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Sexy Monster Wives: Bridget's Intruder by Eden Redd

Paranormal BDSM

Amazon Description:
Warning: The tale you are about to read is a story of inner most desire that knows no bounds. It crosses barriers and should be read with an open mind and a darkly passionate heart. This is a story of sexual creatures, human or otherwise. This tale is for adults 18 and up.

In the town of Misty Hallow, monsters live in general peace and quiet. Bridget is a monster wife who wishes she had a bit more excitement in her otherwise boring routine. When news starts to circulate about mysterious burglaries in town she is intrigued. Little does she know her desire for excitement will lead her to a place she never knew existed.

This tale is 4,600 words of monster sex, magic potions, dark fantasies and dubious consent.

Author Interview:
For those who might consider reading your books, what would you tell them to expect? 
Expect sex, lust, little bit of love and some sort of monster. The more monsters the sexier it gets, at least in my mind.

Tell us about your writing process. 
I am a day dreamer. I tend to blank out and let scenes play out in my head. I often think about them for days before I put anything down to paper. Then when I do, I write like I’m possessed. No one can talk to me and I put my phone in another room. To give me a little extra incentive, I allow myself an alcoholic beverage once I complete a story. Currently it’s a glass of whiskey. I may move back to rum soon.

How did you bring life to your characters?
It may be a bit cliché but I tend to think they create themselves. Most often they are telling me what they do and don’t do. Or I am slightly crazy. Either way, it makes for some interesting story telling.

Did you always know you wanted to be a writer?
Yes. I have a deep love for story tellers. When a story is scratching at the door and you really need to tell it, you sit down and tell it. I have a huge respect for writers. I know each story out there is a labor of love. Since we do our work quietly, people tend to think it isn’t that hard to write. It is very hard to write, hence the drink after finishing a story.

What made you want to write erotica?
I was very shy for a long time. To discuss intimate acts often made me blush. Writing about it was even more difficult. I reached a point in my life that I had to get over it. I changed the way I dressed. I took more interest in my looks. Soon that translated into my writing. Then I looked at the erotica genre and said “This is fun and therapeutic.” The characters in my head cheered.

Do you write under a pen name? 
Yes. My professional life would not tolerate the stuff I write. My dream is quit my day job, move to California and write all the time. I day dream about it a lot.

How long did it take you to complete your first book?
That would be Sea Serpent Sexy. It took two weeks because I kept rewriting several parts. Plus I was scared half to death publishing it because it is a bit of a weird romantic story. I still giggle when I think about a small scene where the main character Vanessa is with her sea serpent lover. All I am going to say is “Magic cum”.

What is your favorite thing about being an Indie writer?
I like being my own boss. But that also means I am pretty hard on myself. The freedom to write is a wonderful experience.  I don’t like limits so that means I have the most fun writing whatever I want to write.

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?
Don’t let fear stop you from writing your stories. There will always be people who will hate your work but there will always be people who love your work.  Sit down and write till it hurts and then write some more. Finally, reward yourself by having a drink.

Anything you want to say to your readers?
I love the both of you with all my heart.

My Review:
Sexy Monster Wives: Bridget's Intruder clearly serves as a teaser for this series. In this tale Bridget, who is in a failing marriage, and who is always loyal to her husband, is handed an excellent excuse to finally satiate her sexual desires. She takes control of a situation when she should have been victimized, proving that she is a force not to be reckoned with. For those who are into paranormal "non-consensual" scenes, you will enjoy this one's surprising twist.

Disclaimer: This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Eden!

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