Monday, July 21, 2014

Prize for the Squad by Cate Troyer


College co-ed Jaime is also the head cheerleader at her small community college dating the star basketball player. When the bitter rivalry between the two collegiate teams sparks a bet after an argument between her boyfriend and the darkly handsome captain of the opposing team, the bouncy blonde finds herself the prize when her team loses. The terms? She has to service the winning team and boost their morale in her own unique way.

She could feel six pairs of eyes on her as she shimmied the skirt of her costume over her hips to fall on the floor. She kicked it away with a flick of her trainers. As soon as she started, the room fell completely silent. Jaime only had eyes for Chuck, through. He watched her, eyes heavy lidded and almost disinterested, as she began her striptease.

Her top soon followed the skirt into a crumpled pile in the corner. Jaime stood in front of the squad wearing only her plain white bra, the red panties that went with the costume, and her flat sneakers. She could practically smell the sheer animal desire wafting off the Wildcats and she felt an unfamiliar sliver of heat uncurl in her belly. She was used to guys wanting her, but she had always been untouchable. The geeks and freaks who had lusted after her had made do with the celibate, girly, perky hugs where she pressed her tits against them. When she became a cheerleader, she only chose the best, the star quarterbacks, the captains. Now, she was in a room with six guys who would spread her legs and use her instead of the other way around. 
It was incredibly hot.

About Cate Troyer:
I began writing erotica and erotic romance in 2012 for two reasons. 1 - I like to write and 2 - I like sex. I live in the midwest, just outside of Chicago, with my Sir and our pets. The summers are too hot, the winters are too cold, and a girl needs to do SOMETHING with all that indoor time... 

I enjoy writing and always strive to improve, so I can bring you the best stories with interesting characters and extremely steamy scenes. I think sensuality, like fine wine, is meant to be enjoyed by more than one person... And so I share my sensuality with you. 

I also love hearing from my readers. Please feel free to email me or sign up for my mailing list.

My Review:
Prize for the Squad made me cum three times! Now (as you guys can tell) I read a lot of erotica, so at this point it's saying something if one turns me on that much. I am also a big sucker for erotica which describes sex that may appear to be non-consensual (but the "victim" is actually enjoying herself).

Cate starts this short off by easing us into her story with consensual sex between an exclusive couple before upping the ante. Jaime is a career minded woman who understands what it takes to become a successful cheerleader, a trait which has lead her to be sexually frustrated by circumstance. However, Jaime's circumstance is shaken up by a bet, which frees her to finally satiate her desires.

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