Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Consume by Nina Andrews


Alex is the Boss' number one girl at the Nyx Gentlemen's Club, and she loves what she does. Hot men, money, and lingerie are some of her favorite things about working at Nyx. Besides the passionate encounters, her favorite reward is the thrill of taking something from the men she lures. The unsuspecting gentlemen don't know what is at stake when they spend a steamy night with her at Nyx.

**Consume (Lusty Supernaturals 1) contains explicit content intended for mature audiences.**

My Review:
Throughout this short Nina provides her readers with subtle foreshadowing, leading us to wonder what exactly this story is all about. The protagonist, Alex reminds me greatly of a black widow spider, with her red signature color and her treatment of her lovers. Intermixed with this Nina has created an alluring seduction and a steamy sex scene. For those who like dark stories about sex, not unlike vampire erotica, you will probably enjoy this book as well.

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