Friday, November 7, 2014

The Masquerade Book 3 by Caelia Portier


Katelyn and James have been extended an invitation to one of Manhattan’s most exclusive masquerade parties. However, they’ve been invited to attend as performers, not as guests. What will these two have to do to exceed the expectations of this lascivious crowd?

My Review:
Even though I did not read the first two installments of The Masquerade, I still had no problem following Book 3. While you may enjoy Book 3 more if you read Books 1 and 2 first, it is not necessary for Caelia does an excellent job filling in the gaps for her readers. With that being said, this is a hot read which quickly sets a goal and successfully delivers on its promise. I especially enjoyed when the audience participation started for it combined both taboos of the questionably consensual and slightly adulterous. You will be pleased when this short ends with the promise of another.

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