Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Spotlight: The End by Aryn Pogue

The world ended this summer, for Kiara and the rest of humanity. Myths and legends walk the earth now, and Kiara finds out she's one of them. She and her adopted brother are on the run, being hunted even as they search for answers.

When one of the mysterious hunters finds Kiara, alone and unprepared, she's startled by the overwhelming desires he stirs deep inside of her. Given a taste of his kind, she longs for more and the hunted becomes the hunter.

Follow along as Kiara's lust draws her into a spiral of depravity that may have no end.

Sexually explicit content. Blunt language. This 4000 word story is the first in a series and is intended for adult eyes.

Author Interview:
Tell us about your writing process.
I throw on my headphones, turn up the dance music and settle into my recliner with my laptop and just let my characters tell me what they want to do. Sometimes they surprise me with where they want to go.

Did you always know you wanted to be a writer?
In high school, I always wrote. I was on the newspaper staff and so I did reporting and lots of editorials. But in my free time I wrote short stories and poetry. I guess a lot of girls do...teenage angst and all, right?

What made you want to write erotica?
Short answer? My husband! He teased me about it for a long time, telling me I'd be great as an erotica writer, so I wrote my first erotica for him. I had so much fun with it, I kept writing, and now here we are.

Do you work with an outline, or just write?
I just write. I'll have an idea in mind, but usually that's it. I let the story just flow; let the characters tell the story, however they want to.

Do you write under a pen name?
Yes. Aryn Pogue is my pen name. I come from a pretty unconventional family, but my husband does not, so it's far easier to use a pen name.

Is there an author that you would really like to meet?
There are so many authors that I would love to meet! Anne Rice, Terry Pratchett, Stephen King, Robert Heinlein...just way too many to name. I love to read.

Do you have a day job as well?
I'm an artist, doing freelance work from home, so I have a lot of time to write.

What was the process with getting the cover for your book? How do you like it?
I've been a graphic designer for years, so I did the cover myself. I've done covers for my husband's writing, and a few others'. I'm pretty happy with the cover of my book. I did several versions, and let my husband choose which one he thought was best. He's very happy to help! Haha.

Will you have a new book coming out soon? Can you tell us about it?
I'm working on a second short, that will follow Kiara on her hunt to find herself, and more sexy playmates. She's going to have to learn a new trick or two to earn the help she needs to cross into the Gloaming.

Goals for future projects?
My aim is to combine all of the shorts into long, super sexy book that people will read and read again. I'd like to expand on the world, tell the stories of the other fey, the other myths and legends in the world.

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