Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I would like to use this first blog post as an opportunity to introduce myself.

For the past several years I have struggled greatly with a reduced sex drive. There was one period where I went three months without having sex and felt horrified at the thought of having sex again. My poor husband was going bonkers! For those who don't know there are many factors that go into a loss of sex drive. In my case, it had little to do with anything my husband did. I was simply not interested, couldn't get in the mood, and generally bored by sex. I felt like it was a huge time commitment when I had a lot of other things going on. Basically, my loss of sex drive was due to stress and anxiety.

But, I was not happy about this. I greatly missed the days when I saw sex as a stress reliever as opposed to a stressor. I missed wanting sex. I also felt a ton of guilt because my husband felt really bad about it, and was internalizing my lack of sex drive as an indicator that I didn't find him attractive. I felt like finding a way to break out of this rut was important for my marriage. 

Then, I started reading erotica. Somehow, my sex drive light was lit, and I was craving the attentions of my husband again. And so, I've made it part of my routine to start reading erotica regularly. With this being said, I've decided to start writing a blog reviewing this erotica. From what I can see, many blogs do not review erotica, and many erotica writers are independently published. I want to use this blog as an opportunity to shed some light upon, and also to promote, these works of writing. 

A healthy sex life can do nothing but add to a healthy marriage. For this reason, I think erotica is an important body of writing.

I will be reviewing everything erotica related including erotic writing and other erotic products. 

I do have other things going on in my life. I have another successful book reviewing blog that I run as well as my full time job. And so, my plan will be to post one new entry to this blog every Friday morning - a little bit of food for thought for your weekend ;)

Also, I am writing this blog under a pseudonym to maintain my anonymity. 

See you again on Friday!

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