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The Claiming of Rouge in the Deep Woods by Bella Swann

Due to my big announcement on Friday, I didn't post any reviews last week. To make up for it, this week I'm going to post two reviews! And so, let's welcome Bella Swan, author of The Claiming of Rouge in the Deep Woods!

Paranormal BDSM

Very erotic interpretation of the classic fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood. Watch a grown-up Rouge go for a stroll in the deep, dark woods and encounter a very horny male pixie, wolf, and huntsman.

Chapter 1

The steam from the hot shower circled around the bathroom and slowly rose to the top of the ceiling as Rouge pulled back the shower door and stepped out of the shower flushed pink from the heat and dripping wet. She grabbed her rose scented body oil and started pouring the oil into her hands. Slowly, she began to run her oil covered hands over her arms and then began to caress her 40DDD tits in slow circles as she moved closer to her large red nipples. With a wicked little moan, she tweaked her nipples hard and stared at her huge, firm tits in the mirror. She could still see the deep teeth marks from the night before left by the ultra-rich CEO she was currently banging but only if he spent enough money on her first, of course. Not that she was a whore. Nope, thought Rouge. She just didn’t see why she should let a man push his hard cock into her hot, sweet pussy unless she got more than a fuck out of it. After all, she was accustomed to a certain standard of living and if she had to use her tits and ass to pay for it, well, none of the rich men she ever fucked ever complained once they shoved their cocks into her mouth and came down her throat and deep into her always hungry pussy. 

With a little sigh of satisfaction, Rouge slowly massaged more oil over her tight abdomen and then down over her smooth-as-silk pussy. With a lithe twist and bounce of her tits, she turned around and began to rub oil up and down over her rounded, firm hips. 

As Rouge patted herself dry with a soft velour towel, she gave an extra hard, little rub between the lips of her pussy. Mmmm, she thought. Can’t wait for the next time Mr. Big Money Bags is free and can fill me up with his long, hard, cock. Too bad she always insisted he leave right after he fucked her. She just never saw the point of giving him the chance to get several fucks for the price of one. 

She pouted her full red lips. Damn. She could really use a good, hard fuck right now. Oh well. Until she saw him again and he had an expensive enough present for her, it was time to get dressed and get her day started. 

What to wear. Perhaps as little as possible as she did so enjoy showing her tits and ass off to those pixies in the deep woods, teasing them with what she would never, ever give them. Her green eyes flashed contemptuously. Filthy pixies to even think that someone as beautiful and high class as she was, would ever even look at dirty pixie scum much less fuck one. Oh no, they were truly beneath her.

Rouge walked over to her closet and peered inside as her deep green eyes narrowed in concentration. Perhaps she should wear that little V-neck top and short, little skirt that hugged her ass. She could wear her long, flowing red hair tied up with silk ribbons and then wear her little red beret on top. After all, she didn’t want to wear too many layers of clothing in the heat of the day even if she was going in the deep, deep woods.

Rouge stretched her arms above her head as she tugged at her skin-tight top which clung obscenely to her huge tits. She groaned slightly as the red silken top caught and pulled on her still-erect, tenderized red nipples as she pulled the top down over her large, firm tits and then tied the ends under her tits in a pretty red bow. The liquid flood between her legs caused her to sigh as she slowly pulled her red silk panties up and slowly arranged the strip around her sore pussy. She couldn’t believe that she was still so wet after the night she had just had.

“Damn that CEO,” Rouge said absentmindedly as she slowly rubbed her sore nipples. “He always plays too rough with those teeth of his.” She smiled wickedly as she pulled her short, little red skirt up her long, sun tanned legs. She took a quick glance in the mirror. Perfect. The skirt barely covers my ass and when I bend over, I can tease any of those damn pixies I might meet with a quick flash of my panty covered ass. Let them salivate over an ass they are far too poor and filthy ever to have. 

Now all I need are my leather gladiator sandals and I’m off to pick raspberries in the woods. Rouge sat down in front of the mirrored front doors of her foyer and slowly laced up one sandal and then the other, shivering at the feel of the hard leather tightening against her soft, rose scented skin all the way up her lower legs. “Mmmmmm…..I do enjoy being bound up by leather. It hurts but in a way that only turns me on even more.” 

Leaning back against the velvet chair, she slowly opened her legs. Holding up her skirt with her left hand, she reached her right hand under her already damp panties and began to rub herself. Faster and faster she rubbed her pussy, her hand wet from the flood of juice she was producing. But it wasn’t enough. She sank back deeper into the purple velvet chair and slung her legs over the arms of the chair. Her chest nearly heaving out of her low cut top, she began panting as she started to get close to coming. With a little scream of almost-pain, she shoved her fingers deep into her pussy and started to jerk them in and out of her pussy, faster and faster. She started to rock the chair back and forth, faster and faster to the beat of her fingers that were fucking her pussy. Finally, with a scream, Rouge came and pussy juice flooded out of her and wet the chair beneath her. Slowly, Rouge brought up her right hand to her mouth and began to lick her fingers and then her whole hand as she sucked off her own juices.

She stood up and looked at her completely soaked panties and sighed. I didn’t even make it out of the house before I came. Damn. I hate always having loads of panties to wash every week because I just can’t keep from coming and coming and coming. With a sexy little wiggle of her hips, Rouge slowly pulled her panties down her legs and over her leather covered calves and feet. She crumpled up her panties and roughly rubbed them between her legs sopping up her pussy juices as best she could. Then she threw her panties in the chair as she gave herself a quick inspection in the mirrored front doors. With her skirt raised, she looked at her pink and glowing pussy and smiled. Nothing like a little rub to get the juices flowing. Maybe since I’m just going into the woods to pick raspberries, I probably don’t really need to wear panties today anyway.

She laughed. Who am I kidding? If I go outside without panties, then all it will take is a warm breeze tickling me under my skirt and next thing, I’ll be gushing pussy juice again. Rouge picked up her crumpled panties from the chair and walked with them back to her bedroom. With a lingering sniff at her own scented, drenched panties, Rouge threw them into her wicker basket hamper and walked over to her dresser. She reached down and pulled out a pair of tight, black panties that she pulled over her hips. The panties were so tight that they pulled into her pussy and outlined her curvy ass as if she was naked.

“Perfect,” said Rouge as she looked at herself in her bedroom mirror. “I love having my pussy and clit being slowly squeezed by these panties all day. It will be just like getting rubbed and slowly fucked all day long.”

With a quick caress of her rounded ass, she smiled and then reluctantly let her skirt fall down back over her hot little ass as she walked out of the room and towards her front door.

Rouge bent down to pick up her empty basket as her mouth began to water at the thought of those firm, warm berries she would soon be sucking on. The thought of swallowing all those warm, sweet juices made her move just a bit faster as she turned to leave. She held the straw handle of her basket firmly in her hand as she turned to close the door of her house behind her.

“Ooops, better make sure that I lock the door too,” said Rouge. “I don’t want to come back home after a long day of berry picking to find out that the Big Bad Wolf has snuck in with plans to eat me up.” With a sexy little smirk, she locked the door. She then rearranged her red beret at a more jaunty angle, smoothed down her skirt, and pulled down the V-neck of her top so that her firm tits almost but not quite broke free of the confines of the tight fabric.

“Perfect,” said Rouge. “Time to go deep, deep into the woods, where the darkness swallows light but the berries are the biggest and the ripest that anyone has ever seen.”

My Review:
What an exciting "adaptation" of the Little Red Riding Hood story! Red's name is modified to the more sultry Rouge, and we join her on a quest through the dark, dirty woods. And, my how dirty those woods turn out to be! Rouge is very determined to complete her journey, despite a pixie giving her a thorough preview of what to expect with a heavy warning. Rouge's trip through the woods provided Bella with the opportunity to include many different paranormal creatures in her story - an opportunity which clearly Bella seized and fully explored. This is one of the few paranormal erotic stories I've read that features more than one creature, which makes The Claiming of Rouge in the Deep Woods stand out in this genre. Add to all this the taboo of turning a children's story completely raunchy, and Bella has written a story of great intrigue.

Author Interview:
What made you want to write erotica?
I have always had intense and cinematic sexual fantasies and enjoyed writing them down for the pleasure of special friends. After receiving a lot of one-on-one positive feedback for my stories, I decided to send them out into the wider world and become an indie erotica writer.

Do you ever experience writer's block?
Yes, of course. There are times that my characters simply will not act the way that I want them to act and I can't write a scene. It is very frustrating. When that happens, I often take a long, hot shower and run through the scene in my mind. I find the hot water relaxes me and my subconscious starts to percolate with new ideas. I had writer's block while writing ""The Claiming of Rapunzel in Xanadu"" and I realized that I needed to go back and re-write the character of Rapunzel to make her a little more willful in order for later scenes where she runs away more believable. Once I had rewritten the character, everything flowed beautifully for the rest of the novella.

Do you write under a pen name?
Yes. I am not ashamed of writing erotica but given where I live and where I work, I would rather not have to deal with the reactions of people if they knew who I was. I think that I might eventually come out from under my pen name but that won't be for a very long time - perhaps when I can make a living full-time as a writer.

Do you work with an outline or just write?
I do work with an outline that details the major sexual escapades my main character will encounter as she works her way through an unfamiliar environment and finds herself at the mercy of the wicked BDSM world around her. I sometimes joke that my erotica is a modified template of Lord of the Rings only instead of having characters journey through several kingdoms and undergo regular adventures, my characters journey through several places and undergo sexual adventures. 

Favorite quote from my book:
“Life was indeed good for a Wolf-Creature in the deep woods who had found his very own little red-headed chew toy.”

What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why?
It was definitely Rouge's encounter with the Huntsman. He was such an alpha male who simply saw what he wanted - Rouge - and took her while she slept. He then took her as his own possession and toy and used her for his pleasure while giving her incredible pleasure mixed with pain. Deep down, Rouge wanted to stay with him but she knew that she would always be his possession and plaything if she did so she had to run away to save herself from being his completely. I think I will write a sequel one day in which Rouge encounters the Huntsman again and is further mastered by him.

What is the hardest and easiest part about being a writer?
The hardest part is wanting to talk about what you are writing with other people and not being able to because they do not know you write erotica. I sometimes bounce story ideas off a few friends who do know of my secret identity and find their feedback quite valuable in crafting my stories or figuring out the motivations of my characters in certain scenes. The easiest part about being a writer is imagining scenes and bringing them to life when everything is falling together and it's like you're on fire. Those are moments of pure creative excitement and an incredible rush. I never want to stop writing in moments like those and feel like my body is resonating like a musical instrument that the Muses are playing.

Where do you get your ideas/inspirations for your writing?
I get ideas from everywhere and everything. Sometimes, I will dream a very vivid scene deep in my subconscious and wake-up knowing that I have an adventure in mind for one of my characters. Sometimes, I will be watching a movie and suddenly think of how exciting it would be to re-imagine a scene from the movie in an erotic way. Sometimes, I will read a book and it will give me ideas of new ways of re-imagining the world and then I will try to turn these images into an erotic story. I think that when you are inspired by the world around you, you will never lack for stories to tell.

Are you planning on writing another book?
I will have a new book coming out soon. It is called The Claiming of Angelica, the Supernatural Sleuth: Her Erotic Adventures in the Kaiju Kingdom. It is the third book in the series, The Sexual Misadventures of Angelica, the Surprisingly Submissive Supernatural Sleuth. In this book, Angelica travels to the Pacific Rim to search out rumours of strange sightings of mysterious monsters known as Kaiju in her quest to save the world from supernatural terrors. I hope that this book will be available to purchase by the beginning of July.

Anything you want to say to your readers.
Yes. Thank-you so much for supporting my work by spending your hard-earned money on my books. I am doing my best to create a quality product for your enjoyment. I am not interested in churning out stories that are all the same because that would be a disservice to both you as the reader and me as the writer. My goal is to create lots of varied and interesting storylines for you so that you are always surprised and titillated by the characters and their adventures. Please enjoy my erotic BDSM stories but practice safe sexual fantasies in the real world."

About the Author:
Bella Swann is a Canadian writer of erotica who writes creative and imaginative stories that transport her readers to fantastical times and places. She has written erotic interpretations of fairy tales, sexy tales of supernatural sleuths, super heroines in erotic bondage, and naughty angels who fall into sinful lust and that's just this year. Imagine what she'll be writing in the years to come.

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  1. Thanks so much for this great review, Christina. I am so glad that you enjoyed it. The Claiming of Rouge in the Deep Woods was the first erotic novella that I wrote and it will always be a special one for me.