Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Spotlight: Three on One by Gypsy Caprice

Hannah’s about to learn some important lessons. And she’s going to have THREE teachers…

Halfway through summer, and time for some fun. When Jack, Heath and Sam stop by, Hannah decides to make use of them. After all, what good are friends if they can’t scratch each other’s itches?

She’s ready, willing and able!
Three on One is about more than one man desiring one woman. Three men, to be exact. Three guys with one goal…

Three on One celebrates the no regrets, live for the moment attitude that I wish I’d been brave enough to live by when I was nineteen. After all, if three men just back from college can’t liven up a quiet afternoon sunbathing beside your backyard pool, what’s the point of living?

About the Author:
I happily discovered long ago that I could make my words paint vivid pictures. It didn't take me long to decide to be a little wicked with my subject matter...

Now, I do my best to use of that skill on you, at you, for you and against you, putting readers in places and amidst situations that you may otherwise never experience.

And I'm loving it!

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Thank you for letting me fill your head with naughty thoughts... :)

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