point.

I tried to calm myself, breathing as deeply as I could. I looked over at Becky. She was smiling at me. She looked intensely beautiful. Once again, I wondered if I was dreaming and I literally pinched my arm to check.


Not dreaming I guess…

I breathed in through my nose and drank in that gorgeous scent [At this point the listener hears the sound of breathing in.] It really was a kind of marsh-mallow aroma, with apple, vanilla and now I was getting a little sweet musk as well.

I wanted this gorgeous woman so badly. I wanted to drown in that scent and give her all the pleasure I could…

In this story, I try to emphasize the erotic potential of ‘not seeing’. Soon Mrs Smith is turning to face Savita’s feet and actually kneeling astride the young college student. Suddenly, Mrs Smith lets her dark brown skirt over the student’s face like a tent, before slowly, tantalizingly, lowering herself into a position of great intimacy. Savita cannot see much but all her other senses are on fire, not least her sense of taste as Mrs Smith’s high state of arousal communicates itself through the thin cotton of her undies. Nor can Savita see the events that are subsequently unfolding between Mrs Smith and her fair-haired friend Becky; but she can certainly hear the conversation and the references to various kinds of undressing. Soon Savita can also feel Becky’s presence, not least her knowledgeable hands. And when both her companions fall silent, Savita senses the long kiss between them…

Oh gosh! Where was I?!! My mind is drifting.

And not just my mind…


Ah yes, the challenges and potential of audiobooks!

I find that the character of the narrator can make quite a different to how a story is written. Some narrators – like Charm - are just so talented at building the excitement and the ecstacy hat it encourages you to write with a kind of wild abandon. Other narrators have a coolness and restraint that is itself intensely erotic and encourages a long slow build-up in which passion may also be expressed by what is not said and even, as with Mrs Smith and Becky, by silence (Study Break; Study Break 2; Tell Her She’s Pretty; Your Bath is Ready, Madame). In Your Bath is Ready, Madame, the narrator went to the lengths of recording some water sounds to accompany the following lines and you can just feel the delicious tension between the two women in her restrained, soft voice:

The bubbles were so high and fluffy that Amanda could not actually see anything beneath the surface of the water, but she gamely moved to kneel beside the bath, comfortable on a thick-pile bathmat, and she began to sweep her left hand slowly through the water, feeling for the bottom of the bath.

Almost immediately, she felt the soap, but she ignored it. Why end the game when it had just begun?! Amanda’s hand continued its explorations, brushing against the side of Chantale’s dress and then feeling where the hemline gave way to the top of the French girl’s stockings.

“I’m sorry, I cannot find the soap, madame!” Amanda said, trying to sound as contrite as possible.

“Well keep looking!” Chantale said in a stern voice.

Overall, it’s been amazingly fun to collaborate on these audiobooks. Both the narrators and the audio medium have influenced the stories in subtle and interesting ways. The reviews suggest that listeners are having a good time too. I’d definitely recommend this format to other writers – and of course to other listeners and readers.

The old saying goes that “The eyes have it.” Well, that may be true. But let’s not forget those other sensual organs – the brain, the hands, the lips, the tongue, the nose… and of course the ears.

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Spotlight - Meeting Each Other: The Full Story by Raven ShadowHawk

When Vicki broke up with Malcolm she felt sure her life was over. She knew she would never find another love like the one they shared and her alcohol fueled birthday party is but one of her coping mechanisms. That night, as she prepares for bed, unexpected company in the form of her best friend Lara, changes everything for her . . . and for the lives of many of her guests.

For the first time, enjoy the full story. Six different couples enjoy their first or most significant sexual encounters with their loved ones. This sizzling collection includes all six stories in the Meeting Each Other series 'Vicki & Lara', 'Carol, Niall & Lin', 'Bill', 'Eric & Morgan', 'Simone & Mr Bradford' and 'Malcolm.'

Simone faced the door, resisting the urge to knock a second time.

Her gaze flicked up to the fancy lettering on the shiny gold name plate.



Now there was a man worth worrying over. Mature. Rich. Sexy, even with, or because of, his foul moods and worse language.

She nibbled her bottom lip.

Everybody knew that Bradford hated his gold-digging wife. They understood that his relationship at home bled into his working life, forcing everyone to walk on eggshells until sure of his mood. The worst kept secret in the world was that Mrs Bradford refused to sign divorce papers. Clearly she saw more profit in maintaining her marriage to the businessman who alternated his Jaguar with his Ferrari three days a week.

‘Come in.’ His voice splintered Simone’s thoughts.

After a brief hesitation she opened the door.

Bradford stood by his desk with his back to her, the expensive fabric of his jacket drawn tight over his squash-player’s shoulders. A curl of dark hair tumbled over his collar. When he turned, his shirt buttons strained over a chest tight with muscle.

She looked at his face, but his gaze aimed lower, straight at a gap in her blouse.

Morgan, that arse! He couldn’t tell me I’d lost a button?

She cleared her throat and tried not to think about how much of her bra was on display. ‘Sir, I have the letters for countersigning.’

He looked up, at last, and instead of meeting her gaze, glanced at his computer screen. ‘Bring them here.’

Why did that brusque order sound like so much more?

As she walked, Simone’s heels sank into the lush carpet. Burgundy and tasteful, just like everything else, from the oak table – twice the size of hers – to the leather chair behind it.

She stood near his desk, waiting for an invitation to sit. It never came.

‘How many today?’ He didn’t look away from the screen.

It took Simone several seconds to figure out what he meant. ‘Twelve,’ she blurted. ‘There’ll be more this afternoon, but some of the calculations need double checking.’

Bradford blew a heavy breath through his nose. His gaze dropped back to her breasts then flicked up again, lightening quick. ‘How much in total?’

She squirmed. ‘£16,000.’


‘I said—’

‘I heard what you said, Miss Daye. I’m just surprised. I thought we were doing well this month.’

Simone licked her lips. Not for the first time she inwardly cursed Rae and her happy trigger finger when agreeing compensation. ‘Many customers had good cases, Sir. Their complaints are the result of major staff errors.’

A snort. ‘Make sure it’s in the monthly report. I want to know who’s lost their bonus this year.’

‘Yes, Sir.’

That said, Bradford snagged the stack of papers from her grip and skim-read them. He scrawled his signature at the bottom of each. His lips twitched as he read, the icy blue of his eyes dancing back and forth as he skimmed the text. Twice he snorted, once he outright growled and slashed his signature across the page with a ferocity that almost tore the paper.

At the last letter, he paused.

Simone held her breath. It was one of hers.

‘£3,000?’ He glanced up. ‘To one person?’

‘Yes. The customer lost four days of business due to a faulty machine. She also had a break-in—’

‘Not our problem.’ Bradford narrowed his eyes.

She squirmed. ‘No . . . but the FSA is involved. I’ve already talked her down from £20,000—’

‘Excuse me?’

Gazing into his eyes, Simone knew she had no need to repeat herself. This time she waited, watching his face for clues of his mood.

‘£20,000? And you talked her down?’

‘I was talking to her for an hour, but I did it.’

Amos Bradford smiled. The change to his face was alarming.

Wrinkles vanished from around his eyes and a small dimple puckered his left cheek. Frown lines smoothed out and the darkness filling his gaze melted away. He looked almost young.

‘Impressive. Very impressive.’

‘Thanks.’ She risked a smile.

Bradford signed the last page with an extravagant flourish. His pen flew from his fingers, hit the desk and bounced to the floor. ‘Grab that, will you?’

What am I, your maid?

Simone ducked and groped for it. The pen slid away and rolled beneath the desk. ‘Damn.’


She cringed, biting her lip over the answer she longed to give. ‘No, I’ll get it.’ She wedged herself beneath the table. Her fingers brushed something soft, lain over something hard and long. Confused she gripped tighter. It flexed.

Fuck, that’s his calf. He’s ripped like an Olympic runner!

Before she could pull her hand back, Simone heard a knock at the office door.

‘Come in,’ said Bradford at once. His leg flexed beneath her hand again, then slid forward to stroke her arm.

What the hell? She pulled away. He followed, nudging her fingers with his toe.


The office door opened.

Simone squeaked, conscious of her rear sticking up from beneath the desk.

‘Hi, Amos,’ a chirpy female voice filled the room. ‘Your wife is on line six.’

What the hell must I look like? Maybe the chair hides me. Jesus, was he really playing footsie with me?

Hardly daring to breathe, Simone waited.

About the Author:
Hi, I'm Raven.

I'm the second half of a single author who likes to separate her work not only with different names, but personalities.

I'm the fun one. :p

I write erotica (romantic, kinky, pure fun) and take great pleasure in telling stories to delight and titillate. Smut with brains, that's what I do.

Some stories draw from real life experiences, others are complete fabrications of the mind. There's no way in hell I'm going to tell you which is which because... where's the fun in that?

In live in the UK and work from home while caring for my two young sons. I'm fortunate enough to live with a man who knows and understands what it is to be a 'creative' and is supportive, loving and kind in every way.

Now that the Meeting Each Other series is complete I'll be working on a series of novels under the group title Slippers & Chains, the first of these, Sugar Dust, will be out shortly. I'll also be working in collaboration with Ileandra Young to produce some fun and smexxy urban fantasies with an erotic slant.

Find Meeting Each Other and Raven ShadowHawk Online:
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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Spotlight: Red High Heels by Adam Mann

This is not a humorous book, but a joke started a whole train of events:
A research scientist books into a hotel before attending a conference on stem cell research, and whilst at the conference the hotel accidently allow a young lady with a very similar name to move into his room. They find themselves facing one another wearing only bath towels wrapped around them! When they decide to have dinner together the lady wears her red high heels, and this prompts a joke about red high heels, and wild horses. The young lady had just run away from a potentially disastrous wedding, but has to make peace with her parents. She is introduced to other scientists as the man’s fiancée, and she allays fears in her parents with the same ruse, which then turns into reality when she is presented with an antique Victorian engagement ring! Please have a box of tissues handy as you read!

They looked at one another.

“Your red high heels remind me of a joke,” Roger said, and smiled at her.

“Go on,” she encouraged.

“There were two tramps and everyday in the evening they used to show one another what they had managed to collect during the day from various trash cans, or rubbish heaps.

“What did you get today?” asked one tramp, a man.

The other, a woman, looked a bit dejected, and said, “nothing, but what did you get?”

“I found these high heels,” he said producing from his sack a pair of shiny red high heel shoes, “would you like them?”

“I’ve nothing to give you in exchange,” the woman tramp said mournfully.

The male tramp said nothing, but left the shoes where the female tramp could see them.

“What about sex?” suggested the woman, as she quite fancied the shoes.

“OK,” said the man, and the woman interrupted to say,

“I’d better warn you, I’ve never been very sexy!”

“OK,” said the man again, and they made arrangements for the ‘sex’ to commence.

The female tramp lay on her back and took off just enough clothes to allow the male tramp to lie on her body, and insert his penis into her vagina.

Suddenly the woman curled her legs around the man.

“Hey,” said the man, “I thought you weren’t very sexy!”

“I’m not, but I’m trying on the shoes!”

Roxanne, whilst Roger was telling this joke, had stood up and walked towards Roger’s bed picking up her red high heels on the way.

“Help me to try these on!” she said.

Roger tried to jump to his feet, but met Roxanne half way up, as she was leaning over Roger. She dropped the high heel shoes on the floor.

A Note From The Author:
I’ve lived and worked in Africa and Asia for many years, and I have always been fascinated by personal relationships, and in real life! I’m now enjoying my fourth marriage, after being widowed, divorced, had one marriage annulled as this ‘wife’ had forgotten to get divorced.

As a result I’ve extensive experience of social and sexual activities, which I bring into all my books sometimes in explicit detail, and usually with a Happy Ever After ending. Underlying all these stories is a quest for a loving and ongoing relationship with my partner. Three novels have been based in Africa. I now live in Vietnam, and have written eight romance books, all based in Asia, and my eleventh based in England but moving to Japan.

Three of my books have been published by regular indie publishers, and twelve others by Butterfly Books at Smashwords and at Amazon.

About the Author:
I was born in London within the sound of Bow Bells, just as the WW2 was about to explode. I was evacuated to the country as a small boy and then was brought up in rural England. My family moved to various places, including three years in Singapore from 1948, which had a curious effect on my later life. I have spent the vast majority of my working life in developing countries in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, and now I live and work in Vietnam.

Find Red High Heels and Mike Lord Online:
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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Spotlight: When In Rome: An Unexpected Vacation by Jessica Nyman

A young college girl wins a trip to Rome and while visiting the ancient ruins, she gets transported two thousand years back by a mysterious magic artifact. She is immediately seized by the city guards and brought before the most notorious emperor Rome had ever known. She's in for a big surprise and some hot, steamy sex beyond her wildest dreams. 

When In Rome Vol 1: An Unexpected Vacation is the first part of an erotic romance serial short stories exploring the kinky sex life of ancient Rome from the eyes of a twenty first century college girl. Approximately 7000 words.

Author Interview:
Can you describe your book in one sentence?
21st century girl ends up in ancient Rome, gets seduced by the emperor and doesn't want to go back!

What makes your book so different from all the books out there?
The story is about a sizzling romance between a 21st century college girl who travels back in time and a mighty Roman emperor, with a lot of kinky action. The reader gets to explore the sex life of ancient Rome from the eyes of a 21st century girl. There are supporting characters not involved in sex/romance, a complex plot and subplots. It's the first of its kind as far as I know.

How did you come up with your title?
It just came to me as inspiration. The saying is 'When in Rome you do as the Romans do', my heroine gets transported to ancient Rome from the 21st century and deals with the culture shock and tries to adjust to their ways. Each story in the series has a different title about the main plot of the story.

Do you write under a pen name?
Indeed I do. I write in another, completely unrelated genre under my real name and need to keep those separate for business reasons.

What was the process with getting the cover for your book? How do you like it?
A friend did the cover design and she did a tremendous job. I ran into her blog totally by chance. She does awesome covers for indie authors. Her name is Lillian Rose Asterios if you want to check out her work.

What is the hardest and easiest part about being an erotica writer?
The easiest part is finding something new and original to write about. The hardest part is making the sex scenes varied and coming up with new stuff to avoid boring the readers.

Goals for future projects? 
I want to do more time travel ancient history series. I am planning to do ancient Egypt erotica featuring sexy pharaohs!

Have you ever written anything else?
I have a novel in progress (which is not erotica) I have written about 230 pages of it so far.

What made you want to write erotica?
I'm a history buff with an emperor fetish and no one writes historical emperor fetish theme. I have written a series of historical essays about a few emperors on a high traffic web site, a lot of female readers wrote to me and said they would love to read historical romance/erotica involving the emperors. The lack of the theme in the market and the demand made me consider writing historical erotica.

What is your favorite part of being an author?
Making dreams come true in pages and bringing the characters to life."

About the Author:
Jessica is a globetrotting European-American nomad currently living in Scandinavia with her roommate and cats. When she’s not writing naughty stories, she spends countless hours doing history research, reading books and taking nature photos in the vast Nordic wilderness.

Find When In Rome and Jessica Nyman Online:
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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Spotlight: April Showers by Dee Dawning

Mrs. Helen Ryan the young beautiful wife of Dr. Herbert Ryan is shopping in her favorite grocery store, when a sordid episode from her past slams into her. You see, as college juniors seven years previous, she and three friends took their spring break in Las Vegas, working the two weeks as high priced call girls. Her working name had been April Showers and now, someone behind her, someone she dared not look at, is calling her April.

In a panic, she rushes into and hides in the ladies room. When she thinks the coast is clear, she rushes through the checkout stand looking wide eyed at everyone, wondering if the person who called her April is still around. Is he watching her?

Breathing a sigh of relief, Helen heads to her posh Paradise Valley home in her BMW and alleged safety, only to find out nothing is safe for April Showers, any more. As the man who accosted her in the store aggressively confronts her, she realizes, for better or worse, her life will never be the same.

My ringing cell phone drew me away from my succulent reverie. I retrieved the phone from my Prada leather handbag and flipped open the cover. "Hello."

"Railroad Park on Scottsdale Road."

My breath escaped me. It was him. ""What makes you think I'll come?""

"Because you're a whore. Wear your red polka dot sundress and nothing else. I'm going to fuck you."

"Hello." He hung up. In the back of my mind, I realized he'd gone through my closet, but I was too turned on to think about. The second he said he was going to fuck me, my pussy constricted, and juices started seeping from its walls. He didn't give a time. He's waiting. I rushed into my bedroom and shed everything in a frenzy. Naked, I pulled the requested red dress off the rod with care and slipped it on as if it was something to be revered. I wore only the dress as instructed and a pair of white Manolo sandals.

It took me ten minutes to get there. After parking, I strode into the park. Since it happened to be a weekday morning there weren't many visitors. Scanning the area, I spotted three mothers in the playground with toddlers, an elderly couple strolling, a young man on a bench with a computer and a man and woman jogger. My body felt electrified at the anticipation Randy's huge prick inside me, but I didn't see him. Then my phone rang. I fumbled the phone getting it out but caught it. "Hello?"

"I'm on the other side of the locomotive."

He hung up before I could say a word. I raced to the other side of the engine and he stood there all in black his back to me. I rushed to him and as I rounded him, I kissed him. The languorous, but passionate kiss was to die for. His silky tongue slipped through the crease between his lips and plundered my mouth. His hands were over me, kneading my breasts, squeezing my *ss and feeling my sensitive areas through the dress. Then as his hand slipped under the dress, I was barely able to catch my breath. I tensed as Randy's clever fingers split my nether-lips apart, probing the edges of my needy vagina. The hot Arizona weather was miniscule compared to the heat this man engendered in me. Flashes of heat and erotic lust raced to my erogenous zones and I sensed a trickle of cream meandering down my leg.

As I noticed his burgeoning cock through the thin dress, digging into my belly, he pulled away. He took my hand from around his neck and guided it down to the neck of his c*ck. I looked down. His c*ck, sticking out of his pants was rigid and pulsating. He gently pushed down on my shoulders. "I want you to s*ck me off."

I protested, "We're in the open. There's a path right there." I nodded to my left. "Someone might see us."

"Two lovers getting carried away. No one will think much of it. Besides, I have a feeling you would enjoy being watched as much as I do."

He is right. Why does he seem to know me better than I do? I lowered to my knees. Thank God, it was grass instead of gravel. Maybe it was why he chose this location. I noticed, out of the side of my eye, a jogger come into view just as Randy's silky cock entered my mouth. As I stroked him with hand and mouth. The jogger--a woman--jogged in place approximately fifty feet away. ""That's it, baby,"" he purred and I shuddered from head to toe.

Just as I saw the elderly couple stroll up beside the jogger and gape, Randy pulled out of my mouth and raised me up. He lifted me up and turned me toward the locomotive. "Bend over," he ordered. I placed my fingers and thumbs around a bar on the antique train as he spread my legs and lifted my dress up. Since they were now behind me, I couldn't see the spectators anymore. A delightful pain engulfed me as Randy rammed his super sized instrument into me, making that sweet ache go away as every inch of his c*ck pummeled me.

Author Interview:
Can you describe April Showers in one sentence?
Girls Gone Wild

What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why?
The public sex part in Railroad Park. Also the Dubious consent in the mc's home.

What was the hardest chapter (or part) to write and why?
The hardest part is always my sex scenes. I don't just skim through them. I delve deep into them. Sometimes I write as little as a hundred words an hour.

What makes it so different from all the books out there?
That I wrote it. If you don't believe me, read it.

For those who might consider reading your book, what would you tell them to expect?
It's very raw and mesmerizing. Don't expect nice people or a hea.

Have you ever written anything else?
Ah-huh. Last count I'd published about sixty titles in all pseudonyms. I'm working on book four of the Consequence series right now. It's called $ex in $in City

How long did it take you to complete your first book?
Nine months and it was a loser.

Do you work with an outline, or just write?
Yes...the later. I get an idea and let my muse take me on a journey. I also have about thirty books where my muse got lost.Those stories are in my must finish file. I imagine some of them have mold on them by now.

What does your writing area look like? 
Good question. Through the years it's changed. Right now since I currently write on a laptop one of my writing areas looks curiously like a queen sized bed, a night stand and a nesting table. The other one looks like an occasional chair and ottoman with a TV tray stand for coffee and things.

One of your favorite quotes – 
To a man with a hammer, everything is a nail. MARK TWAIN (A brilliant mind)

How did you bring life to your characters?
Instinct. Some things you just do without knowing why or how.

What is the hardest and easiest part about being an erotica writer?
When someone asks what kind of books you write and when you answer them they look at you like you're a pervert.

Do you ever experience writer’s block?
All the time and some of my worse books were when I forced myself to write through the block. Rule number one: Never write if the inspiration isn't there. Edit, promote, make a cover or make yourself a ham sandwich, but DON'T write.
Hmm. A ham sandwich sounds like a good idea.

About the Author:
Dee was born in Chicago, and grew-up in Las Vegas. Dee loves the Southwest and for the last twenty-five years has lived in sunny Arizona, and so far he hasn't melted. He's a young sixty-thirteen, stands about six foot, has sandy brown hair, blue eyes and a ruddy complexion. He presently resides in Carefree AZ with his beautiful wife of thirty-three years and a white Lab named Summer. (Children are grown.)

Dee Dawning started writing in 2004. To date he's published over fifty titles of various lengths and genres from erotica to sweet romance and from drama to action suspense. Some say his writing is a little quirky and that's just fine with Dee. If you're looking for something a little different check out his scribblings. I doubt you'd be disappointed.

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Spotlight: Freedom - The Sensual Liaisons Series Book One by Luna Ballantyne

Freedom introduces a new and exciting fantasy man in the shape of Giraldo De Lograno, otherwise known as the Bastard of Bilbao. Of Spanish descent, and from a time when the plague was raging in Newcastle, England, he has spent the last 400 years living his life as a gigolo. A time-travelling highwayman, who has been cursed to bring his own special brand of pleasure and pain to the women who cross his path. Women just like Zara.

Out on the town and looking for a random stranger to spend the night with, Zara knows just how to celebrate her recent divorce. A petite blonde, she is no shrinking violet and has a naughty little kit to prove it and fully intends to have a night that she will never forget… it is just a case of choosing the lucky guy. Then she meets ‘Max.’

‘Max,’ the most exciting and dangerous man she has ever set eyes on. Sinfully good-looking and with a seductive charm that leaves her breathless. The fact that she would choose him for her Freedom night was never in question.

What is in question is the role she will play in a twisted mind-game between her chosen lover and a young woman executed for witchcraft in 17th Century England. Elizabetha, a beautiful and cunning temptress and she has more to do with Zara’s fate than she would ever have dreamed possible.

Who is the Highwayman and what does he need from her? Will Zara seal her fate or gain her coveted Freedom?

One thing’s for certain; her life will never be the same again.

Freedom is the first in a series of erotic romances chronicling the journey of the Highwayman as he makes his way back to the young woman who holds the key to his heart.

Due to sexual content of an explicit nature, this book is recommended for ages 18+.

The kit, being a spacious, but discreet, black toiletry bag containing a realistic looking seven inch dildo, cat 'o' nine tails, leather cuffs, nipple clamps, clit clip, quilted blindfold, red crotch-less knickers, lube, and an assortment of condoms. Even though Zara had helped prepare these kits on numerous occasions in the past for friends who weredivorcing, she couldn't help blushing at the thought of what she was expected to do with the items that her friends had so lovingly provided!'

Find Freedom - The Sensual Liaisons Series Book One and Luna Ballantyne Online:
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Spotlight: Summer's Edge by Noël Cades

"He’s fighting it but he needs this as much as I do."

When Stewart Walker finds out the girl he kissed is a student at his school he’s furious and determined to keep away. But 18-year-old Alice has fallen hard and won’t give up.

She wants him to teach her body and her mind, even though a relationship is strictly against the rules. He’s struggling to resist the attraction despite knowing he could lose his job.

Throughout the illegal raves and festivals of Britain’s summer of ’92, Alice and Stewart dance closer and closer to the edge.

It was a beautiful late April day, flawlessly sunny. Warm in the sun though cool in the shade. Their tennis skirts were also extremely short and much more alluring, so Alice thought, than normal school uniform. You were supposed to wear huge regulation gym knickers underneath. But as these were only sold in the school shade of bottle green which looked awful through white tennis wear, no one ever did unless they were playing a match.

They walked together over to the school cricket pitch and sat on the grassy slope near the pavilion.

"He’s going to freak you know," Jules said.

"Maybe he won’t recognise her in different clothes."

"He’ll recognise the three of us."

They watched the play for some time. Mr Walker was focused on his job and not on any spectators around the place. Alice was impressed by how athletic he looked as he walked about the pitch. He really was stunning with his tan and his tall, muscular figure. All the First Eleven boys looked wimpy next to him.

It was when he passed near to where they were sitting that he finally saw Alice, stopped and froze. Her stomach lurched. Then he turned away and went back to the practice.

"See, he’s decided to ignore you," Jules said. "All for the best."

Alice said nothing. She hadn’t really thought about how he might react, but she still felt crushed. She picked at the grass next to her, pulling off a small flower, avoiding looking at the play.

Then a shadow fell over them. She looked up.

It was Mr Walker.

"I want a word with you. In the pavilion, now," he ordered her. His eyes pierced into hers and he looked furious.

Numb, she obeyed, walking ahead of him.

Inside it was empty and he closed the door behind them and turned to her.

"What the fuck do you think you’re playing at?"

He was absolutely incensed. He stood there, suddenly the adult, the authority, not just some guy she had kissed in a pub.

Someone she had compromised. Alice couldn’t think of anything to say.

She stood there in front of him. His scent of faint cologne and sun-warmed skin was disturbingly familiar to her, mingling with the dusty wood and sports equipment smell of the pavilion.

"Did you know who I was?" he asked.

"Yes." There didn’t seem to be any point in lying.

He glared at her and she looked back at him. His eyes pierced into her, their light grey-blue contrasting with his tanned complexion. He was one of the most devastatingly attractive men she had ever seen. All the more so now as his anger turned his face into carved steel.
As terrified and awkward as Alice felt, she also felt slightly defiant. After all she hadn’t done anything wrong or illegal.

Then suddenly he grasped her by the shoulders and brought his mouth down on hers, hard. Surprised, she initially squirmed to escape his grasp then yielded as her forced his tongue into her mouth. His lips were bruising hers, he was almost biting her yet she wanted more.

Her hands, which had pushed against his chest to try and get away, went round his neck and she arched against him.
He was trying to hurt her, devour her. Punish her. All at once. But he wanted her too. She could taste his need, raw and urgent. Feel the hotness of his breath as he nearly suffocated her with his kiss.

His mouth left hers and moved to her neck, half embracing, half biting it. She tasted blood on her lip where he had crushed it with his own. He was gripping her hard and she clung to him. She didn’t even care that he was hurting her.

He could have ripped all her clothes off right there and forced himself upon her. She had never wanted anyone so much.

Then just as suddenly he thrust her away from him. He swore under his breath as he tried to recover himself.

"Is that what you wanted?"

"No… yes… I mean…" Alice had no idea what to say. She was shaken and half in misery, half in ecstasy.

His face was like granite, its angles unyielding.

"Get out and don’t come back here again. Stay out of my way," he said.

Author Interview:

Can you describe your book in one sentence? 
A hot student-teacher romance with a very sexy, happy ending.

What makes your book so different from all the books out there? 
It’s set in the UK, whereas the majority of student-teacher romances tend to be set in US high schools. And it has two epilogues! 

What was your favourite chapter (or part) to write and why? What was the hardest chapter (or part) to write and why? 
I loved writing the scene where he offers her his shirt to conceal her modesty when her t-shirt becomes see-through with water. He’s still trying to resist her at this point but the sexual tension is off the scale.

For those who might consider reading your book, what would you tell them to expect? 
An illicit romance with lots of sexual tension, two people who really grow through their relationship with one another, and plenty of hot, erotic action.

How did you bring life to your characters?
I drew on many memories of my own schooldays, and a particularly attractive coach we had back then whom many of my friends had a crush on. (He ended up marrying another sports teacher, not a student!) 

Do you work with an outline, or just write?
I have an outline in terms of the two main character and what ultimately happens to them. I usually start out with some scenes already planned: major events, that kind of thing. Then as I write, I get dialogue and other scenes appearing in my head as I get to know the characters better.

Your thoughts on receiving book reviews - the good and the bad.
It’s always interesting to get feedback. When you see a reader appreciated something that you tried really hard to get right, like a particularly emotional scene, or a moment of sexual tension, it’s really amazing and it makes you want to write more for them. Many aspects of Summer’s Edge were inspired by feedback on my first novel (Forbidden Lessons). For example the two epilogues: every reader wanted a guaranteed happy ending which meant a peek into the future.

Goals for future projects?
I’d like to try writing a serialised novel on Wattpad. I think it would be interesting and useful to write it in instalments, using reader feedback to influence what I write.

Will you have a new book coming out soon? Can you tell us about it
In the New Year I’m hoping to start serialising ""Misbehaving"". It stars Marcy, a US high school senior, who discovers the hot guy she’s just met is her new teacher. She’s also struggling with her best friend moving away, her ex-boyfriend flaunting his new date in front of her, and a group of popular ""mean girls"" being horrible to her. So it’s going to be a huge year for her, but ultimately - I hope! - one with a very happy ending.

Tell us your most rewarding experience since being published?
When a reader tells you they loved your work. It’s what makes you want to write more!

Find Summer's Edge and Noël Cades Online:
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