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Spotlight: Carol, Niall & Lin by Raven ShadowHawk

All relationships get a little stale after a while. Carol's relationship with her boyfriend is no exception. Ten years is a long time to spend with the same person and she longs to add a spark back into their sex life. But is a threesome one step too far?

At the close of Vicki's birthday party, both she and Niall are in no state to drive. They choose to spend the night in Vicki's living room with Lin, a woman eager to join them in bed. Finally left to their own devises, the crucial moment approaches in which Carol must decide if she really is able to share Niall with a stranger. A stranger who, has made no secret of the fact that she longs to bed them both.

Niall chuckled and thrust his chest out. ‘You know just what to say.’

Carol rolled her eyes and put her mouth around him.

His laughter cut off with a groan.

She sucked him in, controlling the depth and angle with her hands on his hips. Smooth skin, hard flesh, running with bulging veins which gave him the familiar texture she knew and loved. His hairs tickled her nose, filling her nostrils with the scent of musky, roused male. Carol closed her eyes and concentrated on sucking, occasionally pulling back enough to flick her tongue over and around his swollen tip.


She sucked harder.

‘If you keep that up, I’ll be the only one who gets any fun.’ His breathing hitched.

She dipped a hand into his boxers to massage the twin sacs beneath.

Strain filled his voice. ‘Christ, Carol.’ A gasp. ‘Really, stop a second. Please!’

She leaned back. A long line of saliva joined her mouth to his tip, and she watched the gleaming strand stretch and break before gazing into Niall’s reddened face. ‘What?’

He gave a shaky laugh. His hands shook as he raised them to his face. ‘Have mercy, okay? You know me – I won’t last if you do that.’

‘I like sucking you off.’

‘I know.’ Niall raised his hips high enough to remove his jeans and boxers. ‘But take it easy. We’ve got all night.’

Though the sight of her boyfriend naked was one Carol knew well, feeling Lin press against her made it all so much better.

The smaller woman touched Carol’s shoulders; a light play over the upper arms before curving around to cup her breasts. Much as Niall had done, Lin squeezed with bold, confident motions which seemed to belong to much larger hands.

‘Kiss her neck,’ Niall suggested. ‘She loves that.’

Lin’s lips grazed the side of Carol’s throat. A tentative brushstroke, followed by a lingering pass of that small, wet tongue.

Carol shuddered. She cupped her hands over Lin’s and held tight until the other woman had to kneel with her. The motion pressed those piercings against her spine, and a spike of pleasure speared Carol’s body. She whimpered and spread her knees on the carpet.

‘Actually,’ Niall whispered, ‘this is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.’ He grabbed his cock with his left hand and began rubbing, fumbling his shirt buttons with the other. Seconds later a spray of buttons flew through the air.


He threw the shirt on the floor. ‘I don’t care, Carol. Fuck, if you could just see yourself.’ Naked, he leaned deeper into the sofa and spread his legs. Both hands now; one rubbing, the other squeezing, he worked himself into a hip-bucking frenzy. ‘Lin, get those jeans off her. I want to see how wet she is.’

Carol grinned and dropped to all fours, enabling Lin to remove her jeans from behind. She used the time to stare at Niall, to watch him pull and twist and stroke. She became aware of her racing heartbeat and the tingle of lust coursing through her skin. Every nerve ending alive with desire.

He stared back, just as intense, sweat beading on his brow.

The jeans came down her thighs, taking soaking-wet knickers with them.

With a kick and a twist she too was naked, free to crawl back to the sofa and put her mouth around Niall’s straining length again.

Lin held up the knickers. ‘She’s very wet.’

Glancing over her shoulder, Carol saw Lin raise the damp fabric to her face and lick it.

‘Wow,’ she whispered, ‘that is sexy.’

Niall hissed and shoved his hands into her hair, guiding her head into a bobbing rhythm.

Next, Lin’s hands came into play. A warm palm. A long finger, stroking up then down the slick wetness hidden between Carol’s thighs.

She spread her legs wider to let Lin squeeze into the space between them. The other woman now lay on her back beneath her and Carol lifted herself higher on her knees to give her room.

Her body bucked when the tactic between her legs changed. Slender fingers pulled away and, in their place, Lin’s tongue took over.

About Raven ShadowHawk:
Raven ShadowHawk lives in Leicester (UK) with her twin sons (Sprog1 andSprog2), her partner (The Funk Master) and a stubbornly barren dwarf lemon tree. She worked in finance for seven years after leaving university before leaving and turning to writing as a means to earn a living.

Under this pen name, Raven writes her own ‘brand’ erotica known as Smut With Brains and shares a blog with her ‘other half.’ She also contributes regularly to the blogs of Phoenix Writers, the Phoenix Writers Subs Club and Creative Frontiers. She is also content manager and chief editor for the new ezines Fab Fables, produced by Creative Frontiers.

Having decided to avoid the traditional publishing route, Raven operates her own publishing label, Little Vamp Press. She has released four of the six titles in the series Meeting Each Other with the last two to follow by spring 2015.

Her debut novella Slippers & Chains: Sugar Dust (an erotic comedy-drama featuring D/s couple Daniel Scotney and Karen Owusu) will be released by Breathless Press in 2015.

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