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Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday's Lesson by Felicity Brandon

Heterosexual BDSM

Jenna is late and a little drunk. But as she returns home she has no idea just how much trouble she is in… Her husband is waiting. Feeling unvalued, Oliver has very firm ideas about how their marriage needs to change if he is to stay. As the realisation hits Jenna, she must decide how far she is prepared to go to save their fractured relationship. Will Jenna step out of her sexual comfort zone and accept his terms? Can she learn the value of Friday’s lesson in time… and will it be enough to make him stay?

You raise one eyebrow and regard me with another intense stare. “Start by stripping please, Jenna.”

I hear what you say and yet on some level I can’t quite process it. “Strip?” I ask, as though I don’t understand your demand. 

“Yes, strip. Take off all of your clothes. I want to see you naked. Now please.” 

I feel dazed, yet I let my jacket fall to the floor, and start work on my shirt buttons. Your eyes never leave me. I can feel them mining into me whilst I tackle the third button. Why is this so weird? You’re my husband after all. You’ve seen me undress and naked countless times. Yet this is different. I am not just undressing, I am stripping. It’s not my decision; it’s at your command. You are not just Oliver now; you’re my Husband – some dominant entity now in charge. For some strange reason, I am finding it really hot! The look in your eyes is not just appreciative; it’s carnal. Waves begin to rise in my pool of desire.

My Review:
What an interesting twist on BDSM! The whole time I was reading this I was wondering if Oliver was really serious in his demands of his wife. What really set this apart from most BDSM is Jenna was very much in a position of being required to do exactly what Oliver wanted. He gave her just a very tiny bit of leeway to consent. But by and large, Oliver takes complete control of his wife, and he knows exactly what he wants. Many times with BDSM it is clear that both parties are willing participants and that the dominant party will listen if the submissive party wants to stop. However, this is not the case with Friday's Lesson. With this being said, I would say this story falls under true BDSM. If you are into questionably non-consensual erotica, then this one is right up your alley.

PS. It is not a coincidence that I'm posting about Friday's Lesson on a Friday. Something about this made me very happy. It's about the little things hehe ;)

Friday's Lesson was given to me in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Felicity for trusting me with your work! 

About Felicity Brandon:
Writer of unadulterated, scorching stories soaked with BDSM, spanking, humiliation and ménage. 18+

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Learning to Ride by Angelica Siren

Consensual Heterosexual

Amazon Book Description:
Emma Percy has never been like the other girls. She's a mechanic. When it comes to machines, whether they've got two wheels or four, she knows how to keep them running. When the call of the open road and a life of possibilities leads her to the small town of San Viero, she finds that affairs of the heart require more than simple mechanical knowledge.

With only one place to turn for work, Emma finds herself surrounded by the members of the Dead Men Motorcycle Club. Though their rough exteriors and a lifetime of warnings from her father about such men keeps her distant at first, she soon discovers that the passion for riding that these men feel can be turned to other purposes as well.

Get ready for the ride of your life as Emma explores her feelings for the Dead Men and their leader, the enigmatic Cash. Will she resist temptation for the sake of safety or throw caution to the wind and explore the shared attraction between her and the club's mysterious President?

This story contains depictions of adult situations between consenting adults. All characters are at least 18 years of age. This story is a work of fiction. Any similarities between characters appearing in Learning to Ride and anyone else are coincidental. Any similarities between Emma's life and your own is extremely hot.

Cash spared only a moment's glance at my uncovered body before pulling me back against him for another kiss. He was still sitting on the edge of the table, and I stood between his knees. I could feel the heat rising from his body, even greater than it had been when I first entered the room. He pulled away from our kiss, his lips nearly trembling as he spoke. "When I got shot,' he said, 'all I could think of was you. I knew that I had to get back here to you. I couldn't bear never having this chance."

Author Interview:

Can you describe your book in one sentence?
Learning to ride is about finding the strength within yourself to do what you've always wanted - whether it's riding through Southern California on a motorcycle or approaching that attractive stranger you're so nervous about talking to.

For those who might consider reading your book, what would you tell them to expect?
I would tell them to expect a story that grabs them.  The best books are the ones which you don't even notice the pages going by because you're invested in what's happening to the characters, and I try to make sure every one of my books has that quality, regardless of length.  When you write romantic erotica, it needs to feel organic.  It needs to feel like the story and the sex are one and the same.  Learning to Ride is more than just erotica or romance - it's both!  Neither is complete without the other and the result is a page-turner that leaves you wanting to read more about the lives of the people involved.

What makes your book so different from all the books out there?
What makes Learning to Ride - and all of my books, hopefully - so different is that the characters come first.  Action and excitement are important to any book, of course, but I feel like I give my characters a deeper personality that readers can really identify with.  Especially in the field of erotic fiction, too often the characters are shallow and without motivation.  I try to avoid that because the action is far more meaningful when you connect to a character.  My readers are fully fledged people and they deserve characters that are (almost) as real as they are.

How hard was it to come up with characters?
Creating characters is at once the most challenging and most rewarding part of writing a story.  It's easy to come up with a laundry list of statistics and mannerisms and call it a character.  Creating a realistic character is much more difficult because you have to know in your mind how they'd react to situations that might not even be appearing in your story.  When I wrote Learning to Ride, I had to know how Emma Percy would react to the events of the story, but to make her more believable I had to know how she reacts to every day life.  I have to know how she gets ready in the morning, whether she takes cream or sugar in her coffee and what kind of music she likes to listen to.  Once a character has a complete personality, it becomes much easier to write the story.  I know how Emma will react in any situation, so writing the story becomes an exercise of dictating her thoughts onto the page rather than pushing her through situations and telling her what to do.

What made you want to write erotica?
I started writing erotica the right way - by reading it!  I've been a fan for a long time and a writer as well.  It just came to a point where I realized that I could take my talent for writing stories and apply it to erotica as well. 

Is there any particular author or book that influenced you in any way either growing up or as an adult?
I'd have to say Stephen King.  I loved reading scary stories, even as a child.  My favorite parts were the way he could show you the emotion that his characters were feeling without taking you out of the story.  I also love the way his books are all subtly connected in the same universe.  Here's a little Easter egg for you - all of my books are connected, too!  If you look closely, there are common characters and locations woven through my stories.  Learning to Ride brings one of the central characters of my whole collection into the spotlight for the first time.

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?
The best advice is just to keep writing.  It sounds so cliche, but it's true.  Writing is a skill like any other, and you have to practice every day.  Nobody writes their first hit write out of the gate.  You've got to practice and make sure your writing is improving every step of the way. 

What is one book you wish you had written?
Haha!  Well, I wish I'd written Fifty Shades of Gray - who doesn't?  The way that series has exploded in popularity is inspiring for any erotica writer.  It's more than just popular, though - it's pushing the boundaries of what can be considered popular in the world.  It's hard to imagine a book like Fifty Shades (or any of my own books) achieving the same level of popularity ten years ago.  It's a breakthrough for the whole genre and it's done a lot of good in bringing writers around the world more attention.

What is your favorite part of being an author?
My favorite part of being an author is the freedom to write what I want to write. I get to be my own boss and let my imagination carry me forwards.  It's very rewarding to succeed when your imagination is what's driving you.  Rather than fulfilling a vision that someone else had, I get to know every day that I'm succeeding at my own vision.  I've spent plenty of years working for other people, and working for yourself is a whole lot more rewarding.

Will you have a new book coming out soon? Can you tell us about it?
Yes!  As a matter of fact, I fell so in love with the characters of Learning to Ride while writing it that I'm already hard at work on the next in the Dead Men Motorcycle Club series. It's tentatively titled Tell No Tales, and it's about the ways in which we're all tested in our convictions when we choose to do what we really want. Breaking free is just the first step - you've got to stand up for what you believe in, when challenges arise. Of course, Emma and Cash know just how to celebrate, too! ;)

My Review:
Before I go into the meat and potatoes of this review, I have to make a note that I LOVE the title of this book - so well suited!! It is clearly a play on words... those of us with our minds in the gutter (guilty!) reading "Ride" as in "Riding his cock," but with also the meaning of "Riding a motorcycle." I love when erotica has the required "outlandish" title that is more than just "outlandish."

Learning to Ride is the type of erotica that has more story than sex. And so, I found myself responding to this book more similarly to how I respond to mainstream writing as opposed to how I respond to erotica. With this being said, I personally have always found it interesting how whenever we hear that a book has "Adult" content we all know that means it has explicit sex. Every book on this blog contains Adult content; however, I would actually consider this book as only appropriate for adults. (I think generally people should chillax about general sex stuff lol). My reason for saying this is because Learning to Ride romanticizes dating a bad boy... and this boy is about as bad as they get. Immature people may harbor unhealthy ideals about relationships after reading a book of this type.

HOWEVER, with this being said, Learning to Ride is perfectly suited for the audience it is intended for: Adults. Our main character Emma is a strong, independent woman, which is attractive in itself. Angelica smoothly brings us right into Emma's mind. And did I mention that  Learning to Ride includes a bad boy? Every girls understands the allure of the bad boy, even if only to read about them. On that train of thought, perhaps the best way to enjoy the fantasy of bad boys is through the written word. Like so many of the other books on this blog, this one is the first in a series, acting as a teaser for the rest.

Learning to Ride was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Angelica for trusting me with your work! 

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Fingers & Tongues by Paola Kathuria

Genre: Short Stories

"Fingers & Tongues" is a collection of explicit but well-written sex stories featuring women and men as sexual collaborators.

Advanced Praise:
"You got me right in the chest, almost stopped my breath. Your story was intelligent and surprising, two of the biggest turn ons. Erotic, experienced and well-written." Rob W.

"I am constantly looking for the story that actually weaves some kind of narrative with believable and interesting characters in addition to the usual sucking and fucking. 'The Cinema', with little preamble and stampeding straight towards a completely anonymous and after-the-fact consensual scene completely took me by surprise. Your heroine was at once self-conscious and unabandoned, violated and in control. Your descriptions were sensual, shocking, embarrassing. They inspired me, they got me off. I wish my wife were home." K. G.

The train 

Walking from the train my hand brushed against a woman’s leg. The sudden feel of her skin through the fabric of her thin skirt felt surprisingly wonderful and I realised that even though people are familiar to the touch of themselves during the day, even so familiar that any contact is cut out from everyday sensations, that people never touch each other, really feel each other, become aware of someone’s skin, unless it’s like this, by accident.

So, I had the feeling of soft thigh, of her legs together as she was walking. I could imagine how it would feel if I rubbed the cloth against her, exploring the softness.

I turned round to apologise, and saw a small thin dark young woman who looked shy and embarrassed, someone who looked like they had never been touched before.

As I walked away, I thought about how I wanted to touch her. I would take her somewhere where we wouldn’t be disturbed. I’d want her to stand behind me, to one side, as one hand replayed the touch of her leg.

My hand would move across her thighs, dipping into the gap, grazing over her mound lightly. I would start to gather up her long thin cotton skirt in my hand, so that it uncovers her legs, to rest the cloth on my wrist, leaving my hand to explore.

My hand would slip between her legs, moving up, tracing a finger over her panties, following the elastic over her belly, feeling her quiver and begin to breathe faster. Her hands would be on my shoulders, holding me.

Author Interview:
Can you describe your book in one sentence? 
Smart erotica with women and men as sexual collaborators. 

What makes your book so different from all the books out there? 
It crosses the erotica-porn divide. It's too sexy to be erotica, too smart to be porn. It's erotica that excites both men and women. 

What was the hardest chapter (or part) to write and why? 
I always found writing dialogue hard. And so I made myself write a story entirely as dialogue, a column for each person. It's a group situation of a woman with two male friends. It reads like a radio play. I'd love to hear it performed one day! 

For those who might consider reading your book, what would you tell them to expect? 
It's not your typical erotica because I crafted my stories specifically to arouse the reader. Once the sex starts, it's uninterrupted by dialogue. 

What made you want to write erotica? 
I discovered erotica at the age of 29 when I bought a second-hand copy of Nancy Friday's "My Secret Garden". It's a collection of female fantasies from 1973, and written in women's own words. I loved the variety and honesty of the fantasies. They turned me on! I still have the book. 

I then sought out erotica online and in books. I found the erotica online that was written by men (usually young men) quite cheesy and cringe-making. With other erotica, I became frustrated when a sex scene would be interrupted by dialogue. 

I decided to write the kind of erotica that I wanted to read, something that was intelligent and well-written but which had more sex and less talk, and in which the female characters didn't make me cringe or wince. 

Where do you get your ideas/inspiration for your writing? 
My stories are my sexual fantasies, what turns me on. I was surprised that I ended up writing so much about same-sex scenarios and about anal play. 

I realised that there was a separation between fantasy and reality. There are things that I enjoy fantasising about but which I have no interest in doing in real life. Fantasy is the freedom to explore my sexuality in writing while also bringing some pleasure to my readers. 

How long did it take you to complete your first book? 
This is my first and last book of erotica. I wrote the stories over a two-year period. I initially posted them online and got rave reviews. 

What was the best writing advice that someone has ever given to you? 
Write. Write every day, anything, as long as you write. You have to be comfortable with the mechanics of writing before you can really start being creative. 

How hard was it to come up with characters? 
A lot of the female characters are based on me (Anne, Chris). The male characters are inspired by people I've met online. One character was named after the guy who sent me the best feedback ever. 

Will you have a new book coming out soon? Can you tell us about it? 
I'm currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to print "fingers & tongues" as beautiful books. I'll be printing a small pocket paperback with just the stories. I'll also be printing a limited edition hardcover that includes the stories, as well as unfinished stories, a true story, selected feedback and story notes. 

At the time of writing, the project is 70% funded two-third through the campaign.

My Review:
What really struck me while reading the short stories in Fingers & Tongues was the vast variety between all of them. Paola skillfully transitions between writing heterosexual and homosexual encounters. Frequently when I read a book of short stories they tend to feel formulaic; however, this was not the case with Fingers & Tongues. I would not have been surprised this was an anthology of short stories written by a variety of authors. And so, I am genuinely impressed with Paola's versatility as a writer. With this being said, I would suspect that there is something for everyone in this eclectic collection. If one story doesn't turn you on (literally) I'm sure you'll find another that would do the trick.

Fingers & Tongues was given to me in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Paola for trusting me with your work!!

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Friday, May 16, 2014

Guardian Girl by NC Simmons


Amazon Book Description:
August 28, 1980. It's move-in day at Manhattan's elite, women-only, Paulson College. Nervous freshmen are settling in and meeting their new roommates for the first time. Will she be a bookworm or a party girl? A slob or a neat freak? Will I like her? Will she like me?

Tennis star Lena Sardi doesn't care what her roommate is like as long as she's normal. Lena's life has been practice, study, practice, play since she was a child. She just wants to go to college, meet a nice, no-drama roommate, and build a legal career to fall back on when her always-suspect forehand finally gives out.

Inside 1426 Stilson Hall, Spanish supermodel Lenore De La Fuente has moved in and rearranged the furniture. Her bed is made. Her desk is clutter-free. Her designer-made clothes are hung neatly in her closet. She awaits the arrival of her roommate, dreaming of having just one girlfriend she can finally confide in, a girl she can share her hopes and secrets with and maybe have a little fun with for a change.

The tantrum-throwing tennis pro and the OCD runway cat are about to become the oddest couple of all.

A few miles up the Hudson...

The Prince of Madison Avenue is accepting a burdensome bequest. He is the sole heir to his family's fortune and the secluded estate known as "Staffordshire." But deep within Staffordshire's underbelly a twisted legacy lurks in the shadows. The prince's hands are tied. For the man dreaming of escaping his family's predilection for kink, murky obligations will interfere. To secure his inheritance, The Prince must one day find and wed a woman with a healthy appreciation for the sublime joys of "discipline."

Love is optional.

Paulson's Princesses and Staffordshire's Prince are fated to collide.

Sorry, Lena. Your dreams of "normal" are about to take a very muddy detour...

Author Interview:
Did you always know you wanted to be a writer?
Yes, I’ve wanted to be an author for years and I had always hoped to publish a novel.  I write as a profession, but it’s different than letting my imagination run free with fictional characters.  I’ve written dozens of short stories over the years but never did anything with them.  Then a few years ago I got up the nerve to actually write a novel and my dream finally came true.  Once I started it just flowed so quickly.  It’s so easy to be self-published now, even novices can get their chance.

Will you have a new book coming out soon? Can you tell us about it?
Yes.  I have two new books coming out this summer.

The first one, “The Civilian,” is the final installment of “The Chronicles of Staffordshire.”  It’s almost 40 years since the two roommates first met in “Guardian Girl,” and the daughter of the one roommate has finally become the Mistress of her family estate.  To the rest of the world she’s an internationally famous attorney, equestrian, and philanthropist.  Only her inner circle knows that she has a staff full of subs and slaves.  She has all the sex she could possibly want, and has a reputation for being a sex-crazed playgirl, but she still hasn’t found one man to love.  One day she meets and falls in love with a man from outside her usual circle of lovers.  When The Mistress and her girlfriends come up with a scheme to introduce “Mr. Normal” to her kinky side, things get a little crazy.

The other book is a psycho-sexual sci-fi drama set in the near future.  It should be out by July 2014.  It’s called ""The Meadow Maker” and It’s about a middle-aged wife and mother of three whose marriage is falling apart because she can no longer let her husband touch her or make love to her.  She heads to a ranch in the wilds of Colorado, to a psychiatrist and geneticist who guarantees to rekindle her libido.  She has a secret that comes out during therapy and it soon puts everyone at the ranch at risk.

Do you have a day job as well?
Why yes.  Yes I do. ;)

Do you work with an outline, or just write?
I start with an Epilogue, return to the Prologue, and then flesh out a loose outline.  It helps me weave twists and turns knowing where I ultimately want to wind up but without knowing exactly what will happen on the journey.  The other thing I like to do is create diary entries where my characters tell me how they are feeling before, during, and after a pivotal life event.  Then I can go back and craft the scenes around the emotions.

Is there any particular author or book that influenced you in any way either growing up or as an adult?
Definitely Arthur Hailey.  I read “Hotel” and “Airport” in my teens and I was hooked by the drama and the way he used words to paint these intricate portraits of these public spaces and all the tangled relationships that passed through their doors.  My father was also a huge fan of Robert Ludlum and I fell in love with his books instead of the Nancy Drew novels most of my friends were reading.  Ludlum’s women were strong and creative, able to stand on their own.  When I read “The Bourne Identity” I fell in love with Ludlum’s style, and pacing, and his way of giving each character verbal nuance. If I could sound like anyone I would want to sound like Ludlum.

Your thoughts on receiving book reviews - the good and the bad -
If a person takes the time to write a review that is thorough, and balanced, and helps me improve my craft, then I appreciate it whether it’s a one star or a five star.  If someone reads my books and loves the stories and they give me a five star review I want to reach out and hug them.  If I read a three star review that says they like they way I write but they can’t relate to my characters then that’s almost as important.  It says they respected my book enough to give my work a thumbs up but they were honest enough to admit that they weren’t really the audience I wanted to reach.  If a person gives me a 1 or 2 star review and says, “This author knows nothing about writing,” but doesn’t give me a general sense of why they said that, I ignore it.  They're just complaining to hear themselves complain.

What makes your book so different from all the books out there?
I wanted to tell a love story between two gifted, empowered women, but since I’m bi-sexual I didn’t want it to be a typical “lesbian love story.”  I also don't like to read about helpless women who need men to “save” them.   I love men who would give their lives for their girls but their girls are strong enough to stand on their own.  So my main characters come to their first meeting already at the top of their respective professions.

Of course I couldn't resist throwing a billionaire into the story, but I didn’t want him to be the typical kinky boy with cash.  I wanted him to be a reluctant part of his family’s BDSM legacy.  I wanted him to be a loving husband and father who tries to create a “normal” world for his family even though holding on to his fortune means he must hold on to his dungeon and all the kink.

What is the hardest and easiest part about being an erotica writer?
The easiest part is imagining new sex scenes.  In a book you can twist your characters into pretzels and they can’t complain.  The hardest part is actually writing a great sex scene.  Sex is such a multi-sensory experience, triggering physiological reactions all over a person’s body.  When you write a great sex scene and someone praises you for it, that’s almost like being told you’re the greatest lover on the planet.  When you write a lousy sex scene and someone says, “that was lame,” it’s almost like being told you're a lousy lover.  It’s also a thousand times harder to write a third-person sex scene than a first-person sex scene because you can’t get inside the character and describe “the heat in my cheeks” or the “gush in my vulva.”  If you're not careful when you write erotica in the third person, it can sound really clinical.  There’s nothing hot or sexy about a gynecological exam.

What was the best writing advice that someone has ever given to you?
Get a good editor!  My first editor was not very thorough and left me to do a lot of the cleanup work myself.  It wasn’t until I bumped into my guardian girl author that I realized just how much work I had left to do.  It’s worth it to spend a little money on a GREAT editor and your book will be far more enjoyable for the reader.

For those who might consider reading your book, what would you tell them to expect?
Be patient.  Expect the unexpected.  The book opens in the early 1980’s, when the characters are freshmen girls just starting college, when women were reluctant to “come out,” even in private.  There is lots of kissing and tease in the early chapters, but no sex at first.  The other thing is that although there is a BDSM undercurrent in “Staffrordshire,” it’s more a backdrop and not central to the plot.  I didn’t care whether I wrote a book that would satisfy BDSM or D/s purists.  I know that “real” BDSM lovers will probably want to paddle me for painting outside the lines.  That’s okay.  I wanted to write about what could happen when someone with a cracked brain played in the BDSM or D/s sandbox. so it’s more fantasy than primer.

My Review:
Guardian Girl gave me some food for thought; enough so that it has made appearances in my dreams. It is the first installment of a four full-length novel series, and so I think that Simmons spent a large portion of this book setting up her entire series. Guardian Girl is almost 400 pages, but by about half way through, we've only seen about two sex scenes. That does not mean there isn't a lot going on in those first 200ish pages: we are getting to know the characters, building intrigue, and setting the scene. What is scant for sex in the first 200 pages is more than compensated for in the latter 200 pages.

When we get to it, there is a whole lot more than just sex going on in Guardian Girl. This is an incredibly honest story with an interesting peek into human psychology. It will open your eyes to the conflicting sides of human sexuality. Where should the line be drawn between a free expression of sexuality and the perverse? Simmons not only explores this question with Lenore, but also with her readers by forcing us to see both sides of her sex-crazed world.

A pivotal theme explored in Guardian Girl is the relationship between Lena and Lenore. This is an intense couple, and almost every scene where the two are featured has a lot of drama. I would have liked to see a chapter that sold me on their romantic relationship as being strong and healthy: it would have been nice to feel like I was routing for them despite their tension. However, I suspect that Simmons intentionally does not give this scene to her readers because she has a plan for this series.

Guardian Girl concludes with a few unanswered questions which are begging for the sequel. This is a book that certainly gains momentum, and if you give it a fair chance to get rolling, it will take you on an interesting journey.

Guarding Girl was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review. Thank you for trusting me with your work NC Simmons!

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Executive Pleasures: Volume I by Jillian Marks

Consensual Heterosexual / BDSM

Rachel and Liam make the ultimate New York power couple: young, ambitious, determined and headstrong. Working together at their own consulting firm, the similarities that they share help their business succeed, but also make their personal life tumultuous. Their power struggles emerge in the bedroom, where they each fight to see who has the upper hand.

Rachel looked down and saw that Liam had handcuffed her wrist to the bedpost. In the darkness, she hadn’t even noticed that the restraints were out. He laughed, under his breath.

“Now I have you right where I want you. Apparently I have to tie you up just to get you to pay any attention to me.“ He gently pushed her to the bed, securing her other wrist. He had her naked from the waist up already, and began working on her lower half. His hands caressed her body, running up each leg, stroking her calves and cupping her hips.

But who will come out on top?

"The next morning, Rachel awoke early, the sun streaming into the bedroom. Liam was still sleeping, his face peaceful. She padded into the kitchen to make coffee for both of them.

Her muscles ached from their lovemaking last night. It wasn’t a bad feeling, but instead the pleasant throbbing that comes along with a respectable workout regime. Liam had brought her to the heights of pleasure by tying her up, teasing her to the point of torturous anticipation, then fucking her brains out. They both passed out in a heap of champagne and sweaty sheets, and now Rachel was scheming how she could return the favor.

She certainly owed him something good. She had been caught up in a haze of work and stress, not conceding to any of her other needs. Apparently Liam had finally gotten tired of being ignored and decided to take matters into his own hands. She could feel herself tingling just thinking about it. Now that her blood was up, she couldn’t think about anything else. She had Liam to thank for that.

She had a very good idea of what he might like in return. Liam might like to tie her up and tease her, but he never truly dominated her. He took his own pleasure from her pleasure, and he enjoyed tormenting her, but it was in a mischievous, teasing manner. He might have had momentary control over her, but her body was never vanquished by their play.

But things were different when they went the other direction. Rachel liked to take charge of the situation. None of her previous lovers had ever been adventurous enough to let her bend them over and have her way with them. But Liam, he was different.

When they first met, she realized there was something unusual about him. He was never shy, nor did he ever turn down any ideas in the bedroom. She was amazed by his openness. As he told her, he would be willing to do anything she wanted. “Anything?” she asked him, incredulous.

“Anything,” he answered, a grin on his face.

That was what got the wheels turning in her mind. She first encouraged him to please her. Liam told her that no woman had ever let him fuck her in the ass, and she was more than happy to be his first. He was amazed by the amount of pleasure it gave Rachel, and pleasantly surprised by the different feelings it aroused, the tightness, the way they both felt so dirty.

Liam’s cock was much bigger than anyone else that she had let explore her darkest pleasure, but she learned how to open herself up for penetration, which gave her the most amazing orgasms. She loved the feeling of being filled. Rachel knew exactly how pleasurable it could be to let your lover take you in the ass.

A previous lover had once mentioned that if he were going to let any woman use a strapon on him, it would be her. Rachel knew how much pleasure that could give both of them, and she even purchased a small beginner toy, just in case he worked up the nerve to try it. Unfortunately, he was always too hesitant to let her see the fantasy through, and the toy remained in its packaging, unused.

She still had the small introductory toy in her stash of sex toys, even though it had never been used. Liam asked her one day what the toy was. “It’s a strapless strapon,” she replied. For once, he was flabbergasted. “What’s that?” he asked her. “It’s a toy that you use for pegging, do you know what that is?” Rachel asked him.

“Yes, but how does this thing work?” he asked, turning the toy over in his hands.

Rachel grabbed the toy and gave him a quick demonstration. She held it up to her crotch and
pantomimed. “This end goes in my pussy, and the other end is used to fuck you,” she said, thrusting her hips wildly and giggling.

“Ohhhhh…” he replied, both bemused and titillated. She could see him turning the concept over in his mind. The idea was planted, and it wouldn’t be long…

About Jillian Marks:
"Have you ever heard the old adage that if you put a penny in a jar for every time you have sex in the first year of marriage, and take a penny out every time you have sex afterwards, the jar will never be emptied Well, we’d like to challenge the conventional wisdom and inspire married couples to break the mold and keep their sex lives alive and well. We believe that married sex CAN be hot, and STAY hot!

That’s our story. We are a real married couple. When we first got together, the sex was intense, crazy, constant. But like all couples, we’ve gone through the ups and downs of married life and the ebbs and flows of sex in a long-term, committed relationship. Real life has a way of interfering. It takes work to keep the channels of communication open and to keep things interesting and passionate.

So how do we keep our married sex life spicy? Read through our site and see. You’ll find reviews of sex toys for couples, relationship and communication advice, how-to articles, and original erotica to pique your fantasies."

My Review:
In less than 6,000 words Jill provides a raunchy story with no less than three sex scenes! She more than effectively encapsulates how enticing sex toys are and provides an excellent argument for why it's beneficial to remain open-minded regarding ways to be creative in bed. May this story also serve as a reminder to the benefits of setting aside your work life to indulge in your personal life. I'm sure I'm not the only one who needed this reminder at one time or another. Another aspect that I enjoyed about this short was the juxtaposition between how we present ourselves in our work vs. private lives. It was really arousing to see how quickly this couple shifted from being executives to being lovers. I would have liked to see more of this story told in present tense, but I was easily able to overlook this detail and find arousal from this story.

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Monday, May 12, 2014

The Maid in the Cupboard by Storm Chase

Consensual Heterosexual / Exhibitionism

Amazon Book Description:
When Master Byron makes a pass at Charlotte the housemaid, and some unexpected visitors turn up, the cupboard beckons. A sweet erotica romance short story.

My Review:
While it should have been obvious from the title, I was pleasantly surprised when The Maid in the Cupboard had some distinctly exhibitionist elements to it. I have to admit that I am a bit of an exhibitionist myself, and so it was especially exciting for me to read this short story, in part because I don't often see this theme in erotica. This story has several naughty threads in addition to the exhibitionist elements including crossing social lines, evading parents, and violating valuable antiques. This short acts as a teaser, leaving you looking forward to the next stories indirectly promised at the end of this one.

Author Interview:

What made you want to write erotica?
I’m a syndicated columnist and feature writer in my day job so I was looking to experiment.  Also, as it’s a habit for me to sell my work, and to think of it in terms of contributing to the rent, I was also looking at what genres would be most likely to generate extra revenue.

I couldn’t make up my mind between romance and crime so I started with a romance, Wildcat in Moscow, and then I started writing romance erotica.  I’ve now completed several novels, novellas and short stories that span the range of straight romance to dark erotica. (I’ve begun writing dark novels: The Bonus by AJ Adams)

I love it all but in fifteen years time when the day job will probably retire me, I’ll know what sells best and then I should do the sensible thing and focus on one niche and a standard format. I’m saying ‘should’ because I have the suspicion I’ll spend just enough time writing for making rent and the rest writing for fun!

What does your writing area look like?
I live with two snoopervising cats, Target and Guido.  Target is always curled up by my keyboard and Guido takes the big manager’s chair I have set next to mine.  They make sure I get my daily word count done but they’re hopeless at being tidy so my office is stacked with books and papers.  One day I will tidy it up.  Tomorrow maybe…

Tell us your most rewarding experience since being published?
Fan mail.  I know it’s shallow but it makes my day when someone writes to say they love my stories. Honestly, I go about in a glow for ages.

Goals for the future projects books?
As Storm Chase I’ve finished Pandora.  I’m getting feedback from beta readers and then it will have to be fiddled with and edited. As AJ Adams I’ve finished The Degas Girl and I’m halfway through writing a follow-up to The Bonus. I have to let The Degas Girl settle before I edit and look for beta readers because I wrote it at night over two months and I’m sure it has some flow problems.  So while I’m taking a break, I’m writing Arturo’s story.

Where do you get your ides/inspiration for your book?
Everywhere and anywhere! In fact, I can be inspired by a wet tissue.  Story ideas come to me all the time. I’ve got so many that I only write down a few here and there.  I’ve been in the business 18 years and I’ve never had writer’s block.   Mind you, I write total rubbish sometimes and end up junking a day’s work. But the ideas don’t stop.

When did you first start writing and when did you finish your first book?
Actually, that’s a sad story.  One of our friends was dying of cancer and I wrote a romance to amuse her.  I wrote a chapter a day and we’d have a giggle over it.  When she got too sick, I put the story aside and I’ve lost it since.  Probably better because it would kill me to read it now.

Do you work with an outline, or just write?
I do write an outline and I flesh it out into chapter descriptions before I start the actual writing but the story sometimes runs away with me anyway. I don’t mind just writing if it’s a feature story of 1500 words but when you’re writing 80,000 or more, I think you need the anchor of an outline to keep a hold of your plot.

How do you market your work? What avenues have you found to work best for erotica?
I’m still trying to figure this one out. I’m trying promos, book clubs, paid advertising and plain old-fashioned begging but I’m not sure yet what works best.  One thing I don’t think I’ll do again though is to contact dedicated review groups with offers of free books.  I’ve tried this and for every 100 books I give away, I get at best 5 reviews.  I prefer sticking to contacting bloggers and reviewers on a one-to-one basis.

What is the hardest and easiest part about being an erotica writer?
Making every scene different.  My short stories have one hot scene and my erotica novellas and novels have at least three so it’s a challenge to keep it fresh.  I’m having some rather odd conversations with friends that run along the lines of, “So tell me: what’s been turning you on recently?” I’m also reading some wild sex manuals!

What is your favorite or best thing about being an Indie writer?
Being in charge of everything.  It’s very interesting to be involved in artwork and editing because I never get to do that in my day job.  It’s also the most scary and it’s a huge learning curve.  I’m making lots of mistake though which I hope means that I’m learning really, really quickly!

Storm Chase has kindly provided THREE 50% off coupons, one for each of the books below. Email me if you would like to claim one! First come, first serve!! Please limit one per person and let me know which book you're interested in :)

Friday, May 9, 2014

Bedtime Confessions by Sarah Michelle Lynch


Amazon Description:
The Chambermaid learnt her craft inside the secretive confines of The Lodge, hidden deep within Nottingham's Sherwood Forest.

In the hotel she worked in, she used her skills as a domme to teach men lessons they took home to their wives.

Word of her service spread and she became renowned; synonymous with enriching the sex lives of so many.

But something happened… she fell in love. She left the Master of her heart behind… for some reason.

As she turns to professional domination as a dominatrix, she recalls her adventures both in a professional and personal capacity.

What's clear is – this is a woman of towering complexity. But perhaps, her innermost thoughts – those of her true self – may answer some questions about why she does what she does.

**Content for adults only**

Author Interview:

What made you want to write erotica?     
Story of O heavily influenced me but I have to say the reason I chose to write erotica was that I had a story in my mind to tell, and it was meant for erotica. Charlotte has chronic low self-esteem which she battles during a long, difficult journey. I talked to someone exactly like her who had the same issues and didn't know how their behaviour came across until someone with the same thing turned around and said, “Hey, you have low self-esteem. You don't have to suffer with it.” You may ask how does someone not know they have it? Well, you'd have to read Charlotte's full story in A Fine Profession to find out – and discover how low self-esteem might wreck your sex life, which is obviously a very important aspect of any healthy relationship.

Did you always know you wanted to be a writer?
Oh yeah. I have done lots of jobs that didn't involve writing and I think actually, they were key to developing me as a writer. I always knew I'd need a bit of life experience before I could class myself as anything of a writer. I've worked in professional spheres and the service industries and it has helped because variety in characters fascinates me.

Tell us your most rewarding experience since being published?
Meeting readers who say, “I rarely read a book I connect with so deeply. Characters I can relate to. Thank you.” This kind of response makes it all worthwhile. A writer's work is never going to appeal to everyone, but for those it does, it can really make a difference to them.

Is there a genre you could never write? Which and why?
Horror. It's just not my thing, at all. I'd never get anything done because I'd be sat at my laptop with a pillow over my head, not typing!

Your thoughts on receiving book reviews - the good and the bad -
Of course every writer loves a five star review. We love our own books and love it when someone else loves it too. I also like reviews that are in-depth and perhaps point out what a reader did and didn’t like about the story or characters. If you find out what your writing strengths are, you can bear that in mind for next time. Then there's the one-star review. If you look at Goodreads there are some people who place one-star ratings even on books that haven't been published yet! Either because they just didn't like the sound of the blurb or the cover or the author (often for no real reason). It's not fair, at all. The one-star rating without any review doesn't really explain the bad points about a book and says, to me, that the reviewer never read it at all. The most horrible thing a reviewer could ever do is spoiler a book. I had that once and it really upset me. Sure, they had issues with the book. However, other people loved it and the spoiler in question might have ruined it for them, should they check out the reviews beforehand. Spoilers are not for public areas, but for book clubs discussions and social groups. As a reader myself, some spoilers have put me off reading a book everyone else is raving about because I already know the twist.

What is the hardest and easiest part about being an erotica writer?
The easiest part (which leads onto the hardest part) is that I know what turns women on and I write it, and it works. The hardest part is looking your friends and family in the eye when they know you write such stuff.

How do you feel about your life as a writer now? Do you regret any past decisions you’ve made?
You can't regret anything as a writer because writing is like life; you live it and learn it. My books reflect my journey and how I have developed as a writer and a person. I'm proud to share that journey with others.

Have you ever written anything else?
Yes, I've written four novels set in a dystopian world. I have also written plenty of poetry, short stories and journalistic material. I recently released a contemporary romance and also, I am currently working on a romantic thriller.

How hard is it to write a book?
It's easy to write a book if you have an idea. It's hard to edit it for an audience who need the words in some sort of readable order, without all your own writerly indulgences getting in the way.

What is your favorite or best thing about being an Indie writer?
As an Indie, I have total control over my work. I don’t have a rule book that I have to stick to and I can write whatever I want. For an artist, that is the dream. I started out in this being very aware of how hard it is to be an Indie but I feel some of the stories I wrote were very cathartic for me – and the best thing is that I've met loads of other Indies who have enjoyed my work, recommended it to others, and even have let me read their stuff too. I've read an awful lot of good Indie books I wouldn't have known about unless I was part of this network too.

My Review:
I truly enjoyed this read. From her writing style, Sarah is clearly first and foremost, a writer. She enjoys playing with words/vocabulary and sentence structure, which makes her work seem polished and professional (especially compared to what I normally see in erotica.) This book genuinely read like a true work of literary art! Even if you're not into dominatrix material, I feel like this is a story worth reading. It was enlightening to explore the mind of a dominatrix - an angle in erotica that I don't often see.

Bedtime Confessions reads a bit like the diary of a dominatrix. This book is intended to be read after Sarah's A Fine Profession. However, I have to admit that I cheated and read this one first. With this being said, I thought that Bedtime Confessions is successful as a stand-alone read. I enjoyed this book so much, that I am genuinely interested in reading A Fine Profession and I can only imagine how much better Bedtime Confessions would have been had I followed the author's advice ;)

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sexy Monster Wives: Bridget's Intruder by Eden Redd

Paranormal BDSM

Amazon Description:
Warning: The tale you are about to read is a story of inner most desire that knows no bounds. It crosses barriers and should be read with an open mind and a darkly passionate heart. This is a story of sexual creatures, human or otherwise. This tale is for adults 18 and up.

In the town of Misty Hallow, monsters live in general peace and quiet. Bridget is a monster wife who wishes she had a bit more excitement in her otherwise boring routine. When news starts to circulate about mysterious burglaries in town she is intrigued. Little does she know her desire for excitement will lead her to a place she never knew existed.

This tale is 4,600 words of monster sex, magic potions, dark fantasies and dubious consent.

Author Interview:
For those who might consider reading your books, what would you tell them to expect? 
Expect sex, lust, little bit of love and some sort of monster. The more monsters the sexier it gets, at least in my mind.

Tell us about your writing process. 
I am a day dreamer. I tend to blank out and let scenes play out in my head. I often think about them for days before I put anything down to paper. Then when I do, I write like I’m possessed. No one can talk to me and I put my phone in another room. To give me a little extra incentive, I allow myself an alcoholic beverage once I complete a story. Currently it’s a glass of whiskey. I may move back to rum soon.

How did you bring life to your characters?
It may be a bit cliché but I tend to think they create themselves. Most often they are telling me what they do and don’t do. Or I am slightly crazy. Either way, it makes for some interesting story telling.

Did you always know you wanted to be a writer?
Yes. I have a deep love for story tellers. When a story is scratching at the door and you really need to tell it, you sit down and tell it. I have a huge respect for writers. I know each story out there is a labor of love. Since we do our work quietly, people tend to think it isn’t that hard to write. It is very hard to write, hence the drink after finishing a story.

What made you want to write erotica?
I was very shy for a long time. To discuss intimate acts often made me blush. Writing about it was even more difficult. I reached a point in my life that I had to get over it. I changed the way I dressed. I took more interest in my looks. Soon that translated into my writing. Then I looked at the erotica genre and said “This is fun and therapeutic.” The characters in my head cheered.

Do you write under a pen name? 
Yes. My professional life would not tolerate the stuff I write. My dream is quit my day job, move to California and write all the time. I day dream about it a lot.

How long did it take you to complete your first book?
That would be Sea Serpent Sexy. It took two weeks because I kept rewriting several parts. Plus I was scared half to death publishing it because it is a bit of a weird romantic story. I still giggle when I think about a small scene where the main character Vanessa is with her sea serpent lover. All I am going to say is “Magic cum”.

What is your favorite thing about being an Indie writer?
I like being my own boss. But that also means I am pretty hard on myself. The freedom to write is a wonderful experience.  I don’t like limits so that means I have the most fun writing whatever I want to write.

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?
Don’t let fear stop you from writing your stories. There will always be people who will hate your work but there will always be people who love your work.  Sit down and write till it hurts and then write some more. Finally, reward yourself by having a drink.

Anything you want to say to your readers?
I love the both of you with all my heart.

My Review:
Sexy Monster Wives: Bridget's Intruder clearly serves as a teaser for this series. In this tale Bridget, who is in a failing marriage, and who is always loyal to her husband, is handed an excellent excuse to finally satiate her sexual desires. She takes control of a situation when she should have been victimized, proving that she is a force not to be reckoned with. For those who are into paranormal "non-consensual" scenes, you will enjoy this one's surprising twist.

Disclaimer: This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Eden!

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Monday, May 5, 2014

What Dreams are Made of, Darkess Embraces by Jasmyn Rose


Smashwords Description:
The second book by this author, "What Dreams are Made of, Darkness Embraces" is a masterpiece of erotic poetry and breath-taking erotic photography. The author reaches deep into her soul and her sexuality to provide the reader, male or female, with an unforgettable and arousing experience.

My Review:
What Dreams are Made of, Darkess Embraces is a true work of art. This book includes a series of photographs that are not just dicks and slits, but have a taste and artistry to them while still being highly provocative and suggestive! Adding to the artistry of this book, Rose has also written creative, flowing poetry to accompany her pictures. One without the other would not be as meaningful, but together the photographs and poetry make for an elegant, and erotic, book. 

Friday, May 2, 2014

Shower With A Stranger by Desiree Daun

Consensual Heterosexual

Amazon Book Description:
Girl meets boy from the internet for a little afternoon fun.

My Review:
This short story has a plethora of exciting elements: strangers having sex, shower sex, sex from behind, sex during a lunch hour. Daun manages to gracefully fit all of this into only 5 pages! I especially liked how Daun described her main character's anxiety over this sexual escapade for it added to my anticipation of the event. This is a great little short if you want quick, but arousing, read. 

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