Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tamed: The Erotic Writings of Master William Shakespeare by Miranda Tempesta


Michael's Synopsis:
This is an erotic retelling of Shakespeare’s classic comedy The Taming of the Shrew. A familiarity with that work is probably essential for fully appreciating this one, and if you haven’t read or seen a performance of it yourself, I won’t give any spoilers here. Very roughly, the play recounts the story of two sisters, the older, sharp-tongued Kate (the titular shrew) and her beautiful younger sister Bianca. Bianca has many suitors, but their father will not allow her to wed until her sister does. Yet Kate’s foul personality seems to render her chances of marriage at close to nil. In an effort to free Bianca for wooing, her suitors conspire to get Kate married off, and recruit the clever Petruchio (Philip, here) for the task. Much hilarity then ensues.

Michael's Review:
The Bard’s works have provided a rich well of inspiration for other authors for more than 400 years, and Shrew in particular has been adapted so many times for stage, screen, and other media that compiling a full list is probably impossible. This work is a worthy effort that, thankfully, never takes itself too seriously. Though a somewhat loose adaptation, the author remains true—for the most part—to the wit and spirit of the original while still infusing it with substantial eroticism. This Bianca is an oversexed tart in need of firm discipline, while this Kate is a bookish hellion who is ultimately tamed less by her suitor's wit than by his hand across her backside.

All in all, a lovely work. Bonus points for using “recondite” in a piece of erotica.

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