Friday, June 13, 2014

A Cruel Lesson by Tara Eames

I'd like to welcome Tara back to this blog! Last time I reviewed Crawling to Paris, which is the first book in her Crawling to Paris trilogy. Today I'm going to discuss the second book in this trilogy, A Cruel Lesson.

Revenge Sex

After punishing Declan book two in the Crawling to Paris trilogy sees Paris flying high with an unexpected promotion, a belittled Declan and a new outlook on life. She’s successful, spiteful and sexual. Taking the world by the balls and exerting her power; but how long will it take for Paris to hit the ground?

My Review:
Tara has done it once again with A Cruel Lesson - providing me with the unexpected! In hindsight, the path this segment of the trilogy took made perfect sense, but I did not see it coming. Tara clearly loves to keep her stories full of surprise, keeping her readers engaged and wanting to know more. I find that often times the second book in a trilogy largely acts as a bridge between the first and last books. However, I would  say that A Cruel Lesson does not fall into this trap. It is a solid story on its own, and has left me very intrigued to find out how Tara is going to wrap up her series.
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