Friday, January 2, 2015

Slave Unit 4704: Episode 1 by Emissa Ghaight

Transgender / Science Fiction

You had a nice weekend camping trip planned with your girlfriend, but when you unexpectedly discovery a secret base in the woods, you're both captured and imprisoned. Inside the compound, you discover everything and everyone is controlled by a super computer artificial intelligence, and soon you become one of his many mindless robotic female slaves. Episode 1 of a new series

About the Author:
Emissa Ghaight is the pen name used by the author to write stories of a science fiction and fantasy nature, most often (but not always) involving gender bending themes. She's been writing under various aliases since she was in high school, but only now has gotten brave enough to share her work with the world. :-)

Her hope is to be able to experiment with a rather non-mainstream plot device and incorporate it into mainstream stories. And in this way give people a taste of the other side, and even make people think. (Oh no! The horror!)

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My Review:
Like Michael Dalton said in his review of Silver Lake Academy I by Emissa Ghaight, Slave Unit 4704 "isn’t erotica unless you count the TG elements alone as enough for the genre." With that being said, Slave Unit 4704 also falls into the transgender genre, which is a part of human sexuality, giving it a place on my blog. Episode 1 is committed to describing how our main character is transformed from a man to a robotic woman and is indoctrinated into a slave colony. Emissa writes this story in a robotic style, which is fitting for the transformation of her main character. While a robotic writing style may not sound captivating, I would actually say quite to the contrary. I was intrigued and sucked into this story, curious to know what was going to happen next. Emissa, when will you be releasing Episode 2?

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