Friday, February 6, 2015

Guest Post by Andrew Smith

Creating Erotic Stories

I write erotic short fiction. I've been doing it for about 10 years now. I blog my writing and share it for anyone who wants to read it and enjoy it. I am sometimes asked how I create my stories. Where do they come from? Today, I hope to answer that question.

I'm going to take a story I wrote, Mustard on His Tie, and explain how I came to create the erotic scene.

I get story ideas from all sorts of places. Sometimes, I'll be sitting waiting for my coffee and see someone in an interesting outfit or a great pair of shoes and my mind will wander. If I can feel a complete story coming on, I'll write it down.

Sometimes, I meet someone through my work and find them intriguing. Then, I'll imagine a sexual scenario involving them. Maybe an interview or a business trip.

And, in the case of Mustard on His Tie, I created the story after browsing Craigslist and responding to an ad.

Having always noticed the personals section on Craigslist, I browse there from time to time, mainly for entertainment. In the case of this story, I responded to an ad posted by a woman claiming to attend a local college. I thought I'd see what happened.

She responded. But, I wanted to be sure she was real. I didn't plan to meet her, but the idea of a meeting between two strangers from Craigslist piqued my interest.

I asked her for some pictures, and she sent back five. I remember them well, mainly because one was very clearly a picture of her and a friend on prom night.

I asked her a couple questions about the area to confirm she at least was somewhat legitimate. I told her I would let her know if I wanted to meet sometime in the next week or so.

The exchange started a thought process. Who are the young women posting on craigslist or backpage looking to meet men? What is their situation?

And, who are the men who respond and actually meet them?

In this case, I imagined a man in a mid-level job who had a pretty good life but was not entirely happy. He needed more attention that he didn't know how to ask for.

I started the story with this man reaching for a tie and then seeing a stain which triggered a memory. A memory of eating cheeseburgers but also of what had happened just before.

This is the man who responds to the college girl. This is the man she agrees to meet. She agrees because his pictures look nice, he writes in complete sentences, and he seems to care about her situation.

The girl is young. Not yet 20. And she comes from a working class family. Her family is barely able to send her to college. And she has what she needs, but certainly wants just a little more.

She's had a few sexual partners and enjoys her sexuality, but is not completely fulfilled. So, she decides to see if she can both earn a little money for school and satisfy her physical needs. She wants to be careful, but she's also willing to take some risks if it makes her situation a little easier to bear.

As I write most stories, I end up taking on the role of the male. That may seem like the easy way out, but it's what I have experience with. Yes, I try to write about what the female character is thinking and feeling, but in the moment, while I'm writing, I almost always become the male character.

I find writing erotica wildly arousing. Yes, it is fantasy. But that means things go the way you want. Though in the Mustard on His Tie story, the situation surrounding the sex is less than perfect.

As I start writing and get into a story, I always become aroused. I have finished many of my stories with a stain of pre-cum all the way through to my pants because I'm so aroused. I sometimes get the sensation that I'm physically connected to the woman in the story. That she is there. I have never had an orgasm just from writing a story, but I have often had amazing orgasms while masturbating after finishing.

I find the entire process exhilarating. From gaining pieces that contribute to a story's framework to starting to write, to feeling wildly aroused as I write and especially when I"m finished.

Each story, to me, is like the first time having sex with someone new. It can be frustrating and awkward but also intense and incredibly exciting. The new smells, tastes, sensations of a new person connecting with your body. That's what happens when I write and it is why I keep writing.

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