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Blood Drive by Lane Hart


Michael's Synopsis:
Sam is a good-natured vampire working at the local blood bank. Kate is a virginal college freshman with a murky past. When Sam draws Kate’s blood during a blood drive, he discovers that—unknown to her or anyone else—she’s a witch. This is a problem because of the government agency that’s tasked with hunting down and executing paranormal creatures like the two of them. Sam and Kate hit it off but must balance their budding attraction against the complications of their backgrounds. Also, Sam has a cat (which matters, you’ll see).

Michael's Review:
If this sounds a bit like a Twilight knockoff, it is in some ways, but I still found it enjoyable. Sam and Kate are interesting, likable people, and I wanted to see what happened to them. There’s a lot of hot sex and some nice twists and turns in the plot, which starts slow but builds in a satisfying way as the story goes on.

"The way his eyes roamed down my body, I was pretty sure he was checking me out. With that little bit of confidence it was now or never if I wanted to see or talk to him again. The chance of rejection was worth risking because I was so tired of being lonely, and he was so gorgeous.

“Could I maybe call you if I have any more questions?” I asked hesitantly.

His mouth dropped open. “Hell yes. I mean yeah, sure. Please call me,” he stuttered in what seemed like maybe surprise, making me sigh in relief.

I pulled my phone from my pocket to quickly put his name in my contacts before he changed his mind. All I knew was that his first name was Sam.

“Um, what’s your last name?” I asked embarrassed.

“West, it’s Sam West,” he said with a sweet smile.

“Okay, what’s your number?” I asked, my fingers hovering over the numbers on the screen waiting.

“Eight, six, seven, five, three oh nine,” he called out. I started putting the numbers in then stopped. Why did that sequence of numbers sound so familiar? Wasn’t it an old song?

“Is that really your number?” I asked as I looked back up at him.

Sam actually laughed out loud. Catching him off guard, he looked like such a happy and carefree guy, and even more adorable. There was something about his eyes that had seemed sad before now, even with the perfect smile he was usually flashing.

“Yes, that's really my number, why? You think I’d give you a fake one?” he asked still grinning as he pushed his long hair out of his eyes.

I was so captivated by the sight of him that I completely forgot what we were talking about again.

“Call it and make sure if you want,” he said when I didn't respond. “I just have horrible taste in music.”

If I called him then he'd have my number in his phone too, without me trying to force it on him like the desperate girl that I was. Not that he’d ever actually call me.

I smiled as I finished entering in the number then hit send.

“Boop boop boop,” what sounded like the Super Mario Brothers theme song blared out from his behind. Without taking his eyes from mine he grabbed his phone from his back pocket and answered it.

“Helllooo? Jenny’s busy right now, but I can give you a good time,” he said referencing the old song with an even deeper and sexier rumble to his normal masculine voice. Oh, and I bet he really could too, I thought blushing again.

I couldn't help but laugh as I ended the call, and if felt so good that I was sad that he was leaving.

“Okay, now I know it’s really your number,” I said as I put my phone back in my jean pocket and tried not to let him see how pathetic I was.

“I hope you’ll call me,” he said so sincerely that my eyes shot back up to his. His ever-present sexy boyish grin was gone, and instead he looked so serious and genuine that I thought I'd melt into a puddle.

“I mean, again. When I’m not standing in front of you,” he amended making my smile widen.

“Well, now you’ve got my number too,” I said as I pushed my hair behind my ear, and glanced back down at my shoes.

He just stood there without saying anything until I looked back up at him.

“Okay, I’ll call you. But just to warn you, I’m going to try and talk you into going on a date with me,” he said with a nervous but hopeful smile.

I'm sure my mouth must have dropped open. He'd said ""date"". This incredibly gorgeous man wanted to go on a real date with me? But I didn't want to have to wait for him to call me, if he ever actually decided to call.

“I’ll answer, and I could probably be convinced,” I finally said with a smile as I turned around and started walking away before I made a bigger fool of myself.

“I hope so. Bye, Kate,” he said.

“Bye, Sam,” I responded, still in shock, as I made my way across the parking lot.

Author Interview:
How did you come up with your title? 
Blood Drive represented where the two main characters in the book, Sam and Kate meet - at a blood drive. Also, it references Sam's need for blood as a vampire, and there's something about Kate's blood that drives the book as well.

Where do you get your ides/inspiration for your writing? 
The idea for Blood Drive actually came from a picture on Twitter of a car parked outside a blood bank with a "Vampyr" license plate. I thought it would be funny to write about a vampire hiding in plain sight and build the other characters and their story around him.

Do you work with an outline, or just write? 
With Blood Drive I used an outline and I think it really helped me stay on track and know exactly where to take the story.

For those who might consider reading your book, what would you tell them to expect? 
Well the characters in Blood Drive all have potty mouths. I did a word count just to see, and the f-bomb was used almost 400 times. I even read back through each of them to see about toning it down but I couldn't. Unfortunately, the characters just aren't the same without the foul language.

What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why? 
Chapters six and seven were my favorite because that is where Sam and Kate start to relax with each other and form an instant sort of connection. Kate loses here shyness and she starts having a really good time with Sam.

What makes your book so different from all the books out there? 
I think my book has twists that other books don't have. Most of the ones I read either have perfect happy endings or sad endings. After all the drama, Blood Drive ends with a more realistic ending.

Tell us about your writing process. 
When I'm starting a new project, I can go days or weeks barely eating or sleeping as I write. I try to take breaks in between but the stories are always running in my mind.

What was the hardest chapter (or part) to write and why?
The ending was the hardest for me to write. When I got to the end and tried to follow my outline it just didn't work for me. So I thought it over, and from there the story went on for another 100 pages or so in a different and unexpected development.

Can you describe your book in one sentence? 
Blood Drive is a fun and sexy story about a lazy vampire who falls for a beautiful girl, and the asshole who will lie, deceive and betray his only friend to come between the two of them.

Is there a genre you could never write? Which and why? 
I don't think I'll ever write any sci-fi novels because that's just not something I've ever been into.

About the Author:
Lane Hart is a paranormal romance author. She grew up in North Carolina, and still lives in the south with her husband, and her two daughters.

She has worked for over eight years in a criminal law office, and has a Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice. She is fascinated with the criminal justice system, and finds it inspires her writing.

Lane spends her free time reading everything she can get her hands on. During the summer she can be found on one of the beaches on the east coast, and in fall she enjoys watching football with her family and cheering on the Carolina Panthers.

Her previous works include the Wild Series - Wild About You, Wild & Out, and Wild & Free.

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