Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Stranger: Book 1 by Eloa Hall

Stranger Sex/Exhibitionism

Michael's Synopsis:
Lace is getting over a bad breakup with a man who cheated on her. In a fit of impulsiveness fortified by too much wine, she installs a Tinder-like app on her phone that’s designed to facilitate anonymous sexual encounters by using your phone’s GPS. The next day, while out to lunch with a friend, an alert pops up on her phone: There’s someone nearby looking for sex. What should she do? Feeling like she needs to break loose somehow, she accepts the invite, not sure what will happen. Then she discovers that her mysterious partner is right in the same restaurant; in fact, he’s the tall, dark stranger at the next table. After battling her inhibitions for several minutes while making eyes at this hot guy, she ditches her friend and disappears into the alley behind the restaurant, where they have a quick, hot fuck.

Michael's Review:
I liked this. I really liked it. The author does an excellent job setting things up, giving us a good picture of Lace’s uncertainty and insecurity, mixed her with desire to do something wild to get over her breakup. The encounter doesn’t happen right away, either. She spends some time letting the tension and energy build while Lace decides what to do, even as she’s lifting her skirt to discreetly expose her soaked panties to this unnamed guy. The sex is hot and the author takes her time with it, not diving right into things. If you’re in the mood for something short, sweet, and hot, this will fit the bill.

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