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Queen of Storms by Ashen White

Paranormal Horror

Amazon Book Description:
Having the luck of the Irish, Gerry O'Keith has a beautiful fiancé, a high-paying job, a secluded lakeside summer cottage, and a big, black Harley. He also has a keen interest in fine art, and strange, arcane artefacts like Tarot cards. On a trip to the lake, he picks up a unique deck of Tarot cards from a strange, old gypsy - and very quickly learns there's more to Tarot than meets the eye!

Author Interview: 

What made you want to write Erotica?
Ah – now there’s a question! I would have to say I started writing Erotica to see if it would make me feel the same way I felt when I was reading Erotica. And yes, it did. But now, I have to be honest and say I get an even bigger thrill from knowing people are reading and enjoying my Erotica. There’s no better feeling than knowing someone else appreciates your hard work, and that they are getting pleasure on so many levels from the words you wrote. And that just makes me want to write more.

How did you come up with your title?
The title of Queen of Storms comes from the Tarot card portraying the main antagonist of the story. The book is the first in the Tales from the Tarot of the Acolyte series, which tells erotically graphic stories drawn from the interactions between modern humans and the characters – humans, demons, witches, devils, gods, angels, etc. – that are portrayed on this supernaturally powerful deck of cards.

What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why?
My favourite part of Queen of Storms was the forest storm and first encounter scene between Gerry and Sín. I tried my best to build the intensity of the storm as Gerry flees for his life through the night-darkened forest, only to be ensnared like a plaything at the whim of the malicious Sidhe Queen. I love the scene because it was the first one I visualized in the story, and I love Sín’s ingenuous behaviour as she takes control of Gerry’s situation.

Do you work with an outline, or just write?
LOL! The answer here is – Yes!  I tend to do both, but my outline is often very skeletal. Like a good project manager, I write using a process of progressive elaboration. This means I start with an idea – usually not even an outline – and write that down. Then I take parts of that – often not in plot or chronological order – and expand them, piece by piece, until I have a complete story.

For those who might consider reading your book, what would you tell them to expect?
I would want my readers to expect beautifully detailed scenes, populated with strong, attractive characters, involved in a tense, thrilling storyline, and the hottest erotic scenes you’ve ever read. I want my readers to be as involved in my stories as the characters themselves, experiencing the passion, the power, and the horror as if they were there themselves.

What books have influenced your writing?
WOW! That’s an awesome question – especially as I have read literally thousands of books and authors. To pick only a few that have influenced me the most, especially in Erotica, is difficult- but here goes!

My writing style has been described as a cross between Anne Rice and Stephen King, which is flattering. Both authors have influenced me deeply, but the greatest influence has been Tolkien’s Middle Earth books. I know – not very erotic! But very, very detailed. Stephen King’s The Dark Half describes me to a T, and the greatest erotic work I’ve ever read is A Washington Square Romance by Maxim Jakubowski.

Will you have a new book coming out soon? Can you tell us about it?
The book I am currently finishing up is Temptation, which is the second of the Tales from the Tarot of the Acolyte. This book picks up a few months after the events described in Queen of Storms, and tells us of the how the cards deal with those who fall prey to their sensual and tantalising powers. I can tell you to expect more paranormal passion and wonderful maleficence as our protagonists succumb to their deepest, darkest desires.

What was the best writing advice that someone has ever given to you?
The best writing advice I have ever received is – love your characters. Love them as if they were your children, your lover, your partner, etc. The more you love them and care about them, the more that will show in the way you describe them and treat them and make them perform – even if you’re treating them badly or they are doing evil things. Remember – they are your children!

Do you write under a pen name?
I do. My pen name is close to my real name, but different enough to allow me to keep my real life work separate from my writing work. I do write other books under my real name, but these are work-oriented, and mixing them with my erotic or horror writings wouldn’t do either any favours! If you get my drift! ;)

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?
Yes I do. First – write! Don’t wait to start – get writing! The more you write – the better you get. Second – let somebody else read it! Right from the word ‘go’, find someone you can trust to give you an honest opinion, and listen to them. The word here is ‘honest’ opinion. You will have to look beyond your well-meaning partners and family, as they can rarely be objective about your writing. Third – find a good – no – find a GREAT editor. There are far too many books out there that bring erotica, and independently published books in general, into severe disrepute, and which leave those who do write and produce good, literary work, tarred with the same brush.

Thank you, Christina, for having me on your blog. It’s been great fun!

Ashen xxx

My Review:
Including being a piece of erotica, Queen of Storms is a commentary about a classic case of addiction. Gerry becomes obsessed with his sexual interest, and no warning or indicator of the dangerous rode he is taking seems to phase him - what an interesting commentary on the mind of a sex addict! Another intriguing layer to this story is that it delves into the culture and the horror that surrounds Tarot cards. If horror is not your thing, you may find this an interesting story, but not necessarily arousing. However, if you enjoy horror to any degree, then this story will be an enticing read. The complex plot surrounding this erotica will leave you pondering this story well after its completion.

Disclaimer: Queen of Storms was given to me in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Ashen!!

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