Friday, October 10, 2014

Zoe: Spanked by Bree Guildford

I would like to welcome Bree back to my blog! Last time I reviewed the first book in her series: Georgia: Restrained. Today, let's welcome Bree back for a review of her second book in her Georgia & Zoe series!

Lesbian BDSM

It is Georgia and Zoe's first official day as wife and wife. While Zoe sleeps, Georgia reflects on the night beforehand, and the way Zoe teased her until she really couldn't handle any more. Deciding it is only fair to get a little pay back on her beautiful, but naughty wife, Georgia takes matters into her own hands.


After carefully tying a sleeping Zoe's hands to the headboard, and then waking her up in a rather vocal manner, Georgia proceeds to give Zoe the spanking of her life...

My Review:
In Zoe: Spanked Bree does an excellent job of catching the post-wedding glow of a newly married couple. Georgia and Zoe have a special spark and express their love selflessly and with ease. But that’s not to say this is a “soft” erotic story! Far from it, these two girls like their BDSM, and they enjoy pushing their limits. In some regard, this is intimate and loving in itself, for it’s clear these two women completely trust each other. This intimate aspect of BDSM is often lost in the erotic stories I read, but was particularly striking (no pun intended!) in Zoe: Spanked.

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  1. Sounds Hot. Then I found they were all free! Looking forward to some woman on woman BDSM