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Spotlight: Lessons in Forever by Julie Raust

Widowed at a young age, Rachel Halson has spent the last 20 years as the ultimate mother, volunteer and picture-perfect good girl—and she’s had enough. Now she wants to experience all things sexual. The only problem is that Rachel’s not sure she has it in her; fortunately, that changes the instant she meets Detective Mitch Lang.

Mitch is gruff, demanding and definitely not the type to break in a mild-mannered homemaker from Wyoming. However, after one taste of her, Mitch finds he wants nothing more than to teach the lovely Miss Halson all the naughty things he can do to her in his bed.

Luckily, Mitch and Rachel both want the same thing—sex. No strings, no emotions, just hot, wild sex . . . and lots of it.

But when casual begins to feel like commitment and a dirty cop threatens their relationship, Mitch and Rachel must decide if what they have is actually worth fighting for.

Warning: This book contains a mature sexy, alpha male hero who knows how to make a curvy woman scream in bed, on a table, against a wall, on the floor and anywhere else he pleases. Its spicy sex scenes may be too hot for some to handle, and there’s no lack of four-letter words. Luckily one of them is 'love'.

He watched all the color drain from Rachel’s face while she scanned the dozens of condoms and two sealed tubes of lube as they tumbled onto the wooden surface. He smiled smugly—time for her to lose the innocent act.

“Oh. My. God. I’m going to kill him,” she hissed quietly, her hand at her mouth, covering her shock. “I . . . those aren’t . . . wait a minute? You . . . think I’m a prostitute?”

Damn, she was good. “The innocent act only works on me once, Rachel, so you can drop it. I asked you a question. How much was Kyle paying you?”

“I . . . he wasn’t! Those aren’t even mine!” she squealed, desperate for Mitch to believe her. “I can’t believe this is happening.”

“Believe it, Miss Halson,” he slowly unsnapped the tab on pouch that kept his handcuffs secured to his belt, “because it’s not too late to take that ride to the station.”

Rachel’s eyes darted from his face to the cuffs and back again. Her complexion paled, and she chewed on her lip nervously.

The seemingly innocent gesture caused alarm bell’s to go off in Mitch’s head, his cock to harden painfully and—for a brief instance—he almost felt sorry for her fate.
“Oh god. I can’t get arrested for prostitution,” she mumbled.


Her plea seemed to have no effect on the angry man cuffing her. For the first time that night Rachel feared the handsome law officer. In her small front hall, his broad shoulders, muscled arms and long thick legs dwarfed Rachel’s larger-than-average frame, threatening to engulf her.

With the second metal bracelet secured, he leaned down close to her ear, so close she could feel his warm breath tickling her flesh. “Well, you’re in luck,” the man rasped almost seductively, “because I’m gonna make you an offer, Miss Halson. And you should know that I don’t ever make such offers, so think very wisely before you make your decision.”

Taking her chin in his hand, he forced her head up to ensure he had her full attention. In the dim light, his sliver eyes called to her, calming her, while at the same time causing her pulse to quicken. “We can take that ride downtown, you’ll get arrested and most likely spend the rest of the evening in jail, or you can work off some of Kyle’s money right here, Miss Halson, on your knees.”

Is he really offering me freedom at the price of a blow job? Sucking on Detective Lang’s cock would not be a punishment for Rachel. She’d wanted a taste of him the minute she’d laid eyes on him.
“Detective Lang—”

He interrupted, “Save your breath and your explanations, Miss Halson. All I want is your decision. Are we driving back to the station or are you gonna suck me off?...”

Author Interview:
Can you describe your book in one sentence?
It's never too late to learn how to find new love in and out of the bedroom.

What was the hardest chapter (or part) to write and why?
The suspenseful parts were the most difficult. This is the first story I wrote with a twist. I'm not used to writing anything but love scenes, dialog, and sexy stuff, so it was a challenge.

Favorite quote from your book?
“’Ain’t gonna happen,” he said with a shake of his head. “I want sex, just sex. If you want more, Rachel, find someone else. But know this: a vase full of carnations is never gonna look as good on your kitchen table as you spread eagled with my face between your thighs, eating that sweet pussy of yours.”

Is there any particular author or book that influenced you in any way either growing up or as an adult?
Reading my step-grandmother's Harlequins began my love of romance books.As I got older the spicier stuff became known to me and I became drawn to the more erotic reads.

How did you come up with your title?
It just came to me as I was writing. The hero was to be giving her lessons in sex/ love and you'll have to read the ending to figure out where the rest came from (I bet you can

One of your favorite quotes –
"You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step."
This quote inspired me to write. I was always writing, but I found I could never decide on an ending. One night when I was frustrated with my writing, this quote kept playing over and over in my head. The next day I decided it would just continue writing and worry about the end when I got there. I always find this motivational.

What was the best writing advice that someone has ever given to you?
Get a good beta reader. It has changed my work. I love getting feedback and to see the little things I missed before my work gets published only makes it better. I'd recommend this valuable step for all authors.

What is your favorite/least favorite part of writing? Why?
Distractions. Like Twitter, Pinterest, Goodreads etc.. Whenever I get stumped, I find I can't help but surf the net. That's why sometimes I have to force myself to an internet free zone to write.

What is your favorite thing about being an Indie writer? 
Freedom. I can write what I want, choose my own covers, make changes as I see fit, and work with my own schedule. Best of all, I don't have to wait 3-6 months to hear if my book will get accepted. It gets out to my readers as soon as I feel it's ready!

Anything you want to say to your readers?
A big fat THANK YOU for reading and reviewing and for all your support. You let me live my dream and do what I love to do!

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Spotlight - Autumn Harvest: Maiden by Tof Eklund

Autumn Harvest: Maiden is a sensual and socially conscious tale of irrepressible longing in a court full of intrigue and inequality. Yelen is a long-lived witch of the Order sent to the patriarchal kingdom of Thrycae, where witchcraft is punishable by death. Kaye is the young prince of that kingdom, and becomes attached to Yelen after she saves his life (but not the use of his legs) from a deadly childhood disease. As the years pass, Kaye grows into a handsome and thoughtful adult, and Yelen finds herself drawn to him despite the mortal peril inherent in such an affair.

Eighteen short stories from the world of Autumn Harvest are included in the book, from a jilted young man’s life-changing encounter with an emerald-eyed dwarf, to the inner monologue of a lady’s maid in need of a helping hand, the frustrations of a dominant dryad, and a series of tales about a polyamorous trio.

"Summer is the only time of year that the climate in Thrycae is even remotely similar to that of Maragoya, and I relished the heat. But soon, summer was over. The weather cooled and the leaves began to change color. Though I understand the process well enough, every year the turning of the leaves caught me by surprise, and made my breath catch in my throat. It is strange that such vivid color and beauty should emerge out of a process that seems so much like dying.

On one such day, Kaye was falconing on his own, Geoff having declared that he had nothing more to teach him. We were discussing the epic of R'salynda, and the elaborate court manners that are described in intricate detail therein. Kaye asked me if it was true that, in other kingdoms, they greeted men and women alike with kisses, on the cheek or hand.

“In some. Raline, for example, where a kiss on each cheek is the normal greeting between friends, and in the court of Tir Hanoch, where it is considered an insult for a lord to greet a lady without kissing her hand. Senior clergy of the Unmoved God wear rings of station, and for a clergyman of lesser rank to kiss the ring of his superior is a demonstration of loyalty, like affirming an oath of fealty, though they don't call it that, as they only swear oaths to their God...”

“Yelen, if I were being presented at the court of Tir Hanoch, how would I greet you?”

I straightened. “By your name and title, then you wait for my response.”

Kaye stepped to face me, lifted his chin, and said, “Milady, I am Prince Karamon Lycius of Thrycae.”

I looked at him, his open expression one of graceful formality, though something—perhaps mirth—quirked his full, red lips. He bore himself well. At some point Kaye had acquired poise as well as strength. His easy smile riveted my gaze. Looking at him I saw not a crippled boy but a well-mannered and handsome young man. Kaye was wearing a stylish burgundy-and-cream doublet over matching silk hose, one leg in each color, and wore no gaudy ornament save for his all-too-brilliant hazel eyes.


I shook my head. “Sorry...ah...I greet the Lord Lycius. I am but Maiden Yelena of the Order of Sisters.” I lifted my hand and, distractedly, removed my glove. I presented my bare hand to Kaye, who clamped his crutch firmly under his right arm before reaching out to take my hand in his.

“Where do I kiss it?” he asked, his voice suddenly husky.

“The knuckle or the top of the hand,” I said, realizing my error a moment too late.

I felt as if I were watching myself from a distance as he lifted my hand to his lips and brushed his lips against each of my knuckles before kissing the back of my hand more firmly. He lifted his gaze slowly to meet mine, his face flushed. My cheekbones and ears suddenly felt hot, and a vague fuzziness settled over me.

“Yelen, I...” he paused, and I remember thinking I should say something, but when I opened my mouth all that came out was a soft sigh. His fingers were so warm, I was so warm, I'd missed his touch.

Wresting control back from my traitorously weak-kneed body, I jerked my hand out of his and pulled away. I fumbled with my glove as I walked, somehow having trouble getting it back on.

“Wait!” Kaye cried after me, his voice intense, but soft. Swinging along at a pace nearly equal to a run, he passed me, then spun around and stopped. He wobbled and I thought he was going to topple over, but he caught his balance and said something that started with “what” or “wait” and trailed off incomprehensibly.

I looked at him, and no words came to me. Something hot and prickly stirred in my gut and my heart pounded as my mouth became suddenly dry. As I watched, a teardrop arced down over his cheek. I looked down, trying to blink back tears of my own. With my gaze lowered, I couldn't help noticing that his doublet was pushed up and away from his groin like a tent-flap. Again the heat rose in my cheeks.

He took one large swinging step toward me and I looked up. I had intended to apologize, but as he closed the distance, I found that all I wanted to do was stroke his face and kiss his trembling lower lip, so I turned away and ran.

I heard him croak, “Yelen,” as I passed him, and start to thump along after me, but I sprinted and outpaced him. I did not look back."

About the Author:
Tof Eklund is queer: genderqueer, to be precise, but also strange. A non-binary “bearded lady” with a Ph.D. in comic books and an affinity for cephalopods and medusae, Tof lives in Orlando with their awesome spouse, crazy-cute children and geriatric cat. A Professor of creative writing by day and author of convention-defying fantasy and feminist smut at night, they are a lover of monsters and friend to small gods.

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Cuckolding the Cheat by Reed James

Today I'm highlighting Part Three of Reed James' Naughty Wives Series. You can read my review of Part One here, and Part Two here

Frank and Evie are up to more naughty fun, joined by Evie's best friend Cherry. Ever since Cherry learned that her husband Steve was cheating on her, she's wanted to watch her husband with another woman. Cherry's plan is simple: to cuckold her husband with Frank while watching him cheat on her with another woman—Evie. So enjoy as more wives are naughty in this explicit story of marriage, love, and cheating.

My Review:
Part Three of Reed James' Naughty Wives series continues his trend of enjoying the taboo. While Part One focused on dubious consent and Part Two focused on spanking and BDSM, Part Three explores the arousing aspects of cheating and shame. It is quite impressive that within the constraints of one story line Reed still managed to display his talent for masterfully crafting hot erotica of various genres. He knows how to mention the exact details necessary at the right time in order to draw his readers into the heat of his scenes. If you enjoy taboo, you will definitely find pleasure in Reed James' Naughty Wives series.

About the Author:
Reed James is a thirty year-old guy living in Tacoma, WA. "I love to write, I find it freeing to immerse myself in a world and tell its stories and then share them with others." He's been writing naughty stories since high school, furiously polishing his craft, and finally feels ready to share his fantasies with the world.

"I love writing about women who want to be a little (or a lot) naughty, people expressing their love for each other as physically and kinkily as possible, and women loving other women. Whether it's a virgin experiencing her/his first time or a long-term couple exploring the bounds of their relationships, it will be a hot, erotic story!"

For his day job Reed drives a paratransit shuttle, helping the disabled and senior citizens get around town. "It can be both a rewarding and stressful job in turns. And sometimes sad."

So check out his works, the Naughty Wives Series and Seducing Straight Women series and the erotic-supernatural thriller My Fallen Angel.

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Naughty Wife's Surprise by Reed James

Today I'm highlighting Part Two of Reed James' Naughty Wives Series. You can read my review of Part One here.

It's Friday again, and Frank and Evie are looking to have more naughty fun. Last week, everything changed for the couple. Frank had watched his wife be very naughty with the Black cop, and he learned just how hot it was to watch her with another man. But now its Frank's turn to have some fun, and he wants to bring another woman into their bed. After last week, Evie's more than happy to do whatever her husband wants, she'll even be his slave, and find out just how much naughty fun two wives can get into.

Contains explicit depictions of bondage, cheating, domination, spanking, threesomes, oral sex, anal sex, and wife watching.

The exciting, and very explicit, sequel to Roleplay Gone Wrong.

“The safeword is 'matrimony', Frank said when she answered her phone.

“Okay,” she answered, and a thrill filled her—more bondage!

“Okay, Master,” he snapped.

“Sorry, Master!” she gasped. Pleasure shivered through her body straight down to between her thighs; he sounded so strong, so powerful. She pressed her thighs together; her clit suddenly aching.

There was a sound in the background, like someone sucking on a lollipop.

“In the trunk of your car is an outfit,” Frank continued; his voice grown husky. “You will strip naked right there in the parking garage, and put it on.”

She hesitated. She wasn't alone in the parking garage, and the thought of some stranger seeing her naked only made the ache between her legs grow. “Yes, Master,” she purred, surrendering control to her husband.

“That's a good slave,” moaned her husband. “Now lick lower.”

“What, Master?” Evie asked, furrowing her eyebrows in confusion.

“I was talking to my other slave,” he chuckled. “You better hurry home, or they'll be nothing left for you!”

My Review:
Naughty Wife’s Surprise is the second part in Reed James’ Naughty Wives Series. Part Two is just as raunchy as the first, but with some distinct differences. I would classify Part One as a “dubious consent” story, while I would classify Part Two as closer to traditional BDSM (complete with rugged spanking!) Reed is able to create hot stories in both subtly different genres, and if this is the kind of erotica you enjoy, then you will not be disappointed.

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Spotlight: Sleeping with the Sandman by Eden Redd

Lucy's normal everyday life is pretty bland. But when Lucy sleeps, her dreams become vivid and otherworldly. She controls her dream scape where she goes from skinny and unflattering to a big beautiful woman.

As Lucy plays out her fantasies with her new body, a mysterious stranger watches from a distance. Lucy soon discovers that her nightly dream stranger is more then what he seems.

Lucy wonders if she can endure the seductive desires of the sandman.

About the Author:
Eden Redd has a supernatural lust for anything involving monsters and strange sedcutions. Titillation and pleasure are themes Eden likes to explore. Throw in some monsters and you have one delicious good time.

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Waking the Beast by Lacey Thorn


The legend of the Paka Watu...

Ever since she was a young girl, Abby Lane can’t resist the allure of a cat shifter tribe forced to repress their beasts. On a trip to Africa, she discovers a coveted piece of information—the name the pride leader assumed when he left his home—and she traces his lineage to his descendent.
The sleeping lion...

Utah Pearce can't keep his gaze off the woman who slips into the bar every night. Though not his usual type, she brings out the possessive instinct in him, making him battle with himself as he tries to stay away.


Abby’s research never prepared her for the reality in front of her. The beast is waking, and Utah is changing in ways both exciting and terrifying. He is possessive and dominant, and when he finally claims her, neither of them will ever be the same.

My Review:
This erotica is fueled by an Indian legend, which provides the framework for a gripping and action-packed story. At first I had the impression this was going to be one which focused more on the plot than on the sex, but I quickly discovered this was not going to be the case. This erotica balances its intriguing story with plenty of savage sex, making a great option for those who want both plot and an arousing story.

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Spotlight: Cracking Up! by Jeff Dawson

Joe Robertson’s life never panned out. In college, he was a top draft pick until his knee blew-out in the NCAA Championship game on what he claimed, was a cheap shot by Drew Waters. Choosing a second career in construction, he clawed up the ranks, becoming the top Civil Project Manager in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. But that didn’t last. A scandal broke out; he was accused of offering bribes to state inspectors. The allegations were never proven; the damage was done. The only job he could obtain was a foreman’s position. But that wouldn’t last.

The only saving grace was his wife Julie, until she was involved in a horrific traffic accident that would launch them into a macabre dance of, betrayal, sex, murder and redemption.

Julie never saw the 2012, red, F-250 pickup careening down the road, until it slammed into the passenger door of her 2002 Acura. Instead, she was focused on her to do list as she entered the intersection:
1) Drop off kids
2) Hit the gym—one hour
3) Call two clients
4) Check with Sherry on pending appointments
5) Call the contractors—verify status of each project
6) Show Dan and Sherry their dream home.
7) Call the bank on the two pending contracts…

The force of the impact pushed her car two hundred feet down the road. Her Acura resembled a broken “U” instead of the sleek, well tended vehicle she loved.

Voices drifted in and out of her realm of consciousness; yelling out commands. She tried to move her hands with no response. She tried her legs; they too, were unreceptive. Panic gripped her mind and body. She needed to see why her well-toned muscles weren’t responding. She willed her eyes to open, with no luck. They felt glued shut. Her level of panic increased. Her heat-beat accelerated and her blood pressure spiked. She had to know what was happening. In her frantic state she twisted her body to the left. Searing pain overwhelmed her brain’s sensory receptors—she passed.

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