Wednesday, October 15, 2014

One Hot Night by Daisy Mae Jones

Consensual Heterosexual

Brie's never been the kind of girl that has one night stands, but when she meets Drew in a night club she finds that she wants to despite knowing she shouldn't. The attraction between the two of them leads to Brie wanting, and enjoying, a passionate night and having some new experiences...helped along by Drew.

What starts as a one night stand now has the potential to be so much more...

My Review:
Brie and Drew barely know each other when they have sex for the first time. Even so, they are quick to discover they have strong chemistry. But this chemistry goes beyond screwing. They understand how to read each other’s wants and desires. They are genuinely attracted to each other. While this is a story of what typically would end as a one night stand, instead it’s a story of a romance growing out of very unlikely circumstances. One Hot Night is a sexy read for those who like their taboo as well as those who like their erotic romance.

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