Friday, July 4, 2014

Sebastian's Journals by Janey Rosen

Welcome back Janey!! In my last three posts we discussed your Sebastian trilogy, and today we're discussing the supplemental book: Sebastian's Journals

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Amazon Book Description:
A journal comprising 18 erotic recollections …

Sebastian De Montfort, the dark, dominant Lord of Penmorrow House, Cornwall records his erotic short stories based upon the bestselling, ‘Sebastian Trilogy’ by Janey Rosen. This collection of 18 erotic, mini tales encompass past dalliances, marriage to his late wife Libby and his blossoming relationship with Elizabeth. Each was penned from his dark and sadistic mind on Twitter, where @Lord__Sebastian has risen like the phoenix to enthrall and captivate his followers with his journal.

A tale may span a single page, or more but his eroticism will linger far longer than the printed page. Dip in and lose yourself for a few minutes or take the journal to bed and pass a heated hour or two in the company of sensual depravity. Adult content – be warned!

“It is indeed a dark mind that feeds my soul. My recollections recorded herein, are written with no thought to their candour, for they serve only to exorcise ghosts and quench my sadistic thirst. My journal shall never be read, other than by my ancestors who will likely be as depraved as I. This knowledge affords me the freedom to write fact and fiction and to seamlessly blend the two within my short tales … only I shall ever know the provenance of each.

My journal. My confidant. You judge me not for my dominant ways, nor seek retribution. Hold tight my secrets within your leather binding while I spill forth my prose and verse upon your chaste pages.”

Lord Sebastian De Montfort, Penmorrow.

“Mourning the death of his wife Libby, Sebastian seeks solace in the arms of his maid Scarlett and, together, they live a complex sensual existence in the ancient manor house. Elizabeth Dove could never have known how the act of falling in love with the Lord could cost her dear … her childrens’ lives, her life, and that of the man she loves may be a price too high.”

Janey Rosen, Author of The Sebastian Trilogy.

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My Review:
Throughout the Sebastian Trilogy, Sebastian is a mysterious character who can be sensual and caring at one time, and foreboding at another. And so, it is incredibly interesting to read his journal and get inside of his head. Janey knows her character thoroughly, and so she does an excellent job of encapsulating Sebastian's voice throughout this journal. While reading this book will round out Sebastian's character for those who have read the whole trilogy, I believe this journal could stand alone as well. The Sebastian Trilogy has an intricate plot line that supports all of the erotic scenes. However, Sebastian's Journals focus entirely on the sex scenes with each journal entry describing either a sexual engagement that has already happened or a sexual fantasy. Therefore, if you are more interested in reading BDSM erotica without a plot spreading out the sex scenes, then this would be the read for you.

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