Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Spotlight: His Loving Admirer by Nina Sestina

After the departure of the woman of the house, Kylie moves into an apartment with the man of the house(Noah). Their relationship blossoms, and Kylie decides that she wants to change the dynamic between herself and Noah, but his role in her life is so set in stone that she doesn't think he will ever be able to see her in that way. Kylie knows that her feelings are taboo but she is powerless to fight them.

Kylie develops a very naughty plan, and wastes no time putting it into action. She is willing to do anything to show Noah that she can replace the void left by the woman of the house, and things get too steamy for Amazon.

I knew that he needed the warmth of a woman, and I knew that no woman could love him the way that I did. He was lonely, and worked too hard to be out on the scene and dating. It was perfect, I only needed to show him. I knew that he would be initially hesitant, as I had been with the taboo thoughts. I wanted to ease him into it, to slowly test the waters.

This brings me back to the cellphone. I had been constantly thinking of a way to come onto him, but there was just no way. You have to understand that despite our lack of blood relation, our relationship was that of a father and daughter. Our family had changed, it had evolved over time. It was smaller, and I felt that our relationship should evolve along with that. We were both adults, and we both had needs. We were essentially a custom fit for each others natural wants and desires.

Every young woman is attracted to older men, and every older man is attracted to younger women. Add in the facts that we were both attractive, had a strong base relationship to build on, and lived together, and it just seemed like the obvious solution. I wasn't going to be comfortable just coming onto him out of the blue though. I couldn't just jump straight to it, and try to seduce him with pure aggression. This seduction would require finesse.

The first thing that I did was take a ton of sexual, erotic photos of myself. I made sure that there was no way that he could identify me through the photos. Obviously, I avoided showing my face. I also made sure that the background on the pictures wasn't noticeable as our apartment. My flip phone simply didn't have the camera to pull this part of the operation off, so I would be using email for the visual side. I was going to be his secret admirer via text.

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