Monday, December 22, 2014

Happy Holidays!

Be naughty this holiday season....

... and save Santa the trip!

Enjoy the holidays with a free gift from Christina Harding!!!

As a holiday special, download a FREE copy of Christina Harding's Underneath the Gargoyle on Smashwords! Use coupon code MK29Q at checkout. Be sure to act quickly - the coupon will expire on December 24! If you download a free copy and you enjoy what you read, please consider leaving a review with your favorite retailer.

Trisha is a Catholic choir member and believes nobody knows the extent of her promiscuity. Little does she know the gargoyles are watching her.

Advance Praise: 
"Great first story! Paranormal/monsters aren't usually my thing but really glad I gave this one a try. I'd be lying if I said it didn't turn me on; it did, a lot. Hopefully the start of a great series of novelettes." ~5★ review by Adrian Ward on Smashwords

"...the main appeal here isn’t necessarily the plot but rather the writing. Christina Harding does a great job of letting us into the mind of the protagonist.... Harding’s masterful way with words helps paint extremely vivid pictures in the reader’s head. As soon as you finish, I bet you’ll find yourself ready for more. The fact that this is first story just makes it all the more impressive. Even if (like me) you’re not normally into paranormal erotica, I highly recommend this story." ~5★ review by Chacebook

"This was fun to read -- clever and sexy and laugh-out-loud funny." ~Editor of Underneath the Gargoyle

"A very sexy read! You won't want to miss this: father/son fantasies, supernatural creatures, and just about every kind of erotic situation you can imagine. Highly recommended!" ~5★ review by Fionna Guillaume on Smashwords

"Trisha is a naughty girl, having far more fun at church than any person should." ~5★ review by Reed James

"Christina has created a book of Erotica that will delight the lover of the genre. She writes with a style and panache that other writers of the genre will envy. Christina Harding is a bold, provocative, creative writer; absolutely and most definitely, more, more, more from her...please." ~5★ review by Billierosie on Amazon

"Underneath the Gargoyle has a solid story line and structure, with a happy ending… for the gargoyles. This was an enjoyable read that flows like a confession that goes beyond the bounds of traditional encounters." ~5★ review by Franklin Deverell on Amazon

"I thought it was steamy in the graveyard, but move past that and find her confessing of her "sins" to her boyfriend's father...Holy Smoke!! That doesn't even scrape the surface, with the rest of the story. I really enjoyed it! It was short, but there was so much that added depth to the characters and the plot. I highly recommend this one and will be reading many more from this author." ~5★ review by Booklover on Amazon

"Smoking hot erotic short! Perfect for those who love paranormal erotica as well as those who prefer the taboo. Loved it and look forward to reading more by this author about what happens under the catacombs." ~5★ review by Bella Swann Erotica on Amazon

"If you have a fetish for naughty Catholic schoolgirls (and if not, what's the matter with you?) this one definitely belongs on your to-read list.... This is a story that ends much too soon, and is indeed crying out for a sequel. Christina, if you're paying any attention to the reviews on this thing, you need to get on it now."  ~5★ review by Michael Dalton on Amazon

Stay Tuned - the sequel is coming in January!!

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