Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Spotlight: Obsession's Unkindness by Shaun Meehan

Waking in his hotel room on the final morning of an important business trip, Jackson could remember nothing pertaining to the activities of the night before. An unfamiliar odour permeated the air, conjuring images of an unknown white flower in his mind. With his memory shrouded by the veil of excessive drinking, Jackson was impotent to explain the feeling of dread developing deep within his soul. Eye witness accounts would soon imply that the moral man who was Jackson Scott, had faltered in his fidelity, having been seen leaving a bar with an anonymous woman—dark haired and beautiful. The only clue pertaining to her identity was the sighting of a black feather, tattooed on the back of her neck. 

Jackson would soon become plagued by dreams depicting his darkest sexual desires, acts shared with the faceless beauty. With each passing night the visions grow in lucidity, her identity still cloaked in mystery, yet her intentions slowly becoming more clear. In association with an ancient evil and with her sexuality implemented as a vicious weapon, the woman seeks the desecration of those untouched by darkness. Pain and suffering, torment and anguish, her intent is to take from Jackson everything he holds dear—particularly that which he loves most and claiming it for her master. 

An unlikely ally would surface, harkening from a distant past, though her firmly grounded beliefs would deter her from the acceptance of Jackson’s outlandish claims. Becoming obsessed with uncovering the identity of the mystery woman, his search would end with him finding her presence everywhere, leading him to commit acts unimaginable—each designed with his unraveling in mind. 

As the demonic attacks evolve from implanted thoughts to physical encounters, it would be through an obscure individual that he would discover the truth behind his assailant. Through her, he would combat the demonic entity hounding him—the entity desiring possession of his family. 

Jackson’s enthralment would begin with her body, exploiting his darkest desires, but would end with the soul belonging to the one he cherishes above all else. Through the artistic hand of his young daughter, her innocence threatened, the future would be unveiled. Obsession’s unkindness would prove itself the cruelest tormenter of all. 

Warning: This work contains graphic depictions, sexual in nature. What you WILL find are scenes such as one containing a depiction of erotic asphyxiation between two consenting adults. What you WILL NOT find are scenes pertaining to rape or those including minors. 

Each interaction is written using proper terminology or tame descriptions, carefully avoiding the use of slang words to circumvent a sleazy approach. Though intended to be entertaining in themselves, each scene has relevance to the story, be it hidden or obvious, making them integral to the plot.

About the Author:
Shaun Meehan currently resides in his home town of St. Thomas, Ontario with his wife and their two sons. An avid outdoorsman, he spends much of his time afield paddling a canoe, as well as hunting with his three beagles, and fly fishing. Prior to his writing of fiction, Shaun managed his own archery website, dedicated to the art of hunting with a traditional bow. Though the site is no longer in operation, bows both of traditional recurves and modern compound are still a fixture in his household.

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