Friday, April 25, 2014

Heat in Vegas by JT McFarland

Consensual Heterosexual

Smashwords Description:
Heat in Vegas Sizzles! The first in the Fille de Joie series by J.T. McFarland, this is the story of beautiful Nikki Ames, Fille de Joie, French for 'woman of pleasure'. On a weekend trip to Las Vegas she is drawn into a shadowy, steamy lifestyle. She has incredible sex and gets paid for it, but will this always be? Follow the Fille de Joie series and Nikki's adventures in the "Oldest Profession".

My Review: 
Sex between strangers is a great recipe for steamy erotica. With that being said, I most liked how McFarland wrapped up this story with a scene of dominance and betrayal. McFarland weaves a logical story which more than explains the motivations behind all these characters. The slut in me wishes that when my ex put me in Nikki's shoes that I had responded with the same ferocity. This free download will act as a teaser, leaving you wanting more.  

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