Friday, March 28, 2014

Cornholed by Richard Bacula

Consensual Paranormal

My Review:
Cornholed is a scarecrow horror sex scene lasting approximately 6,000 words. Of the monster erotica this is a bit less twisted because it does not have BDSM, and so I think Cornholed could possibly appeal to a larger audience. Bacula gave himself quite the challenge by, as a man, writing a sex scene from a woman's perspective. With that being said, I think Bacula pulled this off nicely. Although, it did read a bit like a man was telling the story, and so it may have an even greater appeal to the masculine crowd. Cornholed follows a completely logical sequence that explains all its elements, including the paranormal elements, naturally all the way to the end. Also, Bacula includes a couple of humorous moments in Cornhold, which add a nice touch. In only 6,000 words Bacula manages to give a well rounded story that accomplishes its main purpose: to cause arousal.

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