Friday, October 24, 2014

Zara's Second Chance by Mya Larose



Curvy Zara Miller always knew something or someone was missing in her life. She needed a man who could appreciate her figure and who she could rely on to be there for her. Slowly she fell under Peter Adames's spell and soon her body burnt with a need she thought she didn’t have.

She knew only he could satisfy her deepest desire. However, she hid her love for him until she could trust him. After suffering through a bad relationship where her ex picked on her "weight" issue. She didn’t know he was already determined to make her his own.

His desire to have Zara’s curvy body beneath his reached the breaking point. The uncertainty in her eyes tugged at Peter's heart. He had to convince Zara that he was the right man for her. When he had her in his bed, he planned to keep her there until the past evil struck.

Could Peter convince Zara his feeling towards her was true? Or would the tragic event kill their last chance for love?

My Review:
The different plot lines within Zara's Second Chance all escalate quickly. The romance has a quick start and culmination, the sex is fast paced, and the jealousy of a past lover quickly escalates as well. Perhaps the story felt fast because I was turning the pages so quickly. Zara lost all her self confidence during a verbally abusive relationship, and is fearful to enter a new one. However, her luck takes a turn when her attractive neighbor who is genuinely interested starts a courtship. Your arousal will build as the flame is ignited between these two lovers. 

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