Thursday, November 20, 2014

Bad Magic: Part 1 by Kali Marie

Fantasy/Rough sex/BDSM

Michael's Synopsis:
Gia is a Sun Weaver—a sort of sex priestess/temple prostitute—in an unnamed village. She’s a virgin when the story opens, preparing to sell her virginity to the richest man in the village. But a strange man, who appears to be some sort of demon or evil spirt, has been visiting her, watching her from afar. Gia is both frightened and aroused by his attentions, and eventually tries to offer herself to him. But he has other plans for her.

Michael's Review:
This is a reasonably well-written fantasy piece that avoids most of the typical pitfalls of the genre. I particularly appreciated that the author refrained from the usual “infodump” to open the story, instead letting me figure things out as I went along. The plot has some nice twists and turns and kept me guessing for most of it. The sex is pretty rough and violent, what you might almost refer to as a sex fight—it’s certainly not romantic. If that’s not your thing, this is not the story for you. But if you enjoy fantasy fiction and don’t mind things getting rough, you should enjoy this. It would have benefitted from more careful editing, but this is still much better written than a lot of self-published stuff I’ve read.

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