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Executive Pleasures: Volume I by Jillian Marks

Consensual Heterosexual / BDSM

Rachel and Liam make the ultimate New York power couple: young, ambitious, determined and headstrong. Working together at their own consulting firm, the similarities that they share help their business succeed, but also make their personal life tumultuous. Their power struggles emerge in the bedroom, where they each fight to see who has the upper hand.

Rachel looked down and saw that Liam had handcuffed her wrist to the bedpost. In the darkness, she hadn’t even noticed that the restraints were out. He laughed, under his breath.

“Now I have you right where I want you. Apparently I have to tie you up just to get you to pay any attention to me.“ He gently pushed her to the bed, securing her other wrist. He had her naked from the waist up already, and began working on her lower half. His hands caressed her body, running up each leg, stroking her calves and cupping her hips.

But who will come out on top?

"The next morning, Rachel awoke early, the sun streaming into the bedroom. Liam was still sleeping, his face peaceful. She padded into the kitchen to make coffee for both of them.

Her muscles ached from their lovemaking last night. It wasn’t a bad feeling, but instead the pleasant throbbing that comes along with a respectable workout regime. Liam had brought her to the heights of pleasure by tying her up, teasing her to the point of torturous anticipation, then fucking her brains out. They both passed out in a heap of champagne and sweaty sheets, and now Rachel was scheming how she could return the favor.

She certainly owed him something good. She had been caught up in a haze of work and stress, not conceding to any of her other needs. Apparently Liam had finally gotten tired of being ignored and decided to take matters into his own hands. She could feel herself tingling just thinking about it. Now that her blood was up, she couldn’t think about anything else. She had Liam to thank for that.

She had a very good idea of what he might like in return. Liam might like to tie her up and tease her, but he never truly dominated her. He took his own pleasure from her pleasure, and he enjoyed tormenting her, but it was in a mischievous, teasing manner. He might have had momentary control over her, but her body was never vanquished by their play.

But things were different when they went the other direction. Rachel liked to take charge of the situation. None of her previous lovers had ever been adventurous enough to let her bend them over and have her way with them. But Liam, he was different.

When they first met, she realized there was something unusual about him. He was never shy, nor did he ever turn down any ideas in the bedroom. She was amazed by his openness. As he told her, he would be willing to do anything she wanted. “Anything?” she asked him, incredulous.

“Anything,” he answered, a grin on his face.

That was what got the wheels turning in her mind. She first encouraged him to please her. Liam told her that no woman had ever let him fuck her in the ass, and she was more than happy to be his first. He was amazed by the amount of pleasure it gave Rachel, and pleasantly surprised by the different feelings it aroused, the tightness, the way they both felt so dirty.

Liam’s cock was much bigger than anyone else that she had let explore her darkest pleasure, but she learned how to open herself up for penetration, which gave her the most amazing orgasms. She loved the feeling of being filled. Rachel knew exactly how pleasurable it could be to let your lover take you in the ass.

A previous lover had once mentioned that if he were going to let any woman use a strapon on him, it would be her. Rachel knew how much pleasure that could give both of them, and she even purchased a small beginner toy, just in case he worked up the nerve to try it. Unfortunately, he was always too hesitant to let her see the fantasy through, and the toy remained in its packaging, unused.

She still had the small introductory toy in her stash of sex toys, even though it had never been used. Liam asked her one day what the toy was. “It’s a strapless strapon,” she replied. For once, he was flabbergasted. “What’s that?” he asked her. “It’s a toy that you use for pegging, do you know what that is?” Rachel asked him.

“Yes, but how does this thing work?” he asked, turning the toy over in his hands.

Rachel grabbed the toy and gave him a quick demonstration. She held it up to her crotch and
pantomimed. “This end goes in my pussy, and the other end is used to fuck you,” she said, thrusting her hips wildly and giggling.

“Ohhhhh…” he replied, both bemused and titillated. She could see him turning the concept over in his mind. The idea was planted, and it wouldn’t be long…

About Jillian Marks:
"Have you ever heard the old adage that if you put a penny in a jar for every time you have sex in the first year of marriage, and take a penny out every time you have sex afterwards, the jar will never be emptied Well, we’d like to challenge the conventional wisdom and inspire married couples to break the mold and keep their sex lives alive and well. We believe that married sex CAN be hot, and STAY hot!

That’s our story. We are a real married couple. When we first got together, the sex was intense, crazy, constant. But like all couples, we’ve gone through the ups and downs of married life and the ebbs and flows of sex in a long-term, committed relationship. Real life has a way of interfering. It takes work to keep the channels of communication open and to keep things interesting and passionate.

So how do we keep our married sex life spicy? Read through our site and see. You’ll find reviews of sex toys for couples, relationship and communication advice, how-to articles, and original erotica to pique your fantasies."

My Review:
In less than 6,000 words Jill provides a raunchy story with no less than three sex scenes! She more than effectively encapsulates how enticing sex toys are and provides an excellent argument for why it's beneficial to remain open-minded regarding ways to be creative in bed. May this story also serve as a reminder to the benefits of setting aside your work life to indulge in your personal life. I'm sure I'm not the only one who needed this reminder at one time or another. Another aspect that I enjoyed about this short was the juxtaposition between how we present ourselves in our work vs. private lives. It was really arousing to see how quickly this couple shifted from being executives to being lovers. I would have liked to see more of this story told in present tense, but I was easily able to overlook this detail and find arousal from this story.

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