Friday, April 17, 2015

Accidents Happen by Maxwell Spanx

Consensual Heterosexual

Roxy has a ruthless streak that runs deep. An exotic beauty from the tiny islands of the Maldives, she now studies in the huge behemoth of New York City. Desperate to get back home for Christmas, she needs to find money. Normally in desperate times, girls do desperate things. But ruthless girls pray on sugar daddies.

My Review:
Maxwell starts this one off with a tantalizing bit of camming, promising more for later. Roxy makes it clear she'll do anything for some quick cash, and as the story closes, we realize she truly means anything. Set up to give a great punch, this one gave me chills.

As it turns out Accidents Happens is no longer available online, but you can see Maxwell's other works on her Amazon Author Page.

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