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Guest Post: Publishing with Create Space

How to Publish Your Book with Create Space
Guest Post by Billierosie

I am absolutely thrilled that my book, Fetish Transcendence, is available, not just as an e-read, but as an actual, physical book, with pages and stuff! I know, I know, I sound like one of those idiots you see on the shopping channels effusing about how the light catches on a crappy zircon bangle, but I really am thrilled and it wasn’t difficult to do, not really.

And it did not cost me one single penny!

I did it through Create Space…I’m not sure if it’s an Amazon, or a Kindle company; probably both. But here’s what Create Space say about themselves.

"The publishing industry is evolving. Hundreds of thousands of authors like you are publishing profitable work right now instead of waiting for agents and publishers to give the green light. 
With Create Space you can easily access tools, quality printing, booksellers, eBook distribution, and marketing strategies so that you can generate more opportunities than you imagined – all while building your following of readers.

Over a decade ago, we started this business with the intention of helping artists grow and be successful. This momentum (along with royalties you've earned) tells us that it's working, and we're really proud to be a part of that success."

The bit that I got stuck at was uploading my book and formatting. I also found shrinking the cover image to fit the size of the dimensions Create Space give you, difficult. But luckily, I had my friend, Francis Potts to help me…and it all went through okay, right through to the point where you have to proofread the book.

This is the only point where finances are involved. Create Space will send you a proof copy of your book, but you have to pay for mailing. You are not charged for the proof copy. There are, if I remember correctly, three options to choose from – I wanted the book quickly, so I chose the most expensive -- £14 to the UK. Create Space are working from the US, so it’s an overseas transaction.

I proofread it and ordered 10 copies of Fetish Transcendence to give to family and friends. You can set your own purchase price, within Create Space’s guidelines. I chose to market mine at £3.51 in the UK, $5.65 in the US.

When you proof read, do not for get to check the text on your front and back covers – I didn’t, and an error slipped through. I told Create Space and the error can be corrected, but it will take 2 to 3 weeks to get to the printed copy of the book. I mention this, just because it’s a hassle that you can do without.

Christina asked me about my choice of cover – Michelangelo’s David. I studied Art History at University and I became overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of Michelangelo’s sculptures. The image of the David also seemed appropriate – given that it must claim to be the most fetishised work of art – ever! Women lust over Michelangelo’s vision of David in his prime – so do men…

I think that if you can get your head around publishing an e-book, you’ll be absolutely fine with Create Space.

And having your book with actual pages, and with the cover image that you chose, or designed, so carefully; well it gave me a real buzz and I am still smiling! 

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Create Space

Find Fetish Transcendence on Amazon US

Find Fetish Transcendence on Amazon UK

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Billierosie first made an appearance on my blog with a guest post, and then again when I reviewed Fetish Transcendence. You can read her blog here and follow her on twitter

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