Friday, August 1, 2014

Her Fantasies - Four Fantasies for Women by J.T. McFarland

Short Stories

Erotica with a sense of humor. Three friends enjoy a romp in a hot tub and one gets a sexy spanking. Maggie finds a kinky new way to use vegetables. Revenge on a horny principle at a class reunion. A young woman gives herself to an erotic author and finds herself the object of his next book. Four hot stories! Immerse yourself in these very sexy, often hilarious and sometimes tender stories.

My Review:
In this series of short stories McFarland tackles many of the stereotypical sexual fantasies: screwing your friend's husband, masturbating with fruit, having sex in the principle's office, etc. However, McFarland takes these typical fantasies and expands upon them. He comes up with detailed scenarios in which these stories could happen, and then fully explores the fantasies. While this book is titled "for women" I honestly think that men would enjoy these shorts as well. Most of the men I know would find it "hot" to listen to women talk with each other the way they do in Her Fantasies, and also seem to find these kinds of fantasies a turn-on as well. To take this further, it seems as though some of the conversations McFarland has written between his female characters are more of a man's fantasy than what woman actually talk about (in my experience). These women talk about sex in explicit detail, and even masturbate around each other! While this is not something my most liberal of girlfriends would do together, McFarland uses it in a way to set the scene for a couple of his shorts, and so it is fitting for the story he is telling.

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