Monday, May 5, 2014

What Dreams are Made of, Darkess Embraces by Jasmyn Rose


Smashwords Description:
The second book by this author, "What Dreams are Made of, Darkness Embraces" is a masterpiece of erotic poetry and breath-taking erotic photography. The author reaches deep into her soul and her sexuality to provide the reader, male or female, with an unforgettable and arousing experience.

My Review:
What Dreams are Made of, Darkess Embraces is a true work of art. This book includes a series of photographs that are not just dicks and slits, but have a taste and artistry to them while still being highly provocative and suggestive! Adding to the artistry of this book, Rose has also written creative, flowing poetry to accompany her pictures. One without the other would not be as meaningful, but together the photographs and poetry make for an elegant, and erotic, book. 

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