Monday, March 30, 2015

Satisfied By A Stegosaurus by Richard Bacula


Layla's quest to save her tribe takes her to the Valley Of The Giant Lizards, where she must perform a sacred ritual in order to gain enough power to defeat her tribe's enemies.

Inspired by Real Events!!!

My Review:
So much monster erotica contains dubious consent that it's a rare gem to find one that is clearly consensual. Layla has spent time mentally and physically preparing for this connection with a stegosaurus, and so she's a willing participant in the love-making activities. Not only that, but rather than being turned into a submissive, Layla actually becomes empowered to essentially the point of a super-woman through her prehistoric encounter. I love how Bacula's writing style and word choices add to the setting of his story. I would recommend this on to those who like monster erotica but without the dubious-consent component (like what's often found in vampire erotica.)

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