Monday, April 6, 2015

The Witches' Covenant by Michael Dalton


Erich, Ariel and Astrid have begun their life together, but all is not well.

Ariel and Astrid have discovered that sharing a husband is a greater challenge than they anticipated, a challenge that is exacerbated by a difficult winter trip to Wittenberg, where Erich hopes to enter the service of Frederick III, Elector of Sachsen. But their trip is soon interrupted by unexpected complications.

In the town of Marburg, a century-old agreement that has kept the peace between the Landgraviate of Hessen and a band of witches in the forest is beginning to unravel. The young Landgrave, Philip, needs to consolidate his authority, and the witches want something from him that he does not dare surrender.

Erich and his wives are drawn into this conflict, and in the process discover a mystery that seems tied to their unique magical bond—a mystery that may threaten its very existence if they cannot resolve it.

In this second installment in the bestselling Twin Magic series, Michael Dalton spins together magic, steampunk, and traditional German fairy tales into another entertaining alternate history adventure.

My Review:
Michael has done it again! While we're still following the story of the twins and their husband, in The Witches' Covenant we also meet a whole new set of characters, all of which are equally as unique and dynamic as those we meet in the first installment of this series. The tales of the individual characters are interwoven as we learn more about magic and the unique powers the twins posses. While there's a lot going on in this book, Michael does an excellent job of cluing his readers in to what's going on so that we don't get lost in the story. Just like the first part, I couldn't put this book down. And also just like the first book, this one resolves leaving the reader satisfied... but also hints there's more to come, leaving the reader to curious to know what's next.

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