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Book Spotlight - 10 Shades of Blush: The Softer Side of Kink by Rhoda D'Ettore

This book is the first in a series that explores the fantasies of normal everyday women. Women who have a wild fantasy life, but because of societal norms, keep their fantasies to themselves. Each book of the series will contain eight chapters of fantasies, and then two chapters of information on improving sex. In this book, domination and role playing are explored. The last two chapters include information on improving oral sex and anal sex.

Readers are encouraged to visit the Author's Facebook page or blog in order to submit their own fantasies to be included in future books. Author, Rhoda D'Ettore, also included a complimentary excerpt of her recently published ebook, ""Goin' Postal: True Stories of a U.S. Postal Worker"".

The series itself will explore all aspects of sexuality, including role playing, homosexuality, bondage, discipline, and other aspects of the BDSM world.

Available on Kindle and Audiobook

Chapter 5: The Anniversary

Debbie, 52, Florida

I was raised a strict catholic. I was taught that my body was bad, that sex was for procreation, and that modesty was a righteous way of life. No amount of public display of affection was acceptable except holding hands. Even a slight kiss between a married couple was considered offensive in my family. I believe that because of this, I have always been fascinated with sex in public. I have never had the nerve to do such, but the desire, the fantasy---to rage against the taboo is what I have longed for. This is my fantasy:

I was walking through a huge department store in New York somewhere. I was walking along, looking through the clothing and other items when I felt a hand cover my mouth. An arm simultaneously reached across my waist, and anxiety and fear rushed through my body. I began to struggle until your whisper calmed me into submission, “You are mine for the taking.” It's Master, my Master!

From behind you pushed me into a fitting room, and told me not to turn around, as you slowly removed my shirt, and unbuttoned my jeans. We are facing a mirror, and looking into each others eyes that way. “Take them all the way off-- strip completely.” I quickly did as instructed. I could feel your chest pressed against my back, as you reached around me to run your hands up and down my body... your body. “Who owns you slave?”

“You do Master,” I could feel your hard dick through your pants, pressing against my bare ass.

“What are your vows to me slave??”

“Body, Mind, and Soul, I am yours, Master. Today and Always,” I obediently submitted.

I could hear a slight chuckle, which informed me that you were pleased with my response. Then you grabbed my shoulders, and spun me around. You pushed me down on my knees, “Show your Master how much you miss him, and how much you worship his cock!” You began to unbuckle your belt, and unzipped your pants. I could feel you getting bigger with every second, as I grabbed your thick piece of meat with both hands, and started pumping. I took you into my mouth, all wet and warm, and began sliding up and down. Then I released you, beginning long licks of the tongue for the whole length of your shaft. I felt you grab my hair, swirling it around my head. I slowly pumped you with my hand, while sucking, and flicking my tongue all around your mushroom head. You started fucking my mouth, faster and harder. Your grip on the back of my head got firmer, you where fucking my mouth so hard, that I could feel your balls banging against my chin. The tip of your head collided with the back of my throat, so violently that I couldn't control my gag reflexes. Then with a tug of my hair, you pulled me up on my feet, kissed me hard, and pushed me against the wall. “You serve your Master well.”

“Thank you Master.,” I felt your fingers slide into my juicy cunt, so deeply I was lifted onto my toes.

“You are such a tramp. You have Niagara Falls between your legs right now, and I hardly touched you.” Then you took your finger and slid it into your mouth, tasting my juices. “You taste sweet my little pet. Very good”

“Thank you, Master, I am happy to please you.”

“You do, but first you must be punished for your recent back talk, then you will be rewarded for your obedience.”

“Of course Master, Thank You.”

“Turn around with your legs spread, and your hands against the wall.” Instinctively, I responded. I knew what was coming, and in some sick twisted way, I was really looking forward to it.. My clit was already engorged. I could feel my lips separating from the excitement. The sound of the friction made me shudder, as you pulled your belt out of the pant loops. Your hand slid in circles along my bare ass, preparing it for what was coming next.

“After each stroke, I want to hear a count, and you must thank your Master. Do not lose count, or you will have to start over. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master.”

“Why are you being punished my whore?”

“For the back talk I gave you yesterday Master” With that I felt the first slap of your belt across my round ass. I flinched at the initial sting.

“One. Thank You Master” Again, the leather strap came hurling through the air. “Two. Thank You Master”. This continued on and on until I whimpered, “Eight. Thank You Master”

Apparently my punishment was finished as you said, “Very Good Slave. I gave you two counts for every disobedient comment you made yesterday. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Thank You Master.” With that I felt your hand start rubbing my ass again. My ass was warm and red, and you admired your handiwork. The rubbing created a pleasant sensation with the tingle of the punishment. I was really enjoying this.

“Now comes the reward for being such a good slave. I want you to know that I do appreciate your trust and obedience. Even though I will always punish you for your bad behavior, I will always reward you for your obedience.”

“Yes I understand. Thank You Master”.

“Bend forward more, keep your hands on the wall,” and instantly I obeyed. I then felt your hand gliding up and down my thighs, priming me, and putting all sorts of thoughts in my head. My heart start to race as my anticipation grew. Then I felt your two fingers teasing your clit, slowly at first. Then faster, and faster.

“Does that feel good my sweet whore?”

“Oh yes, Thank you Master.” Your tongue then found its way down into my hole, and started slithering in and out slowly. With your face buried in my soaking twat, you fingered me and stroked my body everywhere. You were so handsome, and powerful looking in the reflection of the mirror, and yet you were giving me all of your attention. Just watching you work your magic down there was enough to make me want to erupt.

“Did you do all of your assignments yesterday? Or you will get a lot more of the belt than just 8 counts”

Embarrased, I admitted, “No, Master. I did not.” I wanted to lie, but I couldn't lie to you. If you found out later, it would just lead to a greater punishment.

“It is good that you were honest. You will still be punished, yet not as severely as you would have been. For not completing your assignments, I forbid you from touching or pleasuring yourself in any way--for three weeks. That means no grinding your cunt on the sheets, or arm chairs. No using the shower nozzle on your clit. Nothing. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master. I understand.” I was disappointed, but not surprised. Because I am very orgasmic, withholding orgasms is very difficult for me to do. I love sex. I love having you in me.

“Oh please Master, don't do that to me? I'm begging you. You know how much I crave to climax!”

You had a better idea. You knew how I felt about my body, about modesty, and you were going to use that against me. You told me to leave only my bra and panties on and made me stroll onto the sales floor of the store. My orders were to find the first place I could sit, whether it be a chair, bench, or counter top. I was to spread my legs wide on the surface, and masturbate until I climaxed. You ordered me to be as loud as I possibly could. You said that you wanted others to admire my body and climaxes, as much as you do. As I fingered myself, I heard you ordering me to pinch my nipples. I could not see you, but I knew you were there. I popped one nipple out of my white lace bra, and began squeezing. As I began writhing on the counter next to a register, I felt my panties moisten and let out a cry of exhilaration. That got the attention of a man walking by. He stopped, looked around to see if he was being watched, then just start to stare. “Give him a good show, my slut. Show him your true self. Let go of your inhibitions,” you said from behind me.

With that, I ran my hands up and down my neck, and pressed my tits together. I slowly popped one nipple out of the lace bra, and rolled it between my fingers. I kept eye contact with him, while I fingered myself until I climaxed. He asked me if he could touch me, and you yelled, “No touching. This is just a show!” That was enough, the man was happy to go back to watching. I continued my show of pinching, squeezing, and cumming until the man finally whipped out his dick, and started stroking himself. As I moved faster and faster, wiggling on the counter in all sorts of directions, he was stroking faster and faster. Finally, I heard him release himself with a deep sigh and a “Damn!”. He thanked me, then walked away with a smile.

You ordered me back into the fitting room, “I like when others enjoy what I own. I like when others want and adore you the way I do. Did you see how excited your body made him? Do you want to cum now, my beauty?”

“Yes, Master.” You knew I did. I am a nympho in every sense of the word, and you made me that way. Then I felt both of your hands working on me. Like an octopus, you managed to have one hand rubbing my clit, and the other pounding into me with three fingers. You wanted me to beg you for your dick, and I honestly wanted it so badly.

“Please Master, Fuck me, let me feel your cock pummel into me.”

This amused you,, “So, you want your Master's cock in you whore?”

“Oh god, YES MASTER! I need to feel you in me. I beg you Master, Please FUCK ME NOW!”

Again, I could hear you chuckling. “Well, you have been a mostly obedient slave.” Then I felt your huge head force open my tight hole. Having you in me was like being complete again. And as always, you fit into me perfectly, as if my pussy was made specifically for you. “You still cannot cum until I say!”

“Yes Master... just please, don’t stop!”

Facing the mirror again, you were pumping me from behind. We were staring into each others eyes. I felt your hand on my back as you built up momentum to fuck that pussy harder. Then you grabbed my shoulder to keep your balance. Oh my God!... you feel so good, no matter what images I conjure up to prevent cumming, there is no way i can hold out much longer.

“You are close aren't you slut? I know your body, I know that it wants to cum. Am I right?” You didn't even need to ask, you knew the answer already.

“Yes Master. You know my body, May I cum please???” I knew that it was pointless, you would only allow me to have or not have what you wanted me to. However, the demonstration of your control is what you wanted.

“No! You do what I tell you. As your reward you will be able to cum as much as you want, but only when I say”

Breathlessly I said, “Yes Master... of course”

Just when I thought I couldn't hold out any longer, I felt a dildo plunge into my ass while you continued to fuck me. “NOW WHORE! Now you can cum as much as you want!”

“Oh my GOOOOODDDD!!! Thank you Master!!!!” It came out as a scream. It did not stop you, you kept pounding your cock and dildo, pumping into both of my holes. It felt so good that my legs began to give out, making me lose all sense of balance. I kept cumming and cumming, then I felt hot liquid pour down my legs. I was so wet, everywhere, and my body tingled all over. I was so exhausted that after a few minutes of continued cumming I just couldn't take it anymore. I collapsed on the floor, and not even you could stop me. The dildo was still in my ass, and you never bothered to stop pumping it.

“How do you feel my slut?”

“I can't breathe.”

“Tell your Master how you feel!”

“Euphoric! Like I'm drugged.”

You laughed at this response. “Good! As it should be.” Still pumping the dildo hard in and out of my ass, you asked, “Would you like for me to fuck your ass???”

“Oh yes Master, please! I need it” I wanted anything that you would give me, anything that would keep my pleasure sensors tingling for an extended amount of time.

“Good.” Then I felt your hard cock pump within me. The hole was really tight, and the pain jolted through my body for a moment until my muscles got adjusted to the size of you. I started rocking my body into rhythm with yours, as my body convulsed with pleasure. I could feel my pussy and ass muscles contract out of an overload of climatic sensation.

“Stop fucking moving!”

“Yes Master, I’m sorry” a moment later, I felt you pulse and cum into my tight asshole.

You kept pumping for a minute, then pulled out. Still behind me, you reached out and grabbed my wrists. Then you pulled me upward to my feet, as you flung my body against the wall. You stood directly in front of me, and pressed your body against me so hard, that I felt like I was being crushed between you and the wall. I could hardly breathe. My cheek was against the wall, and I felt you kiss my neck gently. “Always remember that you are mine. I can do whatever I want with you. I can do it when I want. I can punish you, or reward you. It could be day, or night. I could be gone for years, or for five minutes---and you are STILL mine. You will always be mine. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master. Thank You.”

“Now tell me. How do you feel about your Master?”

“My master is the love of my life, the air that I breathe. I do nothing without his permission or without the thought of how I could please him. Nothing could ever change how I feel, and no one could ever replace my Master.”

“Very good slave. You are a good slave, and good wife. Your Master and husband loves you too. Hard to believe that ten years has gone by. Happy anniversary, Baby. Are you ready for ten more?”

“Of course my Master”

Author Interview:
What made you want to write erotica?
I was engaged to a US Army Infantryman who was deployed often. He would ask me to write him fantasy stories, all of which involved a little kink. Some of the other Army wives/girlfriends complained that they didn't know how to write sexy to their men. I started sharing my stories with them, who passed them off as their own to their deployed spouses.

When I published this book as an ebook, a US Marine (I didn't know) wrote to me and said, "Wow. That was awesome, can you put it on an audiobook?" I did, and he was my first sale. After that I started getting messages from listeners, "That saved me hundreds in phone sex this month! 2 hours of phone sex for $7!"

For those who might consider reading your book, what would you tell them to expect?
This is not a novel, rather a collection of 8 fantasies of various women from across the country. They are from all walks of life, but missing something in their sex lives with their partners. Each of the first 8 chapters includes domination, bondages, orgasm control, and exhibitionism. The last two chapter include great fellatio and anal sex tips!

Anything you want to say to your readers?
$1 of all of my book titles, regardless of format (ebook, paperback, audiobook) will be donated to the National Military Family Association.

This is an awesome organization which assists military families through deployments, and provides retreats and bonding time for when the servicemember returns. Many of us do not realize that some of the children are afraid of the parents, not remembering them. This organization assists with this and many other situations and activities.

What inspired you to become a writer?
I am a US Postal Worker. Over the course of 15 years, I compiled a bunch of funny anecdotes of things such as alligators and human heads in the mail. It is full of things that the public never sees. I completed it as a sort of nostalgia for my co-workers who enjoyed it so much, the encouraged me to write it. 

Goin' Postal: True Stories of a US Postal Worker became my first ebook. It did so well that I joined it with a historical fiction into a paperback. They are now available together as an audiobook also.

What book would you like to read again?
The Story of O -- I read it as a teenager, and it sort of put me on the BDSM path. I haven't read it since, but wonder what my reaction would be now. I wonder if after reading as much erotica as I have whether it would hold my interest.

Tell us about your writing process. 
I just write. Outlines tend to make me paint myself in a corner. I sit at the computer and think, "How can I screw up this person's life? What would be really shocking in this scene? How could I put the limits of this character? What would make this scene really hot and sexy?"

In my most recent book, Tower of Tears: The McClusky Series, a character gets murdered. I had my mother reading the chapters as I wrote it. Five characters hated the guy, but I had not decided who killed the man. My mother yelled, "I know who did it!" I thought that funny. Then I crossed her suspect off the list of possible suspects to add more mystery.

What is your favorite/least favorite part of writing? Why?
The marketing and promotion. I have met some awesome people because of it, but I also do not want to feel as though I am spamming. The books are the easy part-- the getting them noticed is the hard part.

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?
Research and talk to other authors!

Don't pay for anything you cannot do yourself. But research. There are so many companies out there willing to scam you. One company who promised to edit, print, promote my book wanted $1500 minimum. The entire "gold package" would be $10,000. When I researched I realize I could use Createspace, KDP, Nook Press, Smashwords, ACX (for audiobooks) all for free! There are also blog tour companies, editing/proofreaders, reviewers---- all just trying to take your money. There are so many bad ones out there, that it is difficult to know who to trust. So talk to other authors!
I get my marketing supplies from Vistaprint--they are the cheapest.
Also, I have some info on my website. I am also willing to help, so you can facebook me with questions. 

What is the hardest and easiest part about being an erotica writer?
I'm working on a new erotica now, but for me the sex part is easy to write. It is trying to put the sex into a good story overall. Other genres I read are historical fiction and mysteries. So I think it's going to be more of an "erotic thriller" type than a romance type. In my head, an erotic novel cannot stand on sex alone. It has to have a good story behind it. Otherwise, it is just porn.

Is there a genre you could never write? Which and why?
I don't see myself writing Young Adult. I didn't read YA when I was a kid, so I can't see me reading it now. As I previously said, I read Story of O when I was like 16. So I do not think that I could relate with the audience of YA now, if I couldn't back then. All of the conflicts and characters just seem so immature---which they should be. But it would be hard for me to go from "Do me Master, Spank me harder" to "I'm so nervous about asking Suzie to the dance."

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