Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Freya's Daughters by Thomas Ullman

Thomas Ullman

I am honored to be one of the first people to read the sequel in Thomas' Freya series. Below is a sneak peek of the second installment - release date is to be determined.


Freya’s Daughters is the sequel to Thomas Ullman’s earlier work, Freya Being Freya.

Freya Being Freya ended with Freya returning to the modern world, pregnant and also with her two daughters, Hnoss and Gersemi.

As the Viking Goddess of love and sex, Freya and her daughters are sensuous, enjoy sex and all that surrounds the erotic.

Freya, Hnoss and Gersemi move into suburbia with Michael. Michael is a mortal, everyman whose life has been changed for the better by meeting Freya. He is also the father of her child. William, their son is born and Freya and Michael settle into a kind of domestic and sexual bliss. Freya feels safe away from her godly enemies and detractors in Asgard.

Hnoss and Gersemi meanwhile are their mother’s daughters! Young women with a need for love and sex. We follow Hnoss and Gersemi as they step out to consciously or not seduce enchant the mortal world.

But Freya’s Daughters has a ‘twist.’ Hnoss falls ill with what transpires to be leukaemia.

Despite the seriousness of her condition and the deep concern of her family and friends, Hnoss remains buoyant and revels in the stories of sexual adventures told by friends both divine and mortal.

Hnoss’s condition worsens. Freya’s and Gersemi’s bone marrow is incompatible. Who can they turn to now?

No one in this world.

The story concludes with several characters, both divine and mortal crossing the rainbow bridge to Asgard to bring back Freyr, Freya’s wild, witty and sexy brother...

My Review:
Freya's Daughters continues the feminist/anti-establishment tones from Freya Being Freya. However, unlike the first book, this second installment read almost like a series of short stories that were tied together by one overarching timeline. This sort of structure works well for those who want more character development with their erotica, but also want a short arousing read. Almost each chapter presented with its own unique sex scene, but since it was just one part of the book, we were able to get to know all the characters a little better. I love Freya's progressive attitude towards sexuality in this series, and I wish it wasn't such an anomaly. For those who enjoyed Freya Being Freya, you wont be disappointed with Freya's Daughters.

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