Friday, October 17, 2014

F*ing Scott, Fitz, and Gerald by H.P. Xachariah

Today I am reviewing a story from H.P. Xachariah's KafkaRotica:

KafkaRotica’s Mission:
The internet has plenty of porn—too much by some estimations. For those of us who want to get off (either alone or with a significant other) but also want to preserve our self-respect, there aren’t many good options. In porn and most published erotica, women are portrayed as weak, silly, and stupid—objects of male sexuality and nothing more.

But great love (and loving) involves more than just the raw act itself. KafkaRotica is a clear, intelligent, and sexy voice in a sea of grunts, fake-orgasms, and unsexy stereotypes. We want our readers to explore their minds as well as their bodies, chuckling all the while.

KafkaRotica’s content is comprised of original works by the site’s creator, H.P. Xachariah, and guest authors.

F*ing Scott, Fitz, and Gerald

Gay Threesome

My Review:
I was delighted to see the ways in which F*ing Scott, Fitz, and Gerald was inspired by The Great Gatsby. In only ~3000 words H. P. Xachariah manages to capture the essence of this great literary classic all the way down to using a similar voice for the narrator. However, as a piece of erotica, what really set F*ing Scott, Fitz, and Gerald apart in this genre is that it described gay sex. Until this story I’ve seen plenty of lesbian, but no gay, erotica. As promised in KafkaRotica’s mission, H. P. Xachariah clearly takes the time to create intelligent erotica, which takes the “path less traveled” within this genre.

About the Author:
H. P. Xachariah was born of cum, as so many are. At a young age, she discovered the beautiful prose and soft verses of poetry that have enabled her to be the prurient literary magnate that she is today. Some claim that at the age of 13, on the night of the autumnal equinox, Poseidon imbued her with the fearlessness of a shark, the grace of a dolphin, and the good taste of a jeweled umbrella squid. Deft in discourse, sublime in reason, skilled in all the arts of seduction, H. P. Xachariah takes it as well as she gives it.

H. P. Xachariah was also born of the fires of a mighty dragon. Masculine, bold, intrepid—he battles the demons of our sexually repressed culture. Rumor has it he is a time traveler, hopping through the millennia to ensure human civilizations embrace their erotic urges in a responsible way. In the present day, he wields the pen as the sword, slaying those beasts that would enslave your minds in false chastity. He also enjoys gummy bears.

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