Friday, June 20, 2014

Sarah's Seduction by CB Lee

Welcome back to this blog, CB Lee!! Last time I reviewed your erotic short A Long Night of Summer. Thank you for coming back for Sarah's Seduction today.

Consensual Heterosexual/Adultery

Shy wife Sarah falls prey to her cum-obsessed co-worker

He was a nice guy, quite handsome in a rugged, masculine way. He had a sharp jaw and wide shoulders that hinted at a sporty past. The first time they had met, Sarah blushed without realising and mumbled a greeting. That was where it had started, really. Dan saw her shyness and it had captivated him. He had to have her. To see Sarah's face and chest covered in thick ropes of his milky cum as she knelt before him was his newest goal in life.

My Review:
This is a quick, rugged story, just like the sex it describes. Dan does not have to do much persuasion in order to convince Sarah that it will be an excellent idea to sleep with him. In doing so, Dan awakens a dormant lust within Sarah, which we get to watch blossom during this story. Add to the mix a little bit of dominance/submission, and this short has an enticing mix. I think anyone who likes a strong theme of adultery and is looking for a quick arousal will especially enjoy this read.

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