Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Cuckold Game by Roy Station

Amazon Book Description:
A short comedy tale that finds a couple asking if switching to a Cuckold Lifestyle would benefit their limp love life. Fortunately, they are able to enlist help with their decision, from someone who is a self proclaimed expert. As in life, nothing is ever straightforward or what it seems to be.

My Review:
Often times while reading erotica, the depth of the story around all the sex is lost.The Cuckold Game introduces us to a couple with the very real problem of trying to rekindle a sex life they had all but given up hope on by trying to reunite their old friends, Erection and Wet-Spot. Though making these "friends" into characters caught me off guard, the personification really did a great job of keeping this love story light-hearted and interesting.

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  1. Thank you Christina for the kind review. You have a great blog here that seems destined to become an excellent place of reference.

    1. No problem - it's my pleasure!

      Thank you for acknowledging my work - I appreciate it!!