Friday, January 9, 2015

Norceuil's Garden by Edward Dutton

Queer Fiction and Erotica (Short Stories)

In the grand, erotic tradition of Georges Bataille, Anaïs Nin and the Marquis de Sade comes Edward Dutton's diverse collection of queer, sexy, postmodern tales ranging from coming-of-age stories to literary erotica to experimental prose. From the vampire-phobic graduate student of “The Vampire of Xanthos” to the world-weary, dirty old man of “Norceuil’s Garden” to the young prostitute-philosopher in “Hustler,” these narratives bristle with testosterone, angst and desire. Poised on the knife's edge between erotica and surrealist prose, these stories will leave you open-mouthed and gasping for more.

My Review:
In my mind this book has basically two sections. The latter half is essentially a series of journal entries. It is certainly not erotica, but rather a honest commentary on the gay experience. I suspect this section of Norceuil's Garden would resonate with many YA gay readers.

However, I have to admit I was partial to the former half, which read more like a traditional set of short stories. While it's clear from the writing style that each of these stories is told by the same author, I greatly enjoyed seeing Edward apply his cadence to a variety of premises. Each of these shorts has a common thread - a certain amount of dubious consent (which you all know I love in my erotica). As it progresses, this series becomes more hot and gritty with each subsequent installment. 

About the Author:
Edward Dutton is a Brit living in America. His work has been published in Chroma, Chelsea Station, Velvet Mafia, Best Gay Romance 2009 and Best Gay Bondage Erotica.

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