Friday, January 16, 2015

The Realtor by Ann John

Consensual Heterosexual

For Long Island real estate agent Callie Taylor, closing the deal in these difficult economic times was getting much harder to do. With younger agents and a dwindling market, Callie knew that she needed to close on a high dollar house soon if she was going to survive. She thought that opportunity had come when she met Ryan Stephens, very handsome buyer who made her a very lucrative offer. The only question that remains now is how far will Callie go to earn her commission?

My Review:
Short, sweet, and well-written; while it should have been obvious I was pleasantly surprised with how The Realtor progressed. This is as much an erotic story as it is a story of self-discovery. Callie discovers a new side of her sexuality and takes her readers along for the ride. This short managed to turn me on even though it has less taboo than I usually prefer because it was constructed so masterfully. I think this is one that could appeal to a large audience.

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