Monday, March 31, 2014

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*Eventually* I'm going to purchase an official alias to represent my pseudonym, Christina Harding, across the internet (on twitter, this blog, and who knows where else she'll venture.) Help me choose which alias will represent Christina! 

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Cornholed by Richard Bacula

Consensual Paranormal

My Review:
Cornholed is a scarecrow horror sex scene lasting approximately 6,000 words. Of the monster erotica this is a bit less twisted because it does not have BDSM, and so I think Cornholed could possibly appeal to a larger audience. Bacula gave himself quite the challenge by, as a man, writing a sex scene from a woman's perspective. With that being said, I think Bacula pulled this off nicely. Although, it did read a bit like a man was telling the story, and so it may have an even greater appeal to the masculine crowd. Cornholed follows a completely logical sequence that explains all its elements, including the paranormal elements, naturally all the way to the end. Also, Bacula includes a couple of humorous moments in Cornhold, which add a nice touch. In only 6,000 words Bacula manages to give a well rounded story that accomplishes its main purpose: to cause arousal.

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Moan for Bigfoot by Virginia Wade

Paranormal / Dubious Consent

Amazon Book Description: 
Book 1 of The Monster Sex Series

If you go into the woods today...On a week long outing in Mt. Hood National Forest, what begins as a flirty, fun-filled trip soon turns into a nightmare, when an ape-like creature kidnaps a group of young women with the purpose of procreating with them.

My Review:
I thought it was fitting for my inaugural review on this blog to be about this book for this is the book that got me interested in reading erotica.

Wade does an excellent job of "easing" her readers into her story by starting off with toned-down raunchy. However, one does not have to read far before things start to get really intense with Bigfoot sex scenes. It seems as though Wade does her best to write the most twisted scenarios possible, shamelessly (as she says) challenging social barriers in order to arouse her readers. Wade uses a bold writing style, and does not mince anything. But not only that, Wade has created a well thought out story woven into this erotica. She has come up with some of her own Bigfoot folklore to serve the purpose of her story, has thoughtfully developed her characters, and sends these characters on a true adventure. I am genuinely impressed with the planning that must have gone into creating this series.

What makes this story especially unique is that, as described, it is a "monster sex series." Yes, this is Bigfoot having sex with 18 year old girls. This scenario gives Wade the freedom to really let her imagination run free with unique possibilities. As such, readers are in for an enticing ride.

Some may say that this story "glorifies rape." While I can see why some may say this, I think it is important to keep in mind that this is erotica and is intended for a sole purpose: to act as an arousal. This type of story is not intended to be analyzed for anything beyond what it is. So what can I say? Get your panties out of a twist (literally and figuratively) and allow yourself to enjoy some of the best erotica out there.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I would like to use this first blog post as an opportunity to introduce myself.

For the past several years I have struggled greatly with a reduced sex drive. There was one period where I went three months without having sex and felt horrified at the thought of having sex again. My poor husband was going bonkers! For those who don't know there are many factors that go into a loss of sex drive. In my case, it had little to do with anything my husband did. I was simply not interested, couldn't get in the mood, and generally bored by sex. I felt like it was a huge time commitment when I had a lot of other things going on. Basically, my loss of sex drive was due to stress and anxiety.

But, I was not happy about this. I greatly missed the days when I saw sex as a stress reliever as opposed to a stressor. I missed wanting sex. I also felt a ton of guilt because my husband felt really bad about it, and was internalizing my lack of sex drive as an indicator that I didn't find him attractive. I felt like finding a way to break out of this rut was important for my marriage. 

Then, I started reading erotica. Somehow, my sex drive light was lit, and I was craving the attentions of my husband again. And so, I've made it part of my routine to start reading erotica regularly. With this being said, I've decided to start writing a blog reviewing this erotica. From what I can see, many blogs do not review erotica, and many erotica writers are independently published. I want to use this blog as an opportunity to shed some light upon, and also to promote, these works of writing. 

A healthy sex life can do nothing but add to a healthy marriage. For this reason, I think erotica is an important body of writing.

I will be reviewing everything erotica related including erotic writing and other erotic products. 

I do have other things going on in my life. I have another successful book reviewing blog that I run as well as my full time job. And so, my plan will be to post one new entry to this blog every Friday morning - a little bit of food for thought for your weekend ;)

Also, I am writing this blog under a pseudonym to maintain my anonymity. 

See you again on Friday!