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The Shared Governess by Kathrynn Vitali


Rebecca, a governess at the Viscount of Whiteridge’s household, has always hated balls, though not as much as she hates not having been born a noble. At the age of 23 and without a dowry, she fears spinsterhood but one night, stumbles upon an unexpected tryst and into the most scandalous albeit unforgettable night of her life…not just with one man but two…

"She froze. She had heard the sound before and knew what it was – a moan, and not of pain but the sweetest pleasure.

She was even more curious now and thinking that if she was going to end up a spinster, she could at least watch others make love, she decided to take a peek. She blew out the candle in her hand, setting the candlestick down on the floor. Then after glancing both ways to make sure no one else was in the hall, she placed her key in the keyhole and turned the knob ever so slowly, sighing in relief when the door opened without a creak.

Holding her breath, she looked through the gap. Just as she thought, there were two people in the room – a man with black hair sitting on the edge of the large bed, leaning back on his arms with his eyes closed and his lips slightly parted while another knelt between his legs…

Wait. Another man?"

My Review:
The Shared Governess is a well crafted story which escalates logically from a benign evening to a heated three-some! My favorite element of this story was how it started out with a play on words: Balls. What kind of balls are we talking about here? Kathrynn revisits this play at the end of The Shared Governess, nicely taking her story full circle. I love it when I see an author treat a short story with the same amount of attention to detail as is often found in novels. However, as I find myself saying for many erotic stories, I would have loved to see this written in present tense. Regardless, it is clear that Kathrynn knows how to write a well crafted story... one which I found quite enticing.

On a side note, I have to admit that while I was reading this short, I was strongly reminded of my own writing style. It was spooky - in a good way ;)

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