Friday, December 5, 2014

Dirty Poetry by Scarlett Knight

Short Stories/Exhibitionism

Risky, sexy, exciting, these two sensual stories of sex in public will make your heart race with the danger of it all. Join one couple as they celebrate their two-year anniversary by exploring the erotic thrills of spontaneous sex in a retail store dressing room. Then follow two good friends as they finally express romantic feelings for one another on a drive home after dinner and then share a passionate encounter in a rest stop bathroom.

My Review:
Dirty Poetry contained several surprises. First, I was pleasantly surprised when Dirty Poetry turned out to be a collection of two short stories rather than a collection of poetry. Don't get me wrong, poetry is great, but don't let this title mislead you about the content within. Once I got over this surprise, I was again pleased with the quality of these two stories. At the end of the first I eagerly flipped the page to find out more about this couple, only to discover I was entering the world of a different couple. However, this disappointment was only momentary, for I soon got wrapped up in the second story, possibly more-so than the first.

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