Friday, April 3, 2015

Her Birthday Breeding by Fionna Guillaume


If there's one thing Sarah wants for her birthday, it's for her sexy husband David to finally get her pregnant. She's 36, ovulating, and ready to be a mom. She's definitely not prepared for the surprise birthday present David brings home, though: a ridiculously gorgeous man who identifies himself as a stud. His goal? To inseminate her right away. No preamble; just the goods. But Sarah has some ideas of her own...

This 6,300-word short erotica features an adventurous husband-and-wife pair, champagne used for some unexpected purposes, and a professional stud for hire whose only goal is to knock her up. Not for the easily shocked!

The pleasure was so intense it bordered on pain, and Sarah gritted her teeth to prevent herself jerking away. Her clit tingled unbearably, so aroused it felt ready to detonate; only the tiniest thread held her back from orgasm now. David broke it with his tongue. Still aiming the tingling cascade, he pressed his mouth against her and began swirling his tongue around and around, licking the delicate edges of her labia, sweeping down around the curve of her pussy, and circling back up to her clit, filling his mouth with champagne as he went. He hadn’t even made three laps before Sarah exploded. She lost all control as the orgasm rocketed through her, overwhelming her senses with trembling, helpless ecstasy. Her knees shook against David’s shoulders and her back heaved upwards, then collapsed as pleasure hurtled through her, zooming up and down her limbs before concentrating in a final burst between her legs, leaving her limp and panting in the tangled covers.

“Now that’s the way to drink champagne,” David said at last, after catching his breath. Sarah only moaned, incapable of speech, much less movement. All she could manage was sliding one hand to his head, gently stroking his face before settling her fingers in his hair. He gave her several long moments to recover, while her body slowly came down from its incredible high.

“I’ve got something even better for your birthday, though,” he continued. “Don’t you want to guess what it is?”

“David, don’t ask me to guess, I can’t even think right now.”

“Try,” he urged, “What’s something we’ve been wanting for a long time, something we talked about just yesterday? Something that needs to get started at a specific time of month, right around now…”

Muddily, Sarah’s mind put together the pieces.

“You mean… a baby?”

A grin of affirmation spread across David’s face as he nodded. He looked so excited and sincere, he couldn’t be joking. And that was good, because Sarah was more than ready to get started with the baby-making. She reached out and took his shoulders, pulling him up on top of her. His erection pressed hotly in the dip between her thigh and pelvis, and she swiveled her hips slowly against him, teasing, encouraging.

“Well, then,” she said in a sultry whisper, “you really did find the perfect birthday present.”

She was angling to take him in, ready for some good, rough sex to reinvigorate her after that incredible champagne orgasm, but once again David had other ideas. He leaped back nimbly and put on his bathrobe, already headed for the door by the time Sarah managed to sit up.

“Where are you going?” she asked, truly confused now.

“To get your present!” he crowed, slamming the bedroom door in his excitement on the way out.

Sarah smoothed down her skirt, grumbling in frustration. What was with him today? Creative oral sex was all very well, but running around the house looking for birthday presents was nothing but a waste of a perfectly good boner. Not to mention, his secrecy was starting to get on her nerves. Footsteps scuffled outside the door and she stood up, arms crossed over her chest, waiting to give David a piece of her mind. Her mouth was already open in preparation for a tirade when the door swung inwards and the words died in her mouth. The man in the doorway was a complete stranger – a devastatingly handsome stranger. And in one hand he dangled her abandoned panties.

My Review:
The intimacy of making a baby combined with the taboo of a threesum makes way for a hot erotic short! Sarah's anticipation of the events, with Jay's basic mating instincts, and David's romantic desire to please create a great balance of energy and storytelling. Also, I'm now inspired to try out some champagne oral sex - thanks Fionna!

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