Monday, June 23, 2014

She Craves the Satyr: Villa by Celia Dunroy

Consensual Paranormal

Lady Aislinn is an unimpeachable gentlewoman...except for those times she invites a dashing forest satyr to ravish her speechless. When a tryst is interrupted, her satyr is forced to hide, but refuses to let their intimate playtime end. Out of the consequences, Aislinn must choose: is she really a proper lady of silks and soirees? Or does her heart belong to the wild?

My Review:
I have to admit that I have a particular fondness for paranormal erotica. And so, I was most pleased when this story came my way. While I really loved the paranormal angle of this story, I was especially impressed with the seamless mixture of moments that Celia wove throughout this short. There were raunchy moments that made me drip, intimate moments that melted my heart, and moments of discovery (both literal and emotional) that kept me intrigued. I found myself wishing that Celia had explored the physical characteristics of the satyr (especially those which vary from humans) in greater detail. Even so, I genuinely appreciated the flow of this story and how it tapped into many levels of the human psyche.

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