Friday, June 27, 2014

Sebastian: Secrets by Janey Rosen


Amazon Book Description:
The Sebastian Trilogy - A tale of romance, erotica and edge-of-your-seat suspense!

SEBASTIAN – SECRETS (Book #1): Elizabeth Dove, 39, feels stifled by her loveless marriage. Juggling motherhood to Joe and Bella with the pressures of running her own recruitment company leaves Elizabeth with little time for her own needs to be met. Her self-esteem diminished, she begins a journey to rediscover her sensuality, which takes her on an emotional and turbulent path. Elizabeth attends a ‘Women in Business’ team-building event, where she is drawn to the dark, brooding Lord Sebastian De Montfort, at his historic, romantic country estate in Cornwall. Elizabeth’s encounter with the Lord is a humiliating affair … but the sexual chemistry is overtly apparent. Sebastian, 42, is a complex, handsome widower. Exuding dominant sensuality, Sebastian appears to offer Elizabeth the contrast to her marriage that she desires and to give her the ‘more’ that she yearns for. With his attentive manner and dark sensuality, the relationship blossoms into a sizzling affair. As Elizabeth and Sebastian’s affair progresses, her marriage deteriorates, culminating in a tragedy that rocks Elizabeth’s world.

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My Review:
This first installment of the Sebastian trilogy explores several kinks including sex with strangers, infidelity, and BDSM.... and so there is a little bit for everyone. Janey does an excellent job of showing how trapped Elizabeth feels in her current situation, compelling her motivations forward. Each of Janey's characters is multi-dimensional and flushed out such that they are vivid and believable. I would have liked to see this story told in present-tense rather than past tense so that I could feel even more engrossed in this already compelling novel. This is an honest story with genuine, real people. As such, this book is more than your every day erotica, for it tells a powerful story as well.

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