Monday, January 26, 2015

Underneath the Gargoyle: Part Two

You have begged for it, and I've delivered it. PART TWO of my Underneath the Gargoyle series is now available!!

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Paranormal Erotica/Dubious Consent

Part Two of Christina Harding's Underneath the Gargoyle paranormal erotic series: What happens to Trisha in the catacombs?

Also in the Series
Underneath the Gargoyle: A Prologue
Underneath the Gargoyle: Part One
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Advance Praise for Underneath the Gargoyle: Part Two
"Last time, Trisha had naughty adventures at her church, all watched by the cathedral's gargoyles. When they come to life, they ravish her and Trisha finds herself loving every minute of it. But when the gargoyles finished, they dragged her down into the catacombs.

The next day, Trisha's friend Olivia is worried about her friend. So she goes and sees her boyfriend Kyle. Together, the pair discover a mystery at the church and head down into the catacombs.

Trisha wakes up in the catacombs attended by a friendly cherub. She learns the truth of the cathedral while her body is enjoyed by the cherub. But the cherub is merely preparing her for the king of the catacombs, a monstrous gargoyle named Xaphan.

Part One left me wondering what happened to Trisha, and Christina answers. More hot, monster sex fills the pages as Trisha is claimed by first the cherub and then the king gargoyle. But it leaves you wondering what part 3 will hold. And I'm looking forward to it!" ~5★ review by Reed James on Amazon

"The first installment in this series is what got me started on reviewing with Christina, and my only complaint was that it ended much too abruptly. This was certainly one of those stories that cries out for a sequel, and Christina has finally delivered.

The story picks up right where we left off, with naughty Catholic schoolgirl Trisha carried off into the catacombs. Her boyfriend Kyle and best friend Olivia are searching for her, though it’s not clear she even wants to be rescued: A new series of stone creatures is keeping her very busy. What will they find when they finally locate her?

Go pick this one up, you won’t regret it." ~5★ review by Michael Dalton on Amazon

"I do love the update to your story." ~First Pass Editor

"Would it be improper of me to admit that I enjoyed this?" ~Second Pass Editor

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